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MSRV Ch 22 Part 1 – Time Passed By (I)

The village in the remote mountain area was quiet and peaceful, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Sometimes, this place seemed to resemble paradise, as even the pace of time seemed to flow slower. Mornings in that village were beautiful, with birds singing sweetly on the tree branches served as the background.

A group of young children ran on the village street, breaking the morning serenity with their lively noises. They all ran in the same direction. Before they even reached their destination, the children already shouted a name loudly: “Wenwen, Wenwen!”

In an instant, more than a dozen children arrived in front of the courtyard gate of a farmhouse. They stretched their necks and shouted in unison: “Wenwen! Come out!”


Not long after, a little dumpling strode out from the opened gate. At this moment, all the children’s eyes were on him, as if attracted by a spotlight. The little dumpling’s black eyes were round and big. Under the shade of beautifully curled eyelashes, those eyes shone line stars in the night sky. His skin was white and tender, with cute baby fat and chubby limbs that made people feel itchy to take a pinch.

As soon as the child came out, he was surrounded by children of various ages: “Wenwen, let’s play!”

“Wenwen will play with us!”

“Wenwen, let’s play hide-and-seek today!”


More than two years had passed peacefully. For adults, one year might be a short enough time that seemed to pass with nothing changed except for the increase in age. However, the passage of time was very obvious in children. The time it took for a baby to grow from a soft little creature that could only lie on their back to a four-legged crawling toddler was less than one year. Then, it took them only another year to evolute further into a miniature two-legged human that could run, speak, and play on their own.

This cute and soft little dumpling was precisely Fu Wen. Chi Wen accepted the name Fu Yunruo took, but only half of it. He was willing to call himself Fu Wen, not Fu Wenwen. A cute name with a repeated phrase was clearly out of sync with his future handsome self. If haters from previous life ever knew about this name, they would laugh so hard that their teeth fell out!

Therefore, little Chi Wen resolutely declared his name was Fu Wen.

However, his little friends kept calling him Wenwen, Wenwen, without showing any effort to change. Correcting one by one every time was too big of a hassle, so in the end, he just let them call as they liked.

Wenwen watched the group of children who were quarreling to play with him and sighed in melancholy. Being too popular was hard.

Suddenly, a squishy little hand quietly reached out and grabbed his hand.

Wenwen turned around and saw a little girl who was a head taller than him giving him a cute smile.

The five-year-old Diandian said softly: “Wenwen, let’s play house. I will be the mother, and you are the baby.”

A fat boy rushed out and said loudly: “Wenwen won’t play house with you girls! Wenwen likes to play with us!”

Diandian was startled by the loud shout. She timidly looked at the fat boy before turned back at Wenwen with teary eyes.

The six-year-old Yiyi yelled back: “Wenwen doesn’t play your game! Boys’ game is not fun at all!”

“Playing house is not fun!”

“None of your games are fun. Wenwen, let’s go fishing, okay? We will give all the fish and shrimp we catch to big sister Ruoruo so she can cook us delicious porridge!”

Fu Wen was moved by the last proposal. The creeks and rivers in the countryside had yet been polluted by industries. The fish and shrimps caught locally could be eaten as is. After they were cleaned, they were cooked with rice in a clay pot. Then put in some ginger and oil, and the end result was a pot of delicious fish and shrimp porridge.

The more adventurous children often climbed up the tree to hunt for birds and eggs and went into the river to catch fish, shrimp, and snails. Whenever they found something fresh, they would bring it to Fu family’s house, ask Fu Yunruo to cook, and then eat together.

However, it was now the end of the winter. The temperature was still a bit cold, and adults wouldn’t let the children enter the river yet, so the idea had to be shelved.

Wenwen also didn’t want to make his mother worry, so he regretfully rejected the idea.

After a long time, the children were still arguing loudly with no conclusion.

“Don’t be too noisy.” The cute babyish voice was not too loud, but the quarreling children instantly quieted down as soon as he spoke. All of them eagerly looked at the chubby little dumpling, waiting for him to make a decision.

Wenwen puffed out his chubby cheek and spoke like an adult: “Let’s not play those childish games.”

All of these children were older than Wenwen, with the youngest was four-year-old and the oldest was twelve-year-old, but they always followed his words. Little Shitou blinked confusedly and asked: “Are we going to play world of chivalry again?”

“No.” Wenwen said solemnly, “Today, we are going to play the emperor’s palace. I want to be the emperor!”

“I want to be the empress dowager!” Diandian responded immediately. She liked Wenwen so much and really wanted to be his mother!

Yiyi hesitated for a moment. She remembered the most beautiful person in the TV drama and quickly said: “Then I want to be the empress!”

The village children originally liked to watch cartoons, but Wenwen liked TV dramas that adults usually watched, so they were also influenced by Wenwen and ditched the cartoons to watch TV dramas. A few days ago, they watched a palace drama with the emperor, ministers, and concubines, so they also wanted to play impressive roles.


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