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MSRV Ch 20 Part 3 – Acceptance (III)

After Fu Yunruo’s loud cry, Wenwen finally calmed down. Seeing that the boy was now alright, Uncle Mei and Uncle Guo left the rental house and returned to their works. At this time, Fu Yunruo finally had a spare thought for other affairs. She remembered that her mobile phone had been out of battery, so she hurriedly charged it.

Auntie Mei was still worried about the mother and son, especially Wenwen, so she stayed and chatted with Fu Yunruo about the trivial gossips in the village.

The rental house had been unoccupied for many days but was still very clean and tidy. It could be seen that Auntie Mei had frequently come to take care of the house.

Auntie Mei couldn’t sit still. Seeing the yard, her eyes gleamed, so she went out to take care of the vegetable patch. Afterward, she also made a sumptuous dinner. Auntie Mei was terribly distressed. Wenwen had suffered from a serious illness that made even adults suffer, so she determined to make up nutrients for his body.

Because Wenwen’s condition had been better, Fu Yunruo’s appetite also returned. She ate a delicious dinner until her stomach was full and warm, feeling as if all the fatigue in her body had been driven away. She then saw that her mobile phone had been fully charged, so she unplugged the charger and turned on the phone.

When the phone was turned on, she was greeted by countless missed calls. More than a dozen were from Uncle Guo, and the rest were from the assistant that Panda Live assigned to manage her channel.

“Crap!” Fu Yunruo gasped.

She forgot to tell the assistant and fans that today’s livestream broadcast was canceled. It was already afternoon, long past her normal broadcast time. Because her phone was dead, she was out of contact. Fu Yunruo couldn’t imagine what had happened in her channel because of her absence and hurriedly sent a reply to her assistant: “Sorry, I had an emergency yesterday. I haven’t had time to inform you that I won’t do a broadcast for a few days.”

Two seconds after the message was sent, the phone rang, and a woman’s concerned voice came over the receiver, “Yunyun, are you okay?”

“Well, I’m fine. Tiantian, sorry, I forgot to inform you. I may not be able to broadcast for a while.” Fu Yunruo said apologetically as she explained briefly that her son had been sick.

All of her energy, mentally and physically, was on Wenwen yesterday, and she had totally forgotten about her livestream schedule. If it weren’t for the caller ID on the missed call list, she wouldn’t even remember.

Hearing the situation, Tiantian expressed her understanding. After all, the child should take priority. After expressing her sympathy and telling Fu Yunruo not to worry about work, Tiantian ended the call.

Fu Yunruo hung up the phone and immediately logged into the app. Sure enough, her channel was about to explode with comments and private messages. Most of them were concerned that something might have happened to her and asked why did she miss the broadcast schedule today.

Fu Yunruo hurriedly wrote a post. She explained why she missed the broadcast schedule and conveyed that she wouldn’t do any livestream-related activities until her son was fully recovered. Finally, she told the fans not to worry about the orchids, because Uncle Guo would take good care of them in her absence.

Fu Yunruo’s fans knew that Uncle Guo was the person who introduced her to orchids and taught her various knowledge. It could be said that Uncle Guo was Fu Yunruo’s teacher. The fans were also very concerned about their ‘youngest child,’ so they didn’t mind her taking a break and left comforting messages, saying that they would wait for her return.

Although many fans expressed their understanding and sympathy, Fu Yunruo knew that her current momentum would definitely take a negative hit if she was absent for a long time. Many of her fans had developed a habit of watching her livestreams at a fixed time every day. With the interruption in the schedule, many of them would lose patience in a few days, which would also quickly reduce her popularity.

People were always faced with various choices in their life. Although Fu Yunruo cherished her livestreaming job and her current popularity, Wenwen would always be the topmost priority for her. For the time being, she wanted to focus her attention and time to take care of the child.

Wenwen’s illness truly frightened her this time, even more than his sudden crying in the middle of the night last time. Fu Yunruo reflected on herself. It seemed that she had spent too much time on operating her livestream channel and inadvertently paid less attention to Wenwen, making the child felt insecure. Therefore, she determined to make it up for him.

However, only three days after she had made this decision and stayed in the rental house with Wenwen, the child started to make trouble.

He clasped Fu Yunruo’s back, pointed outside, and shouted: “Go! Go!”

At first, Fu Yunruo thought he was looking for Auntie Mei. But she had just taken him out of the house and turned to the direction of Auntie Mei’s house when the child yelled again.

“No, no!” The direction was wrong. Not there!

“Baobao wants to go where?” Fu Yunruo observed Wenwen’s expression as she tried to walk in all directions, but the child still looked upset.

Chi Wen was anxious, “Flo! Flo!”

Chi Wen’s tiny eyebrows furrowed deeply. Speaking was still too difficult for him. He clearly knew what he wanted to say, but he could only convey one syllable per time. If he tried to speak faster, he would lisp.

Fu Yunruo suddenly realized that Wenwen wanted to return to the flower garden. She tried to coax him: “We are staying at home and won’t go there for the time being. Grandpa Guo will help us taking care of the flowers…”

“Live!” If you don’t go, what will happen to your livestream channel? You finally accumulated such a high number of fans. If you don’t resume soon, they all will run away!

“Mommy won’t do livestream. Mommy will stay with Wenwen at home. When Wenwen gets better, Mommy will start making money again…”

“No!” He is better now!


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  1. GiveMeAmericanoPls

    Tbh, I would be kinda scared if my child could talk so early lol. I guess Yunruo is one of a kind hehe. Thanks for the chapter!

    1. myunicornstory2

      I think he isn’t speaking too early as hes just using 1 syllable but yh if they were coherent sentences then it would be scary

  2. His development is going correctly ,, he is speaking in mono syllables so that’s fine . I’m very touched by this family. Idk how the ML will fit in because to me the two of them are so perfect together

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