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MSRV Ch 23 Part 2 – A Glutton Little Boy (II)

The mother and son entered the house happily and had a nice nap together. After he woke up, Wenwen was called out by his friends to play.

Fu Yunruo cleaned up the house and went out. Since she had promised to make braised pork, she needed to buy the ingredients, such as pig trotters and pig head meat. Fu Yunruo went to the stall at the village entrance and told the owner in advance to leave her some pig trotters and head meat. Afterward, she went to Auntie Mei’s house, informing that she would cook a chicken and a duck tomorrow, and asked Uncle Mei to help her slaughter the animals.

Fu Yunruo didn’t have time to raise poultry, so the Mei couple helped her raise a few alongside their own poultry. Farmhouses were large, and every household raised a lot of poultry, so raising a few extra wouldn’t be a problem. In exchange, Fu Yunruo gave some money as a thank-you.

Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei relied on their lands and fields as their source of income. Fu Yunruo used this chance to give them money, because they refused to accept unless it was exchanged by something.

And she didn’t know how to slaughter chicken or duck, so she could only rely on Uncle Mei.

After Auntie Mei knew that Fu Yunruo was going to braise pork, she readily agreed.

The pork, chicken, and duck meat were delivered to the house early the next morning, and Fu Yunruo began to make the marinade sauce. This marinade was adjusted based on a special recipe from a village’s aunt, which had a mellower taste and good preservation.

Wenwen ate a braised pork made by the aunt last year and liked it very much. For this reason, Fu Yunruo specially came to learn the recipe from the aunt, and sent a chicken as a thank-you. It was not good for young children to eat too much heavy-tasting food, so after Fu Yunruo learned the recipe, she tweaked it to make the taste lighter. Unexpectedly, the result was equally delicious.

However, Fu Yunruo still didn’t make braised pork often and only occasionally cooked it to satiate Wenwen’s craving. It had been almost a month since the last time she cooked it, so she readily agreed to the child’s request this time.

Uncle Mei also liked the taste, so when Auntie Mei came to deliver the poultry, Fu Yunruo shared some marinade sauce to be cooked with chicken meat.

After Fu Yunruo started braising the meat, the whole compound was full of an appetizing smell, attracting the children so much that they stopped moving. They no longer went out to play. The group of village children stayed in Fu family’s yard, drooling so much under the delicious aroma.

Dunzi sucked his saliva and said enviously: “Wenwen, your mom is really amazing. She can make tasty food. It’s smell so nice, ah!”

Little Shitou and the others also nodded in agreement. They sucked their fingers and looked at Wenwen with envy.

Wenwen puffed his small chest proudly, “My mom is the best!”

He also secretly swallowed his saliva. It really smells good!

After the first plate of braised pork was ready, Fu Yunruo took it out and told Wenwen to share it with his friends. She knew that Wenwen would definitely not eat alone, so she was not worried that the child would overeat the meat.

Sure enough, even though Wenwen coveted the fragrant braised pork on the plate so much, he didn’t immediately eat it. Instead, he did his best to put on a straight expression on his chubby face and said to the children: “Wash your hands first. Wash them clean, and then line up from shortest to tallest. One person, one meat!”

The children were very obedient and quickly went to wash their hands. After Wenwen checked one by one, they lined up from the shortest to the tallest and wait for Wenwen to distribute the meat evenly. The children who had gotten their share happily ran to the side and ate with relish.

In the end, there was one piece of meat left. Wenwen looked at the tallest boy Dali, who was already half a teenager, then looked back at the last meat on the plate.

Seeing this, Dali stammered: “I, I don’t eat it. Wenwen, you can eat.” The boy looked at the meat a few more times before resolutely turning his gaze away.

Wenwen finally said: “For you! There are more in the kitchen!”

Dali knew that it was true, so he took the meat, “Then I will eat…”


Dali took the last piece of braised pork.

Wenwen held the empty plate, turned around, and ran into the kitchen with his short legs: “Mom, we’re done!”

Fu Yunruo looked at the empty plate and praised the child: “Wenwen is awesome!”

Wenwen said aggrievedly: “I didn’t eat.”

Huh? Fu Yunruo was surprised. She had counted the portion carefully: one piece per child. Maybe she had missed the count, or another kid came after she counted them.

“It’s alright. Mom still has the braised pork here.”

As for why Fu Yunruo didn’t suspect Wenwen was lying to eat more meat, it was because she was blinded by a motherly filter. Her Wenwen was so good and wouldn’t lie. Even if he wanted to eat more meat, he would just act like a baby to coax her.

Fu Yunruo picked up a piece of braised pork with chopsticks. Wenwen opened his mouth. He stood on his tiptoes and leaned forward: “Ah….”

The fragrant braised meat entered his mouth. Wenwen’s mouth was full of savory taste and fragrant smell. His lips squirmed, and his eyes squinted with happiness.

“Okay, you have gotten your share. Now go back and play with your friends.”

Wenwen raised his eyes at the stove and saw…a lot of braised pork. Although he still wanted to eat more, she was not in a hurry. Those were all his!

Wenwen hopped out of the house with satisfaction.

The children who had eaten the meat went out to play happily.

With Auntie Mei’s help, Fu Yunruo finally finished braising all the meat. She looked at the bunch of delicious braised meat, feeling a sense of accomplishment in her heart. At first, Fu Yunruo felt that she wasn’t good at cooking and thus was not suitable to become a food livestreamer. But now, she found that she was actually quite talented.

After discovering that her son was a little foodie glutton, Fu Yunruo worked hard to make good food for him. She learned various recipes from the internet and also asked for guidance from the village aunties who were good cooks. As s result, her cooking skills had advanced by leaps and bounds.

Whether it was fish, meat, or desserts, she could cook deliciously.

She felt that if one day she retired as an orchid livestreamer, she could change career into a food livestreamer!

Fu Yunruo left a small portion of braised pork for Uncle Guo and herself and gave the rest to neighbors, especially Auntie Mei couple and the auntie who had taught her the marinade recipe.

After Wenwen had enough fun with his friends, he went home and ran into the kitchen, only to find an empty table and empty stove with no signs of braised pork.

He was stunned.

Where was his braised pork?


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  1. This is so f*cking relatable. Same thing happens in my home when mom makes mango pickles. Out of that whole big pot of pickles, I only get to eat 5 small pieces at most.

  2. What? He seriously just gets one piece? Isn’t this dish his reward fort eating his veggies? <_< You give all the neighbourhoods kids the same amount as your own child? Did they eat their veggies? Are they your kids to feed? Wtf!?

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