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MSRV Ch 24 Part 3 – His Flower Died… (III)

In a simple yet luxurious living room of a villa, a tall man lay lazily on the sofa. His pair of slender and long legs were crossed, his ankles protruded on the edge of the sofa, and his toes tilted from time to time.

Si Yue leaned on the soft throw pillows and looked at the mobile phone screen in his hand. The livestreamer’s voice was very pleasant to the ears, like the tingling of jade beads. Si Yue wasn’t a voice fetish, but this voice was genuine and beautiful, which made him feel very comfortable.

When the livestreamer said that the flower raised by the youngest child was dead again, Si Yue felt great sympathy. The little fat boy who appeared on the channel from time to time was the only human baby among the group of orchid siblings. He loved the house and couldn’t help but also loved the crow.1Love the house and also love the crow: Love by association. The idiom means that if you love someone, you’ll love people and things related to them as well.2

He cannot raise flowers too! This kid is just like him!

So Si Yue sent many gifts.

After the livestream was over, he clicked on the channel’s homepage and turned on the latest video.

On the screen, an orchid slowly grew from a small seed into a blooming flower. Among the orchids, this species had particularly thin leaves. The color of the petals was pure white, with light yellow-green stamen that gave it an elegant and pure appearance.

Si Yue watched the video over and over again.

Suddenly, a fat middle-aged man entered the room in a rush, sweat covered his forehead.

Yuan Xin wiped his sweat and called, “Si Yue!”

“Huh?” Si Yue replied lazily. He joked: “Brother Yuan, are you so free? You have time to visit me?”

Seeing that Si Yue still had the mood to joke, Yuan Xin sighed in relief. He observed Si Yue’s expression closely, for fear there was something wrong with the man.

“I picked up a variety show for you.”

Hearing this, Si Yue raised his eyebrows, “Mr. Great Agent Yuan, are you going to overwork this poor little actor?”

Yuan Xin rolled his eyes, “How dare I overwork Mr. Great Movie Emperor Si? It’s you who work me to death!”

Last year, Si Yue took a job in a movie nominated for this year’s triennial international awards. It was a heavy movie that explored many aspects of human nature. The filming took almost one year from start to finish, and every single scene strived to achieve the most realistic effect.

Si Yue played one of the two male leads, a very gloomy and negative person who eventually lost his life because of a little kindness. The other main lead was played by a veteran actor, who was at the pinnacle of his acting career. Two movie emperors played on the same stage, and even Yuan Xin was stunned by Si Yue’s full-on acting. Even after the filming ended, Yuan Xin saw that Si Yue was still trapped in his role and had yet to recover.

That deep darkness and gloominess in Si Yue’s eyes were very painful and heart-wrenching to see.

It had been ten days since the filming was finished. During this period, Si Yue had been staying at home to adjust his mental state.

Yuan Xin had been running back and forth, fearing the possibility of Si Yue went too deep into his role and couldn’t get out, turning himself into a real madman. This time, he came with a purpose. For the first time, he accepted an invitation to a variety show without Si Yue’s approval.

“This show is very relaxing. You can take it as a vacation.” Yuan Xin recounted the variety show’s content.

Si Yue squinted at his eyes and stopped talking.

Yuan Xin extorted his effort to appeal for the show’s good things, but Si Yue still didn’t say a word. Finally, Yuan Xin had to open his trump card: “The recording location for the show is the hometown of Chi Weicheng’s teacher. You can drop by his flower garden to say hello.”

Hearing this, Si Yue’s eyes drooped a bit, but he still held back: “I am a man with flower now.”

Having not seen for a while, his little eleventh had grown bud. It wouldn’t be long before little eleventh finally bloomed, and it definitely would be prettier than the fifth child!

Yuan Xin: “…” To be honest, he couldn’t understand the mentality of these fans of online flower growing. They didn’t raise the flower themselves, so what was to be proud of?

But Yuan Xin wisely didn’t voice his thought.

“You don’t have to go then. Originally, Chi Weicheng wanted to ask you to visit his teacher. Alright, I will refuse him.” Yuan Xin lifted his foot and left.

Si Yue said, “Since Mr. Great Agent has agreed, how can I not go?”

Hearing this, Yuan Xin sneered. As if he was capable of ordering this dog man around!

Had it not been that this dog man was also the big boss above the big bosses, who would like to serve him!


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Author’s Note:

Wenwen: The flower I raised died again…

Uncle Guo: It’s okay, it’s okay. Let’s grow another one. This seedling is very strong, definitely will grow well!

Male Lead: My flower died again…

Uncle Guo: Scram, don’t touch my flowers!

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  2. J never thought not able to raise a flower could be genetically inherited. I thought it is just a genetic mutation in my part.


    1. What is worse. My stepmother’s father is horrible to pick, but the mother has a lot of flowers and trees in her garden. Last year my stepmother was tending 10 desert roses, in less than 2 months 8 of them died, she tried to save the last 2, but she died too

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