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MSRV Ch 20 Part 4 – Acceptance (IV)

Fu Yunruo suddenly realized that Wenwen wanted to return to the flower garden. She tried to coax him: “We are staying at home and won’t go there for the time being. Grandpa Guo will help us taking care of the flowers…”

“Live!” If you don’t go, what will happen to your livestream channel? You finally accumulated such a high number of fans. If you don’t resume soon, they all will run away!

“Mommy isn’t doing livestreaming. Mommy will stay with Wenwen at home. When Wenwen gets better, Mommy will start making money again…”

“No!” He has been better now!

Chi Wen was upset. His cheeks puffed up. The last illness came out of sudden, but also went quickly. Probably it was because Chi Wen had let go of the hidden depression on his heart, but his health improved quickly. After three days of rest, he was already energetic, save for the occasional cough. Chi Wen believed that in two days, he would fully recover!

There were many aspects that the livestreaming circle had in common with the traditional entertainment circle. For example, popularity and fans needed to be maintained. Just like how an average star would soon fade from public recognition if she or he stopped working for a while, a livestreamer was also the same.

Chi Wen was very worried. If one day she saw her popularity dropped so much, would she be so sad and cry?

“Baobao be good! Grandpa and Grandma miss you so much. Shall we go and accompany them?” Fu Yunruo coaxed the child as she walked towards the Mei family’s house. Before she even entered the yard, she already heard the lively noises inside. Fu Yunruo walked in and saw a group of uncles and aunts basked under the sun in the yard while chatting and gossiping.

Fu Yunruo went over, greeted the crowd, and curiously asked: “What are you talking about? So lively?”

“Ah, Yunruo! You don’t know, something big happened near our neighborhood!” One of the aunts said mysteriously.

“What’s happen?” Fu Yunruo cooperatively asked back.

Another aunt interjected: “This morning, a fugitive murderer was caught in the town!”

Fu Yunruo almost stopped breathing. Mu-mu-murderer?! So scary?

“Ah, isn’t it just a suspect?”

“What’s the difference? A suspect just means that he hasn’t been convicted in court yet. Since the police caught him, isn’t it mean that he is guilty?”

“My nephew works in the police station. According to him, the murderer came from a big city and ran here to escape from the police. The transportation here isn’t convenient, and we are also far away from big cities. On top of that, this area is surrounded by mountains and deep forests that we locals don’t even dare to enter. Isn’t it a good place to hide?”

“Fortunately, he has been caught. Otherwise, it won’t be safe for us to go out.”

“Of course!”

“I heard this murderer is very cruel…”

The group of uncles and aunts began to gossip fervently. The countryside their village was located was relatively remote. Any exciting news would spread instantly and became the center of conversation for a long time. After passing from mouth to mouth, the story might have been changed beyond recognition, but people still liked it.

“We are surrounded by mountains on all sides and rarely saw outsiders come. Anyone knows everyone here. When police officers from the city come to track the murderer, our local police surely has assisted them. How can the murderer not be found earlier?”

“Yes, ah. Even if he went to the deep mountains and forests, how can it be so easy to hide there? What about his shelter, his food? Could it be that he went to the town to shop?”

“There is no crop in the field during the winter. He cannot steal…”

Chi Wen suddenly heard such shocking news and forgot to sulk. He pricked his ears and listened to the uncles and aunts gossiping with a gusto. Fu Yunruo was also listening attentively, but she couldn’t help feeling afraid. Fortunately, she didn’t meet this murderer that night. Otherwise, she and her son would have been in great danger.

Fu Yunruo even had a strange intuition. Maybe she had really passed through the death’s door that night. At that time, she really felt that she would encounter an unexpected incident at any moment.

That kind of mysterious feeling still felt creepy, even now.

Fu Yunruo suddenly thought: her Baobao was truly her lucky star! At that time, it was his sudden cry that broke the eerie atmosphere. It was he who pulled her back from the death’s door!

She also had another intuition. Her original death had passed, and now her life was completely free from the plot’s influence. She no longer needed to worry that an unfortunate accident would suddenly befall her.

Fu Yunruo lowered her head and rubbed Wenwen’s face. Her smile was very warm.

Chi Wen was still listening to the gossip when a gentle hand suddenly rubbed his face lovingly. Although he didn’t know what she was doing, his body instinctively returned the caress.

Chi Wen was very troubled. No way. This woman was too clingy to him. What to do?

Seeing the mother and son’s display of affection, the people around couldn’t hold back their smiles.


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