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MSRV Ch 24 Part 2 – His Flower Died… (II)

Uncle Guo coaxed: “Wenwen, it’s okay. Let’s try raising different species. Look at this one. This orchid is very strong. You will definitely be able to grow it!”

Wenwen was hit hard one after another and fell into melancholy. He couldn’t help but think pessimistically. Was there something wrong with him? Otherwise, how could all the flowers he raised die? He was obviously his mother’s child. Mom could grow so many beautiful orchids, but he could only kill them. There was also a super pro person like Uncle Guo to assist him. With so many advantages, why did he still fail so much?

Wenwen replied dejectedly: “No need. The flowers will die again…” The flowers were so cute; it hurt him to see them died by his hands.

Uncle Guo suddenly felt distressed, “Nonsense. Wenwen takes care of the flowers so seriously; how can you kill them? This is just an accident. You will definitely be able to grow beautiful flowers next time!”

No matter how much Uncle Guo comforted him, Wenwen was still sad. It wasn’t until the dinner that his eyes lit up upon seeing a plate full of delicious braised pork on the table.

At the dining table, Wenwen ate the three pieces of meat and said to his mother: “Mom, the flower I raised died, and my tender young heart is seriously hurt. Can I eat three more pieces of meat to soothe my heart wounds?”

Fu Yunruo paid special attention to her son’s diet. What Wenwen could and couldn’t eat was strictly controlled. Food that was too heavy and greasy, such as braised pork, was carefully portioned, and she watched over how much he could eat at a time. Although Wenwen was a glutton, he enjoyed his mother’s care and was keen on fighting with wits and cuteness just to coax his mother to feed him more meat.

Fu Yunruo looked at his son’s solemn face. This little guy was willing to do anything just to take another bite of meat. Fu Yunruo said calmly: “You can eat one more piece. But if you finished these veggies, you can eat another piece.”

Fu Yunruo was now facing the same trouble that plagued most mothers in the world. Children were picky eaters. They wanted to eat meat but disliked vegetables. They didn’t want to go to kindergarten and wanted to play like monkeys rolling on mud every day. However, when the child looked at them with bright, innocent eyes and took the initiative to kiss and rub their face while saying: “I love Mom the most!”…they no longer could get angry.

Fu Yunruo really couldn’t figure it out. How cute, well-behaved, and quiet was Wenwen when he was just a few months old? She was even secretly worried that the child would be bullied after he grew up.

Looking back now, she was really naive at that time. People said that children changed eighteen times from birth to adulthood. Her son was yet to grow up, but he had changed so much.

Fortunately, she knew how to control this stinky boy.

Wenwen smiled widely upon hearing Fu Yunruo’s words: “Deal!”

On the other side, Uncle Guo was thoroughly enjoying his dinner. He savored the delicious braised head meat bite by bite. Seeing Wenwen, who was restricted from eating too much, Uncle Guo felt the meat even tastier.

Fu Yunruo noticed Uncle Guo’s eating speed and reminded: “Uncle Guo, meat is greasy and hard to digest at night. You shouldn’t eat too much.”

Now the weather was getting hot. Even with a refrigerator, the meat couldn’t be kept for too long. There were not many left of the braised pork Fu Yunruo brought over. At most, it was enough for two meals. Fu Yunruo only cooked it every other time, so both the old man and the young boy always tried to stuff as much meat as possible into their stomachs, prompting Fu Yunruo to watch them closely.

Uncle Guo: “…”

Seeing this, Wenwen sneered.

Having eaten two extra pieces of meat, Wenwen went to bed happy that night. However, when he saw pots of vibrant orchids the next day, the child was reminded of his poor orchid, who died tragically. Yesterday’s gloomy mood returned, and Wenwen squatted at the ground, holding his chubby cheeks with both hands as he sighed sadly.

He was too tragic!

Would Mom let him eat two more pieces of meat to comfort his wounded heart?

Wenwen sucked her saliva subconsciously. But remembering that there was not much meat left, he was even sadder. There was once so much meat, but only a little bit was left…

At this time, Fu Yunruo was doing her daily livestream, and many fans were bombarding her about Wenwen in the comment area.

Fu Yunruo shared the child’s funny anecdote from yesterday, which aroused a bout of laughter.

[My baby is really, really, really…cute!]

[I feel sorry for baby, but I can’t help laughing, hahaha]

[Our youngest child is such a big baby!]

The fans loved to listen about Wenwen, and Fu Yunruo also loved to share with them. Her son was so clever, cute, well-behaved, and sensible…such a smart child, of course she wished the whole world to know about him!

The long digit username, who had been occupying the title of number one fans uncontested for so long, threw a bunch of sea of flowers again. Fu Yunruo had long been used to it and thanked him in response.

Over the past few years, she had come to understand that this mysterious local rich boss was indeed a real rich boss. Every time he appeared, he would gift a sea of flowers. After Fu Yunruo’s repeated requests, he finally restrained himself a little and only sent up to ten flowers at a time. Probably in the eyes of this rich boss, one million was just like one hundred yuan, and he felt no difference in spending them.

Fu Yunruo thought of the unscientific nature of this world of a novel book. On the internet, there was various news about so-and-so second or third-generation rich people who spent tens of millions to chase stars. Fu Yunruo was not the first livestreamer who received gifts worth millions of yuan from her fans, and it was not uncommon.


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