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MSRV Ch 21 Part 2 – Return to Flower Garden (II)

When Fu Yunruo walked out of the flower room, she saw Wenwen and Uncle Guo playing together. Fu Yunruo quickly walked to the playpen. When Wenwen saw his mother, he quickly threw away the building block in his hand and stood up, wanting to walk toward her. But the child’s legs were still not strong enough. Before he could take a step, his body lost balance. He swayed and immediately fell on his butt. Fortunately, Uncle Guo caught him in time. Otherwise, he would fall on the building blocks scattered around.

Fu Yunruo hurriedly went over and picked up her son. She sat on the playing mat, put the child on her legs, and rubbed his fat soft butt: “Is Baobao alright? It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt…”

Seeing her son’s dumbfounded face, Fu Yunruo almost couldn’t hold her laughter, but she put on a solemn face and gently comforted him: “Mommy’s will blow the pain. Pain, pain, go away~”

The playpen was covered with a thick and soft blanket. Chi Wen didn’t feel any pain when he fell, but his self-esteem was hit hard. Not only he couldn’t walk, but he also couldn’t even stand steadily. Even though he had practiced so much!

How embarrassing!

“Baobao, don’t be sad. Drink more milk and eat more meals, and you will be able to walk soon!” Fu Yunruo gave hearty encouragement. Her Baobao had just learned to stand up by holding on to things, and he still couldn’t stand alone for long. Once he could stand steadily, he would soon be able to walk.

“Baobao is the best!”

Listening to Fu Yunruo’s cheers, Chi Wen felt better. Anyway, he was still a little baby. It was normal that he couldn’t walk yet.


“Mommy’s here!”

Baby Wenwen lay in his mother’s arms. His two little feet were dangling in the air, swaying happily.

Uncle Guo saw that Fu Yunruo had finished her livestream. Since Wenwen had his mother to look after him, the old man stood up and went back to work, leaving the mother and son alone.

Chi Wen looked up at Fu Yunruo with his bright round eyes. He wondered how much her channel’s popularity had dropped after such a long, sudden absence.

Was she heartbroken to lose so many fans all of a sudden?

Thinking of this, Chi Wen put his little hand on her cheek, “Live?” How about the livestream? Even if your popularity is dropped, it’s alright. You can gain more later.

Hearing her son’s inquiry, Fu Yunruo smiled happily: “Baobao, our fans haven’t dropped much. Many fans care about us; they all are concerned about Baobao…”

Hearing this, Chi Wen finally was relieved. The next moment, he felt very proud. As expected of his mother!

After enjoying Fu Yunruo’s gentle comfort and coaxing, Chi Wen turned over and crawled to a half-finished elaborate castle made from building blocks. His chubby hand waved in triumph as he said proudly: “Build!”

Fu Yunruo exclaimed in surprise: “Wow, is this Baobao’s castle? It’s beautiful! Baobao is so amazing! So awesome! Baobao is the smartest baby Mommy has ever seen…”

Chi Wen’s face bloomed in a full smile, fully exposing his four little baby teeth. “Pa!” He thoroughly enjoyed his mother’s rainbow fart, but in the end, he also brought out Granpa Guo’s name. Grandpa Guo helped him built the castle, and he wouldn’t take all the credit alone.

Fu Yunruo continued showering her son with barrages of rainbow farts. The small castle was made of building blocks, almost as high as Wenwen’s small body. It was a new toy bought by Uncle Guo for the child. The castle was more than half completed, and its structure could already be seen.

Fully satisfied, Chi Wen began to pick up the scattered building blocks and continued building the castle. Since his mother liked it so much, of course he had to show her the finished one. How could she only see the half-finished product?

Fu Yunruo watched her son with a smile, giving necessary helping hands from time to time. Suddenly, an idea struck her mind, and she quickly took out her mobile phone. After picking up an angle that would hide the child’s face, she began to record Wenwen’s video.

To thank the fans for their concern about Wenwen, Fu Yunruo decided to share a short video. Of course, she would make sure that the child’s face remained hidden from the public.

After recording, Fu Yunruo transferred the file to the computer, made a quick edit, and then uploaded it to her channel. In the video, Wenwen sat with his back to the camera, building a castle seriously. After a while, it seemed that one block’s position was too high for his short body. He tilted his head slightly, as if thinking hard for a solution. Then he crawled away, pushing a small plastic stool nearby. With the help of the plastic stool, he stood up unsteadily while trying to raise up his short chubby hand. From behind, his dangling fat butt looked particularly conspicuous, very cute.

After putting the last building block, the child happily pointed: “Look!”

The video moved to the beautiful small castle he had just built, then it ended.

After the short 1 minute, 38 seconds video was uploaded, the comment area instantly became lively again.

[Ah, ah, ah, aaaah!!!!]

[Lovely little cutie, why are you becoming even cuter?]

[Our! Little! Baby! Is! The! Cutest!]

[My youngest child is so cute! Did baby make the castle for Mama?]

[Our youngest child is so cute and cool, smart and talented!]

[My baby, mmuah! Cheers for our youngest child!]


Requests began to flood the comment area, asking Fu Yunruo to post more videos of the youngest child and also telling her to give an equal share of favors between the twelve ‘children.’ So far, Fu Yunruo had diligently posted various pictures and videos of the eldest to the eleventh child, but rarely shared anything about the youngest. If she left the youngest in the cold, they were going to be angry!

Fu Yunruo was happy and proud. Her Baobao was the world’s cutest baby, and no one could resist his cuteness!

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