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MSRV Ch 25 Part 2 – Variety Show (II)

Auntie Mei said: “Okay, then. Don’t think that Auntie is too nagging to you.”

Fu Yunruo said coquettishly: “I know Auntie Mei cares about me.”

This topic was too heavy, so they quickly moved the conversation.

“Have you heard about the reason our village leaders are called to the meeting? It seems that a TV station wants to come to our small place to record a show.”

“Ah, I haven’t heard of it.” Fu Yunruo never heard such news being talked about in the village.

“It’s because they originally wanted to go to the neighboring county, not ours. Moreover, it seems that there is a confidentiality contract, so people cannot talk about it with others.”

“Then what about now?” Why did Uncle Mei get called to the meeting? Fu Yunruo keenly grasped the point.

“Who knows? These past few days, the old man has gone to several meetings because of this.” Auntie Mei was still not clear about the situation. She had asked her husband, but the old man acted mysteriously and gave only vague answers.

Fu Yunruo was also very curious. But since Uncle Mei hadn’t come back yet, there was nothing she could do. She sat with Auntie Mei for a while before going back to cook dinner.

In the evening, Fu Yunruo took her son to Mei family’s house. It was almost May. The temperature had begun to get hot, as if spring was waking up and transforming into summer. However, it was still pretty cold at night, so children were wearing long sleeves as they ran around the village,

Because Wenwen was going to accompany Grandpa and Grandma Mei, he didn’t run with his friends. However, Fu Yunruo didn’t feel assured and held his hand as they walked. If the child accidentally bumped and fall because it was too dark, she would feel distressed.

The children ran around Fu Yunruo and Wenwen, laughing and frolicking. Once they arrived at Mei family’s house, the children smiled and waved goodbye.

Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei greeted Fu Yunruo and Wenwen happily. They quickly gave the mother and son seats and prepared some snacks. Uncle Mei and his wife happily chatted with Wenwen for a long time before the conversation finally moved to the topic they talked about during the day.

“The quota has been given to our county.” Uncle Mei said happily.

Auntie Mei felt strange: “Eh? Can the quota be moved to others?”

Uncle Mei took a sip of tea. After building momentum with a long pause, he said leisurely: “I heard that the reason why this quota was given to that county before is that their leader used a connection. But when the TV crew came for the site survey, the leader’s brother-in-law was also there. It seemed that he drank too much during the meal, which offended the TV station.” Uncle Mei’s tone was vague. He never expected that this kind of luck would fall on their laps.

When Fu Yunruo heard this, she couldn’t help thinking which TV station it was? She tried to flip through the plot in her memory. If the name of her hometown ever appeared in the book, she must have some impression.

But then she remembered, the time now was the end of the first book’s story. In the first part of the original story, not long after the death of ‘Fu Yunruo,’ Father Fu was hit hard by the news and fell gravely ill. This was one of the reasons why the female lead refused the male lead’s marriage proposal time and time again.

Later, Fu’s father was ill for more than two years and eventually passed away. Fang Xueruo mother and daughter struggled to protect the Fu family’s industry. Six months later, Fang Xueruo had no choice but to ‘marry by accident.’

After that, the story was closed by the wedding of the century.

The sequel was written after the main couple’s daughter was eighteen years old, and the intervening years were out of the scope of the plot in the book. Fu Yunruo had found out that the trajectories of other characters had also changed following the change of her ending. Father Fu showed no signs of serious illness, and from time to time, still appeared in the public eye with full spirit.

At this point in time, there was no mention of Fang Xueruo’s variety show in the novel. Therefore, this should be an unpopular show.

Fu Yunruo was no longer worry.

Wenwen sat on Fu Yunruo’s lap, swaying his feet from time to time. When he heard that a TV station was coming here to record a show, he immediately pricked his ears to listen carefully.

“What TV station is it?” Wenwen asked, tilting his head up.

Uncle Mei answered: “Star TV.”

Wenwen thought about it. Star TV had already declined when he entered the entertainment industry. But at this time, it still could be considered a bit famous?

Like Fu Yunruo, Wenwen also didn’t worry much. He was just a bit curious about the stars. Anyway, even if he wanted to join the entertainment industry in the future, it would be many years later. Now he was still a child and wanted to enjoy the world of children.

Auntie Mei listened to Uncle Mei talking and slapped her thighs in joy: “Then we can meet big stars! Can we meet Fang’er?”

Fang’er was the name of the female lead from a very famous TV series from decades ago. The actress was still active on the screen today, but generally played the role of mother or grandmother. People of Auntie Mei’s era still liked to call the actress Li Fang’er, as the name of the character she once played.

“Maybe?” Uncle Mei was also not sure.

“Oh! It seems I am still young enough to learn new trends. This is called star chasing, right?” Auntie Mei’s face bloomed into a full smile.

“Don’t be happy too early.” Uncle Mei said, “There are many towns in this county. They won’t necessarily choose ours.”

“Even if they chose another town, it won’t be far away.” She and her girlfriends could rent a car, and it wouldn’t take long to visit the set.

“Old woman, ah.” Uncle Mei didn’t oppose. In fact, he was also looking forward to seeing big stars.

Fang’er was not only the idol among aunties, but also the idol of uncles of their generation. But Uncle Mei couldn’t say it. Otherwise, his old wife would mock him for being ridiculous, daring to idolize the goddess even though he was so old and ugly.

Fu Yunruo watched Auntie Mei and Uncle Mei’s interaction with a smile. Seeing the way they got along, she somehow became envious, wondering whether she could also meet someone who would stay with her for a lifetime.


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  1. How does she know that father Fu is not seriously ill ? Also even if there is no news of her death, she still disappear for more than a year, isn’t he worried ?

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