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MSRV Ch 28 Part 4 – First Meeting (IV)

“It is much better nowadays. Before the road was built, we must cross the mountains on foot to reach the nearest town. Thanks to the national policy, a direct road was built, and we can travel more conveniently. The time spent on the journey is also shrunk by more than half.” The rickshaw driver explained along the way.

Halfway up, a bridge, about 500 meters long, was erected to connect two mountains. Thanks to the bridge, locals no longer needed to climb up and down the mountain. It was a pity that this place was too remote, and the roads were of little use. Outsiders rarely passed here, as well as cars. There were no points of interest here, nor were there any places worth investing. The only gratifying advantage was that its remoteness had protected the area from pollution and environmental destruction. The air was very fresh, and the blowing wind felt comfortable on the face.

The rickshaw driver sent the people to the Shanghe Village entrance and enthusiastically helped to unload the luggage. “Walk along this path for a while, then turn right. The third house is Mei family’s house.”

“Thank you, brother.”

Si Yue paid the fare, took his luggage, and then walked in the direction pointed by the driver.

Xin Xu sighed, “Brother Yue is so good. You can talk so much with the rickshaw uncle. I really don’t know what to say.” In just such a short amount of time, the driver had become very cordial with Si Yue. If not for the latter insisted on paying the fare, the driver would have waived it.

Si Yue smiled warmly, “You are still young and can learn slowly.”

The two walked for a moment before arrived in front of a farmhouse. Xin Xu raised his head and carefully observed the house they were about to live in for the next half a month. He was relieved and also equally surprised: “It looks good!”

After seeing the remoteness of the village, he originally thought that their temporary residence would be relatively bad. Unexpectedly, it was pretty good. A two and half-story building, a sturdy fence, and a large yard that was well maintained and looked both clean and tidy.

“The production team is so kind this time!” Xin Xu was finally willing to believe that the production team really wanted to give them a vacation!

Si Yue said nothing. The yard gate was closed, and Si Yue didn’t push it open. Instead, he knocked.

“Come in!” A loud voice came from inside.

Si Yue pushed the gate open, and a kind-looking middle-aged woman walked out of the house. Seeing the two people, her eyes lit up, and she enthusiastically welcomed them: “Oh, you are here! Welcome!”

Si Yue greeted warmly: “Hello, Auntie. I’m Si Yue, just call me A’Yue.”

Xin Xu also greeted politely, “Hello, Auntie. My name is Xin Xu. You can call me Xiao Xu.”

“A’Yue, Xiao Xu, just call me Auntie Mei.” Auntie Mei looked at the two young men and warmly invited them to enter the house: “Don’t just stand outside. Go in and take a rest.”

Auntie Mei looked at the two guests and smiled with enthusiasm. When she talked with Fu Yunruo that time, she was too nervous. But now she finally faced the stars, Auntie Mei found herself able to stand calmly and completely regarded the two as distant nephews who came for a visit.

“Auntie Mei, this is our little gratitude.” Si Yue put two large bags of fruit on the table.

“You come from afar. Why did you still buy fruit for us?” Auntie Mei said so, but the smile on her face became more kind.

Si Yue’s attitude was friendly and cordial. “Just a small gesture. After all, we will be under Auntie Mei and Uncle Mei’s care for a while.”

Auntie Mei smiled brightly. She took the two to the second floor, “Only me and the old man live in this house now, so we use the first floor. If you need something, just call us anytime…this is our son’s room. The other two rooms are vacant. You two can live there.”

Auntie Mei and her husband only had one son. When they built this house, they didn’t build many rooms. The first floor had two rooms, one for the couple’s bedroom and one for storage. The second floor had three rooms, which could accommodate their son after he got married and built a family.

It was already late afternoon when Si Yue and Xin Xu arrived at Mei family’s house. The couple prepared a sumptuous farm dinner for the guests and let them have a relaxing night.

Just as the casts were preparing to spend their days in leisure, a task card was sent to them…

The nearby villages had become lively because of the arrival of the TV stars and crew. Everyone enthusiastically came to watch and gossip. But after two days, they lost interest. Even big stars also had two eyes, one nose, and one mouth. After a while, there was nothing special in seeing them. Moreover, the stars were very clumsy with housework and farmwork. If these people lived in the countryside, they wouldn’t be able to provide for the family. They couldn’t even differentiate the crops, which evoked much laughter.

Compared with the hustle and bustle in the villages, the flower garden was as quiet as ever. Fu Yunruo originally wanted to take a look at the stars who participated in the show and see if there were familiar figures. But at this timing, she found mutated signs on the eldest child’s bud.


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