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MSRV Ch 28 Part 3 – First Meeting (III)

At this time, Fang Xueruo and Weng Huaibei team had arrived in Xiahe Village. Fang Xueruo walked along the village road. Seeing the rustic environment, her brows furrowed at the angle unnoticeable by the camera. When she turned around, she had returned to her usual smile.

Before long, a group of dirty-looking children gathered and stood not far away from Fang Xueruo and Wang Huaibei, looking at them as if looking at exotic monkeys in the zoo. Children in the countryside were rarely restrained. They basically spent most of their free time playing outdoors. During holiday, they might go out clean and neat, and before long, they would have transformed into small mud monkeys. Seeing unknown faces coming to their village, the children were very curious. But adults repeatedly warned them not to go near the strangers, so they just watched from a distance.

Fang Xueruo smiled and said, “It’s pretty uncomfortable to be stared at like this. I feel like the animals in the zoo.”

Weng Huaibei grinned, “They must be stunned seeing Xueruo’s. beauty!”

To be honest, Fang Xueruo’s appearance couldn’t be considered the most outstanding, especially in the entertainment circle. But she possessed an outstanding aura like a bright moon. Her inner temperament improved her beauty from just 80 points to 99 points.

Fang Xueruo waved her hand modestly, “You flatter me. My appearance is just average.”

“You don’t believe it? Wait, I’ll ask them. Children are very honest.” Finished speaking, Weng Huaibei walked to the children. He tried his best to put on a friendly smile and called one of them: “Little guy, come here!”

In response, the children took a step back. They exchanged gazes in silence, then turned their eyes back to the strangers.

When Weng Huaibei saw the children refused to come over, he thought they were wary of strangers, so he didn’t force them. Instead, he directly asked: “You guys, do you think that this Big Sister Xueruo is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen?”

The children stared at Fang Xueruo for a long time. Finally, one child raised his voice and answered: “Big Sister Ruoruo is the most beautiful.”

Weng Huaibei looked at Fang Xueruo proudly, “Am I right? Children’s eyes are very sharp!”

The audience also filled the comment area with various praises about the goddess’ beauty.

The corners of Fang Xueruo’s lips rose. Being praised always made people feel pleasant.

“She isn’t Big Sister Ruoruo!” A small voice retorted.

Weng Huaibei and Fang Xueruo suddenly turned their eyes. The owner of the voice, a little girl, instantly hid behind an older child, timidly showing only a pair of eyes. The boy in front of the little girl also said proudly: “You are not as pretty as Big Sister Ruoruo!”

As if a cue was triggered, other children also chimed in: “Big Sister Ruoruo is the most beautiful girl!”

Fang Xueruo’s smile suddenly froze. Comparing a village girl with her? Still with a name that resembled hers?

The comment area exploded into laughter.

[Right, children’s eyes are very sharp!]

[Yes, yes. Children are very straightforward!]

[This is the fastest turnabout I have ever seen.]

[What a joke. The most beautiful goddess is actually not as beautiful as a countryside girl.]

There were Fang Xueruo’s black fans among the audience, who sent out ridiculing comments. But their momentum was quickly overshadowed by Fang Xueruo’s much larger number of fans. Instead, many fans berated the children for knowing nothing about the world, and also mocked the so-called most beautiful village girl.

Weng Huaibei’s expression was a bit awkward. He didn’t expect these children to be so frank, leaving him no face at all. On top of that, the show was streamed live, which meant this part could not be edited…

The children seemed to feel the awkward atmosphere and suddenly ran away.

Weng Huaibei gave a dry laugh, “Those children are still young…”

Fang Xueruo smiled and said warmly: “It’s okay.” Then she changed the subject, “Are we almost there?”

“Yes, yes……”

Meanwhile, Si Yue and Xin Xu were still in the rickshaw heading to Shanghe Village.

[Hey, such an undeveloped place still exists nowadays?]

[Looking at them walking through mountains and rivers, it feels like witnessing life in a different world.]

Most of the audience were genuine city folks. Although there were occasional public welfare projects that help children and people in the rural mountainous area, those always felt like a distance away. But now, watching livestream in real-time, they felt as if seeing the place directly with their own eyes. When the casts first arrived in the county town, they thought that the location was already remote enough, but they didn’t expect that the real destination was even more remote.

In the comment area, some more knowledgeable people began to share their knowledge. In fact, this area was still not remote enough, and there were many places more remote than this.

It took more than half an hour’s journey with a motorized rickshaw from the small town to Shanghe Village. This area was really enclosed by mountain after mountain. They went through several sections of mountain roads. The place where most villages were built was the large flat area between several mountains. Furthermore, there were some villages built on either the mountainside or at the foot of the mountain. Xiao’ao Village, which was one of the show’s four destinations, was located on the mountainside.

Some people here had never been out of this place in their entire lives. But most people would venture outside when they were young before finally returned to their hometown in their old age.


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