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MSRV Ch 21 Part 1 – Return to Flower Garden (I)

On the fourth day, Fu Yunruo finally succumbed to Wenwen’s persistent urge, so she packed her things and took the child back to the flower garden. When Uncle Guo saw they were back, he looked happy for a moment, but his happy face soon changed by a displeased frown: “Why are you back so soon? You don’t need to hurry. I can take care of this place alone.”

“Wenwen has just been seriously ill. You should take care of him.”

Fu Yunruo replied helplessly: “Wenwen is clamoring to go back, so I have no choice…” She quickly added: “But I have taken him to the follow-up examination. His illness is almost healed, only he still occasionally coughs. It’s enough for him to drink some pear stewed with rock sugar to moisture his throat.”

Too much medicine was not good for a young child. After confirming that Wenwen no longer needed to take prescribed medicines, Auntie Mei especially stewed some pears with rock sugar to stop his cough.

Wenwen, who was strapped on Fu Yunruo’s back, tried to stick out his head toward Uncle Guo. With a pair of big black eyes, he yelled at the old man: “‘Pa! Miss!”

Uncle Guo finally couldn’t maintain a stern face anymore. His smile bloomed like a flower: “Good boy!”

Facing Wenwen’s cute attack, Uncle Guo stopped saying anything else for the time being. He waved his hand, motioning to Fu Yunruo to put Wenwen down before walking out of the flower shed.

Fu Yunruo unstrapped her son and placed him on his playground inside the flower shed. She then lovingly pinched his tender and chubby cheek: “Little smartass!”

Wenwen broke into a pure and innocent smile: “Mom!”

“Mommy’s here!” Fu Yunruo answered.

Uncle Guo quickly came back, bringing a bunch of new toys for Wenwen. Saying that he could take care of the child alone, he drove Fu Yunruo off to do her own tasks.

Fu Yunruo didn’t feel relieved to let Wenwen out of her sight. She trusted Uncle Guo, but the child’s sudden illness had left her a lingering fear.

When Fu Yunruo was still entangled, Wenwen waved his chubby little hand and yelled, “Go!”

He then picked a toy car and began to play by himself, ignoring his mother.

Fu Yunruo: “…” Was this really her sticky little baby? In just a few days, he no longer needed his mother.

Having no other choice, Fu Yunruo went to her small flower room. She quickly posted an update, informing her followers that her livestream broadcast would start in fifteen minutes. Fu Yunruo used the fifteen minutes to check on the flower room and prepared her usual livestream equipment. During her absence, Uncle Guo had meticulously taken care of the orchids in the flower room. Each of them was in the best condition: fresh and vibrant.

After fifteen minutes, Fu Yunruo finally started her livestream broadcast.

[Finally here!]

[Yunyun is back!]

[I can’t believe it, Yunyun finally resumes broadcasting…]

The moment the livestream started, the number of viewers quickly jumped up, and the pace didn’t slow down until it broke the 100,000 marks.

During this time, her rich ‘number one fan’ also logged in.

Fu Yunruo was very surprised. She had prepared herself to see her viewer count be cut by more than half. However, looking at the current trend, it seemed that the situation was not as bad as she had imagined.

The endless barrage of comments swarmed the screen; some of them overlapped. Fu Yunruo was still dumbfounded when the long digit rich fan also sent his greeting. Due to his status, his comments were circled by a golden light, which made them very conspicuous among other comments.

After skimmed over the comments, Fu Yunruo began to reply: “Hello everyone, Yunyun here. It’s been a long time. Sorry for keeping you waiting…Thank you for your concern. The baby is fine. These four days, his fever hasn’t come back. He is almost recovered now, save for a bit cough…”

Fu Yunruo carefully informed her fans about Wenwen’s recovery and then once again thanked them for their concern. After that, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help herself and added: “Actually, I plan to wait until baby to fully recover before resuming this channel. As a result, the baby has been clamoring to go back since yesterday and even urged me to resume livestreaming. I have no choice but to follow his demand.”

[Our youngest child understands us!]

[Wooohooo, my baby is so caring. Mama loves you!]

[Baby is very sensible, but Yunyun cannot neglect him!]

There were too many questions. Fu Yunruo chose the most frequently asked questions and answered: “It’s alright. Uncle Guo is taking care of him…I will pay attention and will definitely take good care of our youngest child…”

Oh, no. Fu Yunruo quickly reacted. She couldn’t just focus on Wenwen, but also had to give enough attention to other ‘children.’ She immediately changed her words: “I will take good care of our family’s children…”

When she mentioned this, the fans’ attention began to shift.

[Yunyun, let me take a look at my sixth child! I haven’t seen the sixth child for days. This big sister really missed it!]

[Yunyun, quickly show us our family’s children. It has been several days. They must have grown a lot, maybe even growing a leaf!]

[My seventh child…]

The screen was immediately filled with a barrage of requests from the fans who asked Fu Yunruo to show their son/daughter/little brother/little sister quickly.

The long digit username also sent a reminder: [Eleventh.]

Fu Yunruo answered one by one: “The children are well. Our eldest child has gotten taller…”

Fu Yunruo pointed the each of the orchids and explained patiently. From the tiny seeds to the current little seedlings, Fu Yunruo had witnessed their growth with her own eyes and was very familiar with their every change. It was her first time to be absent for days. Looking at the growing seeds again, she had the same feeling as the fans.

Although the orchids’ status in her heart was below her son’s, they were still very important to her.

This was Fu Yunruo’s first day resuming her livestream after days of absence. She originally intended to just make a quick announcement and chatted a bit with the remaining fans. However, as more and more viewers came in, Fu Yunruo unknowingly began to talk more. The fans listened with gusto and enthusiastically sent more requests, almost fighting on screen in order to ask for more screen time for their favorite orchid.

Today’s livestream broadcast seemed to make up for six days’ absence at once.

After the broadcast ended, Fu Yunruo took a look at the statistic. Today’s viewers were around 250,000, quite a reduction from her usual daily 300,000 viewers. But this was already much better than her previous assumption. Initially, Fu Yunruo had accepted the possibility that her number of viewers would reduce to the lower four digits. In the worst-case scenario, she would return to the position before she signed the contract.

Unexpectedly, today’s result was much better than she anticipated, and many familiar usernames were still here. It showed that her livestream was not bad, which earned her fans’ loyalty. In order to repay the fans’ favor, Fu Yunruo was determined to deliver even better content.


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