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MSRV Ch 27 Part 3 – ‘Different Life’ (III)

When the show started, six permanent casts made their opening. After some light conversation and a lot of joke as the warm up, the first special guest was called out.

On the lens’ focal points, a beautiful and fair-skinned young woman in a white dress walked over. The gentle breeze swayed the hem of her dress, like a fairy descending to the earth.

The comment area instantly exploded, and countless audience commented in full excitement—

[Aaaah!! Goddess!]

[A true fairy descends on earth!]

The casts were equally surprised and excited.

“It’s Fang Xueruo!” He Daosheng clutched his chest. “Ah, my goddess!! My heart almost jumps out!”

Hua Caicai suddenly said from the side: “If your heart really jumps out, you will die.”

He Daosheng: “…Cai, even if you don’t speak, no one will think that you are dumb.”

Hua Caicai waved her hand: “Whether I say it or not, the fact is still the fact.”

He Daosheng rolled his eyes.

The comment area exploded into laughter.

“There is a beauty coming from heaven…” Ouyang Xingheng seemed to be struck by a poetic mood and began to praise the beauty.

Hua Caicai was about to speak again, but Ouyang Xingheng’s eyes were keener. He quickly clasped Hua Caicai’s shoulder with one hand and covered her mouth with another hand. As if a poet was possessing his body, he continued to say: “Eyes like a glitter of gems, eyebrows like distant mountain…”

Hua Caicai: “…”

The audience laughed again.

Fang Xueruo smiled sweetly. She walked forward, greeting the casts and the livestream audience in a friendly manner.

Not far away, a black modified RV was parking at the intersection. In the car, Yuan Xin warned with some worry: “This show is broadcasted live, so remember to hide your dog temper.”

The window of the black RV was half lowered. Seeing the appearance of the female guest, Si Yue frowned in displeasure. He lifted his lips and sighed: “Do you want me to relax or make me disgusted?”

Yuan Xin saw the female guest, and he too was startled, “In the info I received, the female special guest invited is not her.” It should be Xia Wanning, with whom Si Yue had worked together before.

Had Yuan Xin known Fang Xueruo would be here, he wouldn’t accept this variety show for Si Yue. Although this woman was very popular in the circle and basically had no bad gossips or scandals, Si Yue simply disliked her. Yuan Xin also conducted some investigation and knew that this woman was not as pure as she looked on the surface. Coupled with the hostile rivalry between their respective company, they always stayed away from her.

In other word, the show crew changed the female guest at the last moment without notifying them beforehand.

Yuan Xin frowned. He had never thought that Fang Xueruo would also come to this show, “It’s my negligent.” They had arrived at the scene, and critique would fall on Si Yue if they turned around now, especially because the show was streamed live.

Yuan Xin contacted the production team to inquire about the situation. The explanation given by the director was that the female guest they originally were going to invite couldn’t come because of some issues. The crew therefore had no choice but to contact Fang Xueruo to fill the special guest slot.

Yuan Xin wasn’t being polite: “You change the guest suddenly without informing us. Do your team look down on Movie Emperor Si or our Apple Entertainment?”

Director Peng smiled apologetically: “Of course not. Just, we also received the news very suddenly. The special guest was changed hurriedly this morning, and it was too late to inform you.”

Director Peng was also helpless. Movie Empress Fang expressed her wish to join their show as a special guest. How could they refuse? Although the whole industry basically knew that Movie Emperor Si refused to appear on the same stage as Fang Xueruo, she was a star backed by Fu and Chang family. It was clear that they couldn’t offend Fang Xueruo more than they couldn’t offend Si Yue!

Yuan Xin pressed the director again, but he knew that they could only accept the fact. After all, the contract didn’t stipulate who the female special guest was, so the production team didn’t violate any clause.

Si Yue’s public persona was that of an approachable and humble young actor. Even so, his status in the circle was obviously not low, and he wasn’t someone that could be bullied. The production team and director knew this, and that’s why their attitude was very cautious.

Of course, Yuan Xin decided to never do any work with this team anymore. Just because Si Yue seemed to have no background or backing, he had to swallow this mistreatment? The leader of this production team must be blind. They couldn’t even see whom they couldn’t afford to offend the most. Anyway, Yuan Xin had given his warning. If the team was still being stupid and dared to touch Si Yue’s bottom line to blindly raise the rating or to kiss Fang Xueruo’s stinky feet, then they only had themselves to blame for the aftermath.

When Yuan Xin was busy threatening the director, Si Yue made his appearance on the camera.

When Si Yue appeared, he proved the extent of his popularity, and the server used to broadcast the livestream almost collapsed by the sudden surge of viewers.

The casts were no less excited. They never expected that the production team would be able to invite such a big figure. As everyone knew, Si Yue was always low-key and rarely participated in variety shows. But as long as he appeared in one, the show’s popularity was guaranteed to explode!

Sure enough, the number of people watching the livestream instantly surpassed the historical peak and still rising upward.

Hua Caicai no longer cared about her image and screamed like a fangirl.

“It’s Si Yue! Ah, ah, aaaah!!!”

“I’m not hallucinating, right? It’s really him?!”

Other casts also turned into instant fans. They were all extremely surprised. This season, the production team was very mysterious and didn’t reveal who the special guests were until the last minute.

With Si Yue joining, their show would definitely take a huge leap forward! For them, there were only advantages and no disadvantages!

“Welcome, welcome. We warmly welcome you!” The six casts raised their hands in a tacit understanding and waved non-existent ribbons.

As if he was walking on the runway, Si Yue walked gracefully with his long legs, gathering everyone’s eyes on him. Once he arrived, his lips curled into a friendly smile as he greeted: “Hello everyone.”


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