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MSRV Ch 20 Part 2 – Acceptance (II)

Chi Wen hiccuped. In the end, he couldn’t go against his childish instinct and was soon attracted by their performances. He couldn’t turn his eyes away and even forgot to cry.

Seeing this, Fu Yunruo, who was still carrying Wenwen, finally felt relieved. Then she joined the three elders to entertain the child. “Does Baobao like it? Grandpa and Grandma made it for Baobao! They are so kind, right? Does Baobao like the horse or the puppy?”

The moment Wenwen heard this voice, he turned his head and suddenly became dumbfounded upon seeing Fu Yunruo’s face. He stared at her for a long time, and then water mist began to fill his eye sockets again.

Fu Yunruo blinked dumbly. W-why was he crying again?


Another cry rang. Not Wenwen’s, but Fu Yunruo’s.

Wenwen hiccuped and stopped crying in surprise. Tears were still hanging on the corners of his eyes as he looked at Fu Yunruo, who was sobbing loudly.

“Whooo, Baobao, do you no longer love Mommy? Why do you cry when seeing Mommy…Mommy’s so sad, Mommy’s heartbroken…”

“Baobao, do you no longer love me? Whoohooo…”

“Whooo…Baobao no longer loves Mommy…”

Fu Yunruo was heartbroken. Did Wenwen know that he had gotten sick yesterday because she didn’t take good care of him, so he cried in protest upon seeing her?

Would he always remember this incident? Would he always hate her from now?

“Baobao, Mommy’s sorry….please don’t be angry with Mommy…”

Chi Wen was so anxious that he forgot to cry. He quickly reached out his short hands at Fu Yunruo’s eyes, trying to stop her tears.

“No! No!”


Chi Wen tried hard to convey his meaning, word by word. The number of the words he spoke this time almost surpassing the total amount of words he had spoken since he started to speak this month.

“Mom, Mom, ah!”

“Ah! ah!”

“Ah! Mom!”

Fu Yunruo was coaxed for a long time by her anxious son before she finally stopped sobbing. She then put his forehead against hers, smiling: “Mommy loves Baobao so much. Mommy will stay by Baobao’s side until you grow up and no longer need Mommy…”

“No!” How could he not need her? Even if after he turned seventy or eighty, he always wanted to be by his mother’s side!

“Really? Baobao will always love Mommy, right?”


“Mommy will also love Baobao forever! Mommy loves you the most…”

Chi Wen stretched out his hands to hold Fu Yunruo’s cheeks, then took the initiative to rub his face against hers: “Ah!”

Sorry. He shouldn’t have misunderstood her. He shouldn’t have kept resisting her existence and held a grudge against her.

This woman was the one who gave him life. She brought him into this world and gave him wholehearted love.

How could he doubt someone who loved him so deeply?

Sorry, he was wrong…

Chi Wen felt the sorrow in his heart was dissipating until it was totally gone. In an instant, his mood became light and relaxed.

He rubbed his face on her wet cheeks again.

“Mom, mom…” His action was so sticky, and his tone was full of longing.

At this moment, Chi Wen completely accepted this woman’s existence.

This was his mother.

Chi Wen smiled, very pure and content. Like a light tearing through the night, it dispelled the endless darkness, and gradually became brighter and warmer.

Fu Yunruo’s heart was very warm. She couldn’t help squinting her eyes, and her voice was as sweet as sugar as she replied: “Mommy’s here!”

Auntie Mei, Uncle Mei, and Uncle Guo were filled with relief as they watched the mother and son’s interaction.

Maybe Wenwen had cried enough, or maybe he had been shocked by his mother’s cry, but after that, the child calmed down and no longer cried. The familiar environment probably also had a positive effect, because his fever hadn’t returned since then. However, he was still a little sluggish and listless. On top of that, he became very sticky to Fu Yunruo. Only by having her stay with him at all times could his emotion become stable. But Fu Yunruo didn’t have the physical strength to hold him around all day long, and he also couldn’t bear making her tired. In the end, he was carried with a strap by Fu Yunruo and was taken wherever she went.

Chi Wen lay quietly on Fu Yunruo’s back, rubbing his small face on her from time to time as he inhaled the familiar and comforting body fragrance.

This was his mother.

Chi Wen already knew. He was not the only one who had the memory of his previous life, but also his mother, who came back from the future. She took him to live in this countryside to avoid the cause of her death.

Perhaps, everything had changed from the moment they returned to the past. But no matter what changed, Chi Wen secretly swore that he would protect his mother. No matter who it was, no one was allowed to hurt her.

Chi Wen didn’t know if he should tell her that he also had a future memory. He worried that if she knew, she would no longer treat him as a child and protect him wholeheartedly, but would treat him as an adult. Chi Wen would rather not have those memories. He would rather be a genuine child, crying if he wanted to cry, laughing if he wanted to laugh, living in carefree, and could act spoiled unscrupulously with his loved ones.

He used to sneer at the children who pestered their parents to act spoiled. But deep down, he actually felt envious, even jealous.

Only pampered children had the right to be willful.

Now, he also could be willful.

He was pampered.

The orphanage’s director was wrong. He was not thrown into the orphanage because his parents abandoned him. His mother loved him very much…

Now that they had the chance to start over, he should enjoy it and live as a real child. God had never treated them kindly in their previous life, but he would no longer complain of the past injustice because God had already given them compensation in this life.

He must cherish this miraculous chance.


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    Sheesh, who is cutting onions again? Come out we need that have a talk. Also,

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  2. This is just soo pure….
    It shows how he is influenced by his age and his true emotions are much more obvious to him. He accepts his mother and moves on from his past.

  3. My heart! Ugh, how can Wenwen be so frigging cute, and I love our FL and her adoptive family. It shows that you can build a solid loving family from the people you find. 🙂

    I love this series so much! Thank you for translating!

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