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MSRV Ch 23 Part 1 – A Glutton Little Boy (I)

After she and her son came home with a smile, Fu Yunruo went in to bring out the lunch she had just cooked. Wenwen followed behind and went helping to serve the dishes. Fu Yunruo didn’t refuse and gave him two pairs of chopsticks. Because Wenwen was still young, she didn’t dare to hand him anything too heavy or hot.

The mother and son put their lunch on the dining table. Wenwen climbed onto the high stool for toddlers. His eyes squinted with joy upon seeing a plate full of meat on the table. However, he was not in a hurry to eat alone. He first gave Fu Yunruo one of the two chopsticks before he began to eat.

The child ate deliciously. His eyes curved into beautiful crescents. Seeing Wenwen only ate meat and didn’t touch the vegetables, Fu Yunruo picked up a vegetable with her chopstick and placed it in his small cute bowl.

Wenwen raised his head and glanced at his mother. He then said cutely with his tender voice: “Mom, I love you!”

Fu Yunruo pressed down the corners of her lips that were about to curl up and said with a stern face: “Mom loves you too, but you still have to eat the veggies.”

Wenwen’s black eyes blinked innocently as he acted like a baby: “I love Mom the most!” He put down his chopsticks and used his chubby hands to make a heart shape.

Fu Yunruo almost couldn’t maintain her stern face. She looked at the child’s chubby body, and her swaying stance instantly firmed again: “If you love Mom, you will eat your veggies.”

“…” This was too difficult. He was still a four-year-old kid. Why? Why should he face such a dilemmatic choice?

Wenwen glanced at his mother and resorted to a more coquettish tactic: “Mom, I don’t like veggies~”

Wenwen in his previous life grew up in an orphanage where food, let alone meat, was scarce. Growing up, he only ate meat once a year, during the Chinese New Year. Wenwen had been hungry for a long time, and as a result, he became greedy for meat. Later, after entering the entertainment circle and his economic condition improved, he ate meat for almost every meal.

If it weren’t for his body not easy to get fat, his agent probably would have been angered to death by his eating habit.

That’s why Wenwen never liked eating vegetables. In fact, eating meat was also very good.

Wenwen looked up at Fu Yunruo with his big cute eyes shining brightly.

Fu Yunruo: “…” She, she almost couldn’t stand it!

“No!” Fu Yunruo was greatly swayed, but she held her stance with great difficulty. She was worried about Wenwen’s height. Compared with children of the same age, Wenwen was actually half a head shorter and did not reach the height standard of his age bucket.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t be at ease. She was drugged when conceiving Wenwen, and was afraid that the remaining drug might have affected the child’s genes. Fu Yunruo used Uncle Guo’s connection and took Wenwen to a private hospital owned by the family of one of Uncle Guo’s students. After a thorough examination, the child turned out to be in good health, and there was no problem with his body. The reason for the delay in his growth was probably due to his natural genetics. Some children did develop slowly in the early stage. Parents didn’t need to worry so much. It was enough to just give him normal nutrition.

Fu Yunruo resorted to the scare tactic: “Wenwen, picky eaters don’t grow up. If you are a picky eater, you won’t become an adult!” Wenwen always said that he was an adult. Fu Yunruo knew that the child really wanted to grow up as soon as possible, so she scared him with these words.

Wenwen thought to himself. This woman was getting more and more childish. He was not a three-year-old kid; how could he be fooled?

How could he not grow tall! When he was a child, he rarely saw meat on his plate. Although he was shorter than his peers as a child, his height spurted once he reached puberty.

Wenwen was not worried at all. He was a future 1.83 meter tall man. He ate a lot of meat now and would definitely grow taller in the future!

“You won’t grow tall if you don’t eat green veggies. Look at the second grandpa. When he was a child, he was a picky eater who only ate meat and didn’t eat vegetables. Don’t you see that he is not as tall as me!”

What Fu Yunruo said was not wrong. She was 1.68 meters tall, which was just average in the north. However, girls in the south were generally petite. Her height could be regarded as tall in this region. What’s more, her body was well proportioned with a pair of long legs, which made her looked even taller.

“Really?” Wenwen showed a hesitant look. He remembered the village’s second grandpa. Second grandpa was indeed not tall, only 1.5 meters or so…

“Of course!” Fu Yunruo said solemnly. “Do you think Mom will lie to you?”


Wenwen pondered seriously. Could it be that he grew faster afterward because he ate too many vegetables when he was a child?

Wenwen was not sure. If he ate fewer vegetables now and grew less than he was in the previous life, it would be bad. He couldn’t imagine himself growing to be less than 1.8 meters, so he nodded quickly: “I eat!”

The corners of Fu Yunruo’s lips slightly curled up in triumphant. Little boy, you were still far from winning against your old mother.

After lunch, the mother and son strolled in the yard. Wenwen walked with his short legs, following Fu Yunruo. Suddenly, his dark eyes shone, and he ran up to hug his mother’s thigh. The boy raised his chubby face and said with a cute, tender voice: “Mom, I have been very good. Can I have a reward?”

Fu Yunruo lowered her head and pinched his soft cheek. “Wenwen wants what reward?”

“Mom, I want to eat braised pork~”

Seeing that the child had eaten a lot of vegetables today, Fu Yunruo readily agreed: “Okay!”

Wenwen bounced in joy, “Thank you, Mom! I love you the most, mmuah~” He touched his lips with his chubby hand and blew a kiss.

Fu Yunruo almost exploded in laughter. This clever little ghost!

“Okay, it’s time to take a nap.”


The mother and son entered the house happily and had a nice nap together. After he woke up, Wenwen was called out by his friends to play.


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