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MSRV Ch 21 Part 3 – Return to Flower Garden (III)

Fu Yunruo’s days returned to the previous routine. She would broadcast livestreams for three hours a day, and spend an additional hour dealing with backend tasks. The rest of her time was used to take care of Wenwen and the orchids.

Fu Yunruo often received questions via private messages or comments. Some fans wanted to grow orchids on their own, but didn’t know how to choose a suitable species. Some had problems with the orchids they were already growing and consulted her for solutions. There were also fellow orchids lovers who simply wanted to exchange experience in growing orchids.

Panda Live promoted her channel once again, which enabled her to slowly recover the lost popularity and gained even more. Due to her channel’s popularity, many businesses in related industries began to knock on her door, offering endorsement contracts in exchange for advertisements in her channel.

When her popularity first exploded, many businesses also came to her door, such as online flower shops, soil-selling businesses, and gardening stores. But they were all minor brands with untested quality. At least, Uncle Guo didn’t like any of them.

Uncle Guo’s knowledge of the orchid world ran very deep. He was very clear about the in and out of the industry for the past few decades. Therefore, Fu Yunruo didn’t dare to take partnership with the brands he didn’t approve of.

Fu Yunruo declined all the offers, stating that she didn’t do advertisements on her channel. Anyway, she was not short of money, and the most important thing for her was to be responsible to her audience.

Today, another brand came with an endorsement offer. Unlike before, this brand contacted her via the platform, and was also a highly reputable brand. When Fu Yunruo heard the name, she recognized it as the products they often used in this flower garden. She pondered for a moment, and then finally went to ask for Uncle Guo’s opinion.

“Uncle Guo, the person in charge of Gardening Home contacted me with an endorsement offer for their culture medium.”

The soil used in the flower garden was from the Gardening Home brand. Uncle Guo used it for his precious orchids, which indicated that their quality was the best. Fu Yunruo knew that she didn’t have to worry about this issue, but she still wanted to confirm with Uncle Guo.

When Uncle Guo heard Fu Yunruo’s words, he nodded without thinking. “Who is contacting you? Who is in charge of the contract? Tan family’s boy is a seasoned fox. Be careful, or you may get fooled by him.” Uncle Guo thought for a moment. “Forget it. I will have a few words with him first.”

“Eh?” Fu Yunruo was stunned. If she remembered correctly, the owner of the Gardening House was surnamed Tan. Was this Tan family’s boy Uncle Guo mentioned the young owner of the company?

Was this person still the Uncle Guo she knew?

Uncle Guo wore old clothes all day long and busied himself among the flowers and dirty soil every day. If Fu Yunruo didn’t forcefully buy him a few sets of new clothes, he would be content with the same clothes throughout the year.

Unexpectedly, Uncle Guo knew people who seemed to be out of this world.

“What?” Uncle Guo’s expression turned dark as he saw Fu Yunruo’s stunned face. Did she think that he was talking big?

“Nothing.” Fu Yunruo shut her shocked jaw and began to flatter: “Uncle Guo, you are very amazing! I can rest assured if you take care of the matter!”

Uncle Guo coldly snorted, “Wait here.”

Fu Yunruo nodded like a pecking chicken.

Uncle Guo took out his mobile phone, dialed a number, and immediately spoke in a very aggressive tone: “Old man Tan, I heard your company seeks our Yunruo to endorse your product? Let me say, I won’t spare you if you dare to let Yunruo suffer a loss!”

Fu Yunruo: “…” Was it really okay to say that?

It turned out that it was really okay.

It didn’t take long for Uncle Guo to hand her the phone number of the person in charge of negotiating the contract. Fu Yunruo sent the number to her Panda Live assistant, Tiantian. Two hours later, she received a phone call from the excited Tiantian. The contract she received from Gardening Home was actually on the same level as the first-line celebrities. Moreover, the terms were also very loose, which was almost unheard of.

Fu Yunruo hung up the phone and looked at Uncle Guo with admiration.

Uncle Guo was proud, but he tried to put on a nonchalant face: “I was also part of the industry before.”

Fu Yunruo was amazed. What luck did she get to meet such a big hidden boss and become his student!

Had the god finally chose to reward her after a full bout of suffering?

After her excitement calmed down, Fu Yunruo thought again. In fact, various signs showed that Uncle Guo’s identity was not ordinary!

There were so many precious orchids inside the flower shed, each worth millions. And one of his students was a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, so what about his other students? Were they perhaps also elites in the orchid world?

Uncle Guo had been raising orchids for decades, and his professional skills had reached the pinnacle. He was probably a legend in the domestic orchid world, so there was nothing strange for him to know a few bigwigs in related industries.

It was just that Uncle Guo’s usual behavior was too ordinary. He raised orchids by himself in a remote mountainous village, which made Fu Yunruo often thought that he was just an ordinary flower farmer…

What kind of luck was this, to actually learn under such a powerful figure?

Fu Yunruo made up her mind. She must work harder! Although Uncle Guo had never admitted her as his student, everything she knew about orchids was learned from Uncle Guo. She definitely couldn’t shame his name!


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Translator’s Note:

Domineering CEO Uncle Guo!

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