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MSRV Ch 26 Part 1 – Village Fight (I)

When Fu Yunruo stayed in the village, she didn’t do livestream. This was a habit she maintained since half a year ago. Of course, because the distance between the flower garden and the village was not far, she sometimes went to do livestream in the morning before returned home in time to prepare lunch.

She was not idle here. Sometimes she would take care of the vegetable garden in the yard and then socialized with village neighbors. It was said that distant relatives were not as good as closer neighbors, and relationships with neighbors had to be nurtured frequently so that they wouldn’t get weak.

In addition, she also dealt with other aspects of her career. Nowadays, Fu Yunruo’s reputation was in full swing. After she became a first-liner streamer, Panda Live assigned an assistant for her. With high popularity, many jobs came to follow. Although Panda Live had a dedicated department to assist streamers with third-party contracts and jobs, Chi Weicheng suggested Fu Yunruo open a studio and attach it to Panda Live.

Some people’s fate was different. If they were destined to be famous, they would still be fish in the water regardless of which industry they joined. Chi Weicheng had predicted that Fu Yunruo would be popular, but he never expected that just livestreaming would boost her into such a great achievement. To be honest, it was much harder to get ahead in the livestream industry than in the entertainment circle. The barrier to enter was lower, but the number of first-line figures was small, let alone streamers who achieved the rank of superstars.

In the entertainment industry, it was very common to reach the top-line after one or two years. As for whether they could stabilize their positions after climbing up, the answer was no. At least nine out of ten would eventually fall down, and the remaining one would barely maintain the top-line position. After all, not everyone could be like Si Yue. In the past ten years, Si Yue was truly an unparalleled actor. After his movie hit the top spot, not only his fame faded, but he had even gone higher and higher, beyond the reach of others.

At this time, Chi Weicheng had already given up the idea of scouting Fu Yunruo. It was no longer matter whether she entered the entertainment industry or not. Instead, Chi Weicheng suggested Fu Yunruo set up her own studio to benefit her future career development.

The result of Fu Yunruo’s livestream was very positive, and she had become a renowned orchid artist acknowledged by the Orchid Art Association. People who didn’t understand this circle might not be clear, but tracing back its root, the discovery and conservation of orchids even predated the birth of writing civilization. In the later historical development, orchids became a symbol of literati and spirituality.

The history of orchids could be said to run alongside the history of mankind. Even now, it was still sought after by many. Many orchids were nearly extinct in modern times due to over harvesting and the destruction of their natural habitat. For this reason, many countries put protection of wild orchids in their written law.

Although orchid art was relatively unknown nowadays, it was not impossible to be popular with this niche.

Fu Yunruo seriously considered the idea of opening her own studio. After her popularity soared, there were many things to do, and she needed a professional team to help her deal with the jobs. Chi Weicheng had given her a lot of useful suggestions, which Fu Yunruo adopted. If only the man was willing to change his job, she would definitely scout him for her studio.

Fortunately, the assistant assigned to her by Panda Live, a girl named Tiantian, was very capable. In the past two years, Tiantian had helped her managed the livestream channel in an orderly manner. The girl did an excellent job, so Fu Yunruo never had to hire a dedicated channel manager.

Fu Yunruo finalized the discussion about the studio with Tiantian and ended the video call. Last year, Tiantian specially came to meet her during the holiday. After the meeting, they both had a good impression of each other and instantly clicked, so now they had become good friends and often chat on the video call.

Fu Yunruo turned off the computer, stretched, and walked out. Her son had gone to play. Fu Yunruo took a look around and then went to Auntie Mei’s house.

Mei family’s house was very lively at this time. A bunch of neighboring aunties sat together, chatting and gossiping. Seeing Fu Yunruo, they beckoned her to come over.

Fu Yunruo smiled and said, “Aunties, what are you talking about? So lively?”

“We are talking about the TV station!”

“Yes, our town is within their shooting area. I even heard that they will come to our village!”

“Hey, I don’t know if those big stars are more beautiful than our Ruoruo.”

“Definitely not. I have never watched a girl who is more dazzling than Ruoruo. Not even on TV.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“How can I compare with the stars?” Fu Yunruo waved her hand, feeling that these aunties were too biased. She asked again: “They are going to come to our village?”

“Yeah! Everyone in the town is talking about it.”

“I heard that the TV station will donate to the local area…”

“No wonder so many want to grab it…”

“Then can we also get the money?”

“Ah, the donation is to be used for public projects…”

Fu Yunruo listened to their gossips. Hearing the word donation, her mind moved. In the beginning, after she began to earn well from her livestream, she proposed to Uncle Mei couple to donate something for the village, but she was rejected.

Although most people in the village were simple and honest, if it was known that Fu Yunruo had a lot of money in hands, she would inevitably arouse unwanted attention. Fu Yunruo lived alone with a young child, which made her even an easier target. There was nothing wrong with doing a good deed, but one must not put themselves in danger for it. In such a small, remote place, it was hard to hide secrets. Fu Yunruo’s donation would undoubtedly tell others that she was possessing a huge amount of money.

Moreover, the village’s location was too remote and not easy to reach. Even if a road was built, a few million yuan could only build a section. To connect all the nearby villages to the town and added roads leading to other counties was a big project that couldn’t be funded by Fu Yunruo alone.

At that time, Fu Yunruo gave up this idea. But now, she suddenly thought that she might be able to donate under the name of the TV station. This way, Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei also didn’t need to worry about her safety.

Auntie Mei said to Fu Yunruo, “Ruoruo, there will be a village meeting at seven o’clock this evening. The place is the court at the entrance of the village. Don’t forget to come.”

Fu Yunruo nodded, “Okay.”

What kind of topic would be discussed in the meeting? Fu Yunruo was quite curious.


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