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MSRV Ch 22 Part 3 – Time Passed By (III)

“Mom, how about your job negotiation?” Fu Wen asked. He really didn’t have it easy. Not only did he have to take care of his little friends, he also had to worry about his mother’s career.

“It’s finished, my little manager.” Fu Yunruo replied with a smile.

These two years, Fu Yunruo didn’t seem to have changed much…no, she actually had changed. The peaceful and fulfilling life had polished her character for the better. After two years, Fu Yunruo’s popularity had undergone earth-shattering changes, and she was now one of the top-rank livestreamers.

Among the orchids she worked hard to cultivate, the seventh and the tenth child finally bloomed a month ago. The photos of aspidistra and phalaenopsis in full bloom had attracted widespread attention in the orchid circle.

In the past two years, Fu Yunruo had diligently taken daily photos of her orchids every morning and night. As a result, she realized that she had collected more than 5000 photos of each ‘child.’ An idea suddenly popped into Fu Yunruo’s mind. She quickly imported the photos into a video editor and spent more than half a month carefully editing them into 3 minutes, 38 seconds stunning blockbuster video.

The video started with seed as it broke through the soil, sprouted, and grew into a seedling. The photos were taken over time from various angles, and the viewers could see the small seedling grow taller and taller into an orchid plant. A bud gradually grew on the plant and finally bloomed into a beautiful flower.

It was very stunning and breathtaking.

Watching the short video, people seemed to witness the miracle of life, presented by a visual feast. As for the fans who were participating in the orchid’s growth, whether from the beginning or halfway through, they were even more touched. Their feeling was no less than seeing a child they had worked hard to raise grow up to be the most beautiful thing in the world. The fans were proud and satisfied and even felt an urge to cry.

The video became viral in an instant. It was being shared and redistributed again and again, even outside the Panda Live forum. And the video’s popularity exploded again after the official account of Orchid Art Association, which had a high authority in the domestic orchid industry, forwarded it and left a comment.

‘A touching record of a blossoming life—’

In no time, other organizations also began to repost and like the video, which pushed it to another level of popularity.

In the Panda Live forum alone, the video had been played billions of times.

Under Fu Yunruo’s lens, the orchids were full of vitality, and a video made from thousands of such stunning photos attracted and mesmerized countless viewers. They could see it clear that the creator of this video definitely loved orchids and also loved life itself. She poured her love into her care and creation, and in turn, her creation touched people’s hearts.

After watching this video, many people commented that they who were originally feeling irritated, sad, or disappointed in life slowly felt eased, as if they were being healed, and began to rekindle a new hope.

A person commented that he had been tormented for a long time by tinnitus caused by anxiety, which seriously affected his life. After watching the video, all his anxiety disappeared like magic. There were no longer irritating noises ringing in his ears, as it was exchanged by the sound of a flower blooming.

Regardless of whether these comments were true or not, Fu Yunruo’s video was really popular. Even people who were not interested in growing flowers also liked to watch the video, appreciating the beauty of life. That was such a magical charm possessed by the artwork of passion.

Thanks to this video, the popularity of Fu Yunruo’s channel also skyrocketed. The number of her followers broke the ten million mark in an instant and was still rising rapidly. Many passersby were converted into a fan after watching the video.

Two days after that, the team of a popular singer contacted her. The singer was about to release a fantasy-themed album, and it happened that the female lead of the MV was an orchid demon. The team was surprised upon seeing Fu Yunruo’s video, so they came to buy a commercial right to use the video for their MV. The terms offered by the team were excellent. After a round of negotiation with Fu Yunruo’s agent, the contract was quickly finalized.

Good things came in pairs. At the same time, the Orchid Art Association also contacted Fu Yunruo, wanting to buy the full copyright of the video for their association’s promotion material.

The contract with the singer was represented by Fu Yunruo’s agent, while Fu Yunruo herself took care of the negotiation with the Orchid Art Association. Fu Yunruo supported the association’s cause and agreed to let them use her video for promotion, but she didn’t want to sell the full copyright. On top of that, she had sold the commercial right to another party, which would result in a conflict of interest.

Therefore, Fu Yunruo showed another video to the association’s representative. This video was also created by her right after she finished the first video. With experience under her belt, she finished the second video faster than the first one. However, the momentum of the first video hadn’t passed yet, so Fu Yunruo’s agent told her to wait for the best timing before uploading the second video.

When people from Orchid Art Association saw that Fu Yunruo still had another orchid video, they were ecstatic. This video was visually more stunning than the first one and also hadn’t appeared in public yet, so the association immediately decided to use this video for their promotion.

The two sides went into negotiation and decided on a partnership plan. Fu Yunruo was appointed as the ambassador of the Orchid Art Association and would use the video to promote the association. The video’s copyright still belonged to her, but she would tag Orchid Art Association under the uploaded video and granted them the right to use the video for the association’s own promotional materials.

After finalizing the two big contracts, Fu Yunruo’s fame rose to another level. From now on, as long as she didn’t commit a big mistake that would kill her career, her status in the livestreaming industry was unshakable.

Hearing that the contract had been finalized successfully, Wenwen was very happy. He couldn’t help grinning, revealing two rows of neat and white baby teeth.

“Mom is amazing! Mom is amazing!” Wenwen puffed his small chest proudly. Deserved to be Fu Wen’s mother; she was so amazing! He was so proud of her!

Fu Yunruo was excited. No matter how much fame and money she made, none could be compared with Wenwen’s hearty praises, which filled her with warm happiness.

Fu Yunruo complimented: “Wenwen is more amazing!”

“Mom is more, more amazing!”

“Wenwen is more, more, more amazing!”



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  1. GiveMeAmericanoPls

    Like I said a few times before (lol), this novel really good for me even if the story just focus on the mother-son pair. There were quite a few times I had to remind myself that there’s a male lead lmao. These kind of chapters just make me feel all warm and cozy, there’! !

    Thanks for the chapter! Stay safe and healthy everyone!

    1. Janine Irish Dis-ing

      True and yeah me too i need to remind myself that there’s male lead lol 🤣 cuz it’s been a while since he showned up and is now forgotten

    1. Loved it🥰
      As a mom, I love the story of this single mom and son. All that the transmigrated Fu Yunruo has done to provide a good life an healthy environment for Wenwen.
      Kinda excited to see how the male lead will react to having a son and how he will mesh into their lives….🤔🤔

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