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MSRV Ch 26 Part 2 – Village Fight (II)

When the adults were chatting, the children were playing. Their tender voices and happy laughter reverberated throughout the village.

When others were having fun, a thin child came over with a cry. Behind him, an old woman followed with a helpless look.

Wenwen saw the child crying. He stopped playing and then walked over, asking in a solemn tone: “Zhuangzhuang, why are you crying?” He looked at Zhuangzhuang’s grandma with a little suspicion. Could it be that she beat Zhuangzhuang?

Zhuangzhuang’s grandma said helplessly: “His candy was snatched by other children. He has been crying until now, but insists on coming to you.”

Zhuangzhuang said aggrievedly: “I specially brought the candy back for Wenwen.” After speaking, he cried again with his mouth wide open.

“Okay, okay. Don’t cry.” Wenwen frowned.

Zhuangzhuang’s cry suddenly receded.

Seeing this, Zhuangzhuang’s grandma said happily: “I will leave him to you.” Then she left without worry.

Zhuangzhuang was still sobbing, and it took Wenwen a lot of time to ask about what had happened. It turned out that Zhuangzhuang went to town with his grandma today. His grandma bought him two very sweet candies. The candy was very delicious, so he specially saved one to bring back and give to Wenwen. As a result, a small bully from the neighboring village snatched his candy on the road. The bully was very tall and strong, so Zhuangzhuang didn’t dare to resist. He came back crying all the way.

As soon as Wenwen heard it, he said domineeringly: “Wait here, I will get back for you!” He was the leader of these children. How could he sit idly when his underling was bullied?

Zhuangzhuang immediately stopped crying. His bright eyes stared at Wenwen widely. At this moment, Wenwen looked very awesome and majestic in his eyes.

“Are we going to fight?” Upon hearing Wenwen’s words, Dali, who had been watching silently on the side, came over and cracked his knuckles.

Children usually played in groups based on their villages. Although they sometimes fight to occupy a playing site, groups from different villages usually did not interfere with each other. Of course, most of them still played together. After all, once they went to school, they were peers of the same school.

So, most children knew each other either directly or indirectly.

Wenwen said: “We cannot be so barbaric.” They were all good children. How could they just go and fight?

“Then, how do we get back for Zhuangzhuang?”

“We have to send a message first before fighting,” Wenwen said seriously.

The others were confused. They didn’t understand, but they were in awe. Wenwen really knew a lot!

“We will write a letter of challenge, make an appointment, and try reason with them first. If they pay back the candy and then apologize to Zhuangzhuang, we will let the matter pass. If they refuse, we will fight!” Wenwen said domineeringly.

Other kids nodded their heads over and over again. So they would wait until the other side to pay the candy first before going to fight. Wenwen was amazing!

In the past, they would fight directly. Who would ever think to send a letter of challenge? Thinking about it now, whenever children from other villages dared to make trouble with them, the best they could do was to get back the snatched things. If they couldn’t get it back, they would fight, so others wouldn’t dare to rob them again in the future. How could they think of letting the other party pay?

Dali volunteered to write the letter of challenge. He was the oldest among this group of children and was already in the sixth grade of elementary school. He was the most literate among them.

Dali wrote the letter of challenge and handed it to Wenwen for review. The characters were crookedly written, and some words that Dali didn’t know how to write were written in pinyin, but it was a barely qualified letter of challenge, so Wenwen nodded in approval. They dispatched a vanguard to send the letter of challenge and then arrived at the meeting place on time.

Wenwen looked at the number of people on his side. They forbade the girls from participating in the fight and had sent them home. Their main fighting force was a group of boys ranged from age eight to ten.

Not long afterward, more than a dozen children arrived.

At first glance, the fighting power of the two sides was equal. The only and biggest difference was the appearance of the ‘boss.’

Two opposing sides faced each other, and the distinction was very clear. On one side, the children surrounded a small, white, and tender little dumpling as their center. On the other side, the enemies were lead by a strong and tall 1.6 m big boy.

“Are you the one who bullied our Zhuangzhuang?” Wenwen tried his best to make himself taller and more imposing, as to not lose the momentum: “As long as you apologize to Zhuangzhuang and pay his candy back, we will end this matter peacefully!”

Dashan was the boss of next door village. He was a twelve-year-old boy who inherited the boss’s position when the previous boss entered junior high school. Dashan didn’t understand the meaning of the last sentence. But hearing the words ‘pay his candy back,’ he remembered that he did snatch candy from a kid today.

Dashan lowered his head to look at the little dumpling, who was so short and small, white, tender, and lovely.

Those big round eyes glared at him fiercely.

Oh, what a cute little baby!

At this moment, Dashan felt his heart pounded so fast. Using an idiom to express, this must be what they called a critical blow.’

“Are you the village’s boss?” Was this the ‘boss’ who send the letter of challenge to him?

Wenwen puffed his small chest proudly: “Yes, that’s me!”

Dashan looked at the beautiful little dumpling on the opposing side, and then looked at his own fat little brother by his feet. The kid was as short as the dumpling, but he had a runny nose and dirty nails, not cute at all.

After a while, Dashan bent down and lifted his fat brother. He then walked to Wenwen and put the fatty in front of Wenwen.

Wenwen: “???” Did this guy feel that it was shameful to fight a small child, so he brought a kid of the same height to fight him?

The next moment, Dashan lifted Wenwen up. Hugging Wenwen in his arms, he turned and left. “Let’s swap. This kid is for you, and I am taking your boss.”

Wenwen, who was lifted with his face down: “???”

Children: “???”

One, two, three….all the children were totally dumbfounded. Seeing their baby Wenwen was held hostage by the enemies’ boss, the children suddenly chased after him furiously.

“Aaaaaaaah!!! Return Wenwen back!”

“Put Wenwen down!”

Dashan hugged Wenwen and ran fast. This was the little brother he wanted. He must take him home and hid him quickly.

Meanwhile, the children from the other side saw their boss took away the enemy’s little boss and ran away. They also ran after their boss in confusion.

The children clamored to catch up and take back their Wenwen.

The kid who was taken as the exchange item, Dashan’s younger brother Xiaoshan, was left behind. He dumbly watched all the children whizzed away, totally forgetting him behind.

After a while, a loud cry rang, “Whaaaaaa!”


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