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MSRV Ch 28 Part 2 – First Meeting (II)

Soon one of the crew came over with a lottery box. The production team had prepared four villages for the casts to stay in during the shooting period. Each village would host two stars, and the teams were decided by lottery.

The casts were wary about any ‘surprise’ the production team might prepare for them. Unexpectedly, the course of the event was pretty normal until this point, with no nasty surprise coming to greet them. Some casts couldn’t help thinking: So kind? Did the production team really want to let them come to the countryside for vacation?

Ladies first, so they let the special guest Fang Xueruo draw the first lot, followed by Hua Caicai.

Next was Si Yue, and the others went up in order of seniority to draw the lots.

Everyone got a sealed card with the logo of the show on the envelope.

He Daosheng clasped his hands and prayed piously: “Heaven and earth, please bless me to be on the same team with my goddess!” He closed his eyes and held his breath. After a moment, he slowly opened his left eye and opened the card nervously.

“Xiao’ao Village!” He Daosheng looked at Fang Xueruo expectantly.

The permanent casts all hoped to be teamed with the special guests and opened their cards with high expectations.

Hua Caicai took a look and showed her card, “It seems that heaven didn’t hear your prayer.”

He Daosheng: “…” The two looked at each other and turned their head away in disgust.

He Ling asked Ouyang Xingheng, “How about you? I got Da’ao Village!”

Ouyang Xinghe replied happily, “What a coincidence, so am I.” He joked, “It seems that we are the elderly team.”

There were four remaining people who had not opened their cards. In other words, Xin Xu and Wang Huaibei had a two-thirds chance to be in the same team as either Si Yue or Fang Xueruo.

Xin Xu excitedly opened his card first, “Shanghe Village!”

Xin Xu put his hands together and prayed silently: Si Yue! Si Yue! Si Yue!

Fang Xueruo glanced at Si Yue with a smile and joked, “I wonder if I will be in the same team as Brother Yue.”

Si Yue smiled indifferently and opened his card, “Shanghe Village.”

The card in Si Yue’s hand was printed with the word ‘Shanghe Village’ in bold, followed by ‘Mei family’s house’ and a string of addresses.

“Yeah!” Xin Xu jumped up in joy.

Si Yue pretended to be regretful: “It seems that I don’t have this fortune.”

Fang Xueruo’s smile remained unchanged. She turned at Weng Huaibei, her lips slightly curved up, “I am also very happy to be in the same team as Huaibei.”

Weng Huaibei smiled back, “I am also very happy.”

Director Peng wiped the sweat on his forehead, pretending to not see Fang Xueruo’s meaningful gaze. He couldn’t afford to offend neither the Fu family nor the Chang family, but he also couldn’t afford to offend Si Yue, who was backed by Apple Entertainment!

Director Peng held a microphone and said: “Since your team and destination have been decided, the next task is to find a way to reach the house where you will stay during this period.”

There was one suitcase each for the men and two large suitcases for the two women. It was now summer. The clothes were all light summer clothes. The duration of the recording was half a month. Men could be lightweight, but women had many make-up and skincare products, which doubled their luggage.

Fang Xueruo couldn’t carry two suitcases by herself, but Wang Huaibei very gentlemanly helped her holding two suitcases in one hand.

Besides their luggage, they only had 100 yuan of cash in their hands, given by the production team.

“Ah, how do we get to Xiao’ao Village?” He Daosheng muttered, “Should we ask people around?”

After forming the teams, they soon separated and departed to their respective villages.

“Brother Yue, shall we go too?” Xin Xu stood beside Si Yue, still a little nervous talking to his idol.

Si Yue was tall and strong, and it wasn’t a problem to carry one suitcase. He looked around: “No hurry. Let’s go shopping first.”

So Si Yue strolled around the street leisurely.

Xin Xu followed behind, carrying a suitcase, very well-behaved. He looked around the street in curiosity.

Si Yue walked for a while and finally stopped to buy a bag of candy, one bag of bananas, and one bag of apples with his 100 yuan. The prices here were relatively low, but Si Yue bought a suitable amount and finally ended up with only 20 yuan.

Afterward, they inquired about the local mode of transportation and found a rickshaw to drive them to the village.

The middle-aged driver looked curiously at the group of strangers. He was a bit cautious at first, but the spirited young man talked to him in a friendly manner without any arrogance. After a while, the driver let go of his initial cautiousness and had a casual conversation with Si Yue.

At this time, Fang Xueruo and Weng Huaibei team had arrived in Xiahe Village. Fang Xueruo walked along the village road. Seeing the rustic environment, her brows furrowed at the angle unnoticable by the camera. When she turned around, she had returned to her usual smile.


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