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MSRV Ch 27 Part 1 – ‘Different Life’ (I)

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! This stupid kid is too naughty.” In front of a farmhouse, a sturdy woman came with a tall and sturdy boy, apologizing to a charming young woman. As she apologized, the mother smacked the back of Dashan’s head: “Quickly apologize to Aunt Ruoruo!”

Seeing the heavy smack, Fu Yunruo fidgeted a bit. She hurriedly said: “It’s okay, it’s okay. Everything is just a misunderstanding. After all, children like to play…”

“I’m sorry, Big Sister Ruoruo.” Dashan rubbed the back of his head and grinned: “Big sister, I will give you my younger brother. Will you give Wenwen to my family to be my new younger brother?”

Fu Yunruo: “Uh…”

“Nonsense!” Dashan’s mother smacked the boy’s head again. “Also, call her Aunt, not Big Sister!”

“She is so pretty. Of course she has to be called Big Sister!”

“Stinky brat!” Another smack fell on Dashan’s shoulder. Fu Yunruo almost stepped forward to stop the mother, but Dashan himself didn’t seem bothered in the slightest. The boy curled his lips and looked at the gentle and beautiful big sister with a grin: “Then Mom, can you give me to Big Sister Ruoruo to be her son?”

In any case, he still wanted to have a beautiful younger brother. The one at his home was dirty all day and only knew to cry. How could the kid be compared with the cute Wenwen?

“I think you need a beating!”


After making sure that Fu Yunruo really wasn’t angry at Dashan’s stupid action, the woman pulled her eldest son’s ear and dragged him to leave, disregarding the boy’s protest.

After sending off the mother and son, Fu Yunruo returned to her house and immediately saw the depressed Wenwen. Like a deflated little ball, the boy was crouching his chubby body on the corner of the room.

…no, no. She must not laugh.

Fu Yunruo tried her best to make a sympathetic expression as she approached the child. “Well, Wenwen, don’t be upset anymore. Brother Dashan has apologized to Wenwen. Wenwen will forgive Brother Dashan, right?” Fu Yunruo squatted in front of the fat dumpling and gave him a hug: “Our Wenwen is the best.”

Wenwen fell into a depressed mood. He buried himself into his mother’s arms, his small body twisted awkwardly in shame.

He lost a big face today! How shameful!

He, the village’s dignified children boss, was snatched away by the enemy. How would he raise his head in front of his charge after this?

Seeing Wenwen’s languid expression made Fu Yunruo remembered the whole story of today’s event. She couldn’t hold back anymore and burst into laughter.

Wenwen suddenly looked up. His eyes were full of condemnation.

“Pfft! Sorry, Baobao. Mom doesn’t mean it.”

Wenwen complained in grief and anger: “How can you hurt my tender young heart, Mom?” He was already hurt enough, but Mom still laughed at him!

Fu Yunruo quickly put back a straight expression and sincerely admitted her mistake: “Mom is wrong. Mom shouldn’t laugh. Baobao, forgive Mom, okay?”

“Humph!” Wenwen snorted loudly. After being coaxed for a while, he reluctantly forgave his mother.

Seeing the child’s tsundere attitude, Fu Yunruo almost burst into laughter again.

Fu Yunruo didn’t expect that children playing around would develop in such a dramatic way. She was chatting with Auntie Mei and other neighbors when several children ran to her in panic and reported with a cry that Wenwen had been taken away. Fu Yunruo immediately thought of the worst. Thinking that her son had been kidnapped by a trafficker, she almost fainted right there.

This village was located in a semi-enclosed area, and the residents here were related to each other in some way or another. When children were playing, all villagers would help to keep an eye on them regardless of whose children they were. If someone saw a stranger around, all villagers would soon be notified. Therefore, Fu Yunruo never felt wary of letting Wenwen run around the village with her playmates. Wherever they went, adults were looking after them, which was much safer compared with the big cities.

Wenwen had grown up and should play with children of the same age. However, the flower garden was relatively deserted. Fu Yunruo stayed all day long taking care of two people and orchids and was not familiar with the people in the village where the garden was located. Moreover, the flower garden stored many precious orchids and didn’t easily let outsiders enter, especially young children of their naughtiest age. Never underestimate the destructive power of young children. They were the most curious creatures who wreaked havoc on anything they saw and could touch. For this reason, Fu Yunruo took Wenwen back to the village for one or two nights every weekend and let him play freely with his little friends.

As a result, her Wenwen was kidnapped?

Fortunately, under the adults’ questioning, the children quickly explained the whole sequence of the event.

It turned out to be a misunderstanding.

Fortunately, it was a misunderstanding. Otherwise, the group of aunties was ready to dispatch the whole villagers to chase the trafficker with hoes and sickles.

Fu Yunruo went to the neighboring village with Auntie Mei to take Wenwen back.

No wonder the children couldn’t snatch Wenwen back. Dashan, the boy who ‘stole’ Wenwen, ran home and shut the door tight. Wenwen’s friends couldn’t get in and finally cry outside the door.

Meanwhile, Wenwen and Dashan kept staring at each other inside the house.

Fu Yunruo really didn’t know whether to get angry or to laugh.

After returning, Wenwen seemed to have been hit hard and kept squatting in the corner of the room. If this was an animation world, layers of dark clouds definitely hung above his head. Even when Dashan’s mother came dragging her son to apologize, Wenwen hid in the house and refused to go out.

“Brother Dashan likes Wenwen very much and wants Wenwen to be his younger brother. However, Mom won’t send Wenwen out. After all, Mom loves Wenwen the most…”

“Mom’s baby is so popular. Who made you look so cute? You are also clever and resourceful, so other children regard you as their boss. Wenwen is really amazing!”

Wenwen was comforted by his mother’s endless blow of rainbow farts, and his depressed mood finally dissipated.

Mom is right. Who makes him so popular and cute?

Alas, popularity indeed comes with a price. At such a young age, he has endured trouble far beyond his age!


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