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MSRV Ch 28 Part 5 – First Meeting (V)

Compared with the hustle and bustle in the villages, the flower garden was as quiet as ever. Fu Yunruo originally wanted to take a look at the stars who participated in the show, to see if there were familiar figures. But at this timing, she found mutated signs on the eldest child’s bud.

Because of this reason, Fu Yunruo devoted all her energy to the eldest child. The initial goal of Fu Yunruo when she began to grow orchids on the livestream was to try cultivating a mutated orchid. Although she ended up planting eleventh different varieties at once, she had never given up the idea of inducing mutation and had tried the necessary procedures in their growing process. It was a pity that both the fifth and the seventh didn’t mutate even until they were in full bloom. Except for the eldest child, other ‘siblings’ also showed no signs of mutating.

Fu Yunruo was keenly aware of the slightest changes in her orchids. To be more cautious, she carefully observed the eldest child for three days. After confirming that it had indeed successfully mutated, her body trembled in excitement, and she immediately called Uncle Guo over.

As soon as Uncle Guo walked in, Fu Yunruo said excitedly: “Uncle Guo, can you see if this child has mutated?”

Even though she already had an answer in her mind, Fu Yunruo still wanted Uncle Guo’s confirmation.

Uncle Guo observed carefully for a while before he stood up and said with satisfaction: “It has indeed mutated.”

Fu Yunruo’s face flushed with excitement. She had successfully raised a mutated orchid!

“Take good care of it.” Uncle Guo walked out of the flower room with his hands behind his back. However, his steps were lighter than usual. Once he was outside, Uncle Guo impatiently took out his mobile phone to call his rival: “Hey, Old Mo…”

Fu Yunruo stayed in the flower room for a while before she came out and looked for her son.

Wearing a cute straw hat, Wenwen was currently busy ‘tending to’ the vegetable field. This straw hat was specially woven for Wenwen by Uncle Mei. It was very lightweight and had a wide brim that blocked most sunlight, making it very suitable for outdoor work.

Under the straw hat, the child’s chubby face flushed, making him looked even more charming and lovely.

If he helped taking care of the orchids, the result would be devastating, so Wenwen thought hard and decided to help taking care of the vegetable field instead. He saw the crops on the field were wilting under the hot sun, and the ground was so dry that it cracked. So Wenwen took a hose, turned on the faucet, and began watering the vegetable field.

The water came out of the hose in a tall shower, pouring over the field. Seeing the water droplets in the air seemed to refract light, Wenwen suddenly wanted to make a rainbow.

So, he tried spraying the shower as tall as possible.

When Fu Yunruo arrived, what she saw was her son playing with the water, and she hurriedly went turn off the faucet.

“Didn’t Mom say that you are not allowed to play with the water?” Fu Yunruo squatted in front of Wenwen and lightly smacked his chubby butt. “Naughty little ghost.”

Wenwen’s eyes widened in grief and indignation, as if he was being wronged: “I’m not playing with the water!”

He shouted: “I’m watering the vegetables!”

Fu Yunruo turned her head and saw the wet, obviously over-watered crops. My God, will these poor things survive?

“Well, Mom’s Baobao is really well-behaved. Mom has wronged you. Mom is wrong.” Fu Yunruo touched the boy’s slightly damped clothes. She picked him up and walked into the bungalow to get him changed. “Mom knows Baobao wants to help. But next time you want to water the vegetables, remember to call Mom, okay?”

Wenwen hugged Fu Yunruo’s neck. Well, since you sincerely apologized, I forgive you for spanking me!

After changing Wenwen’s clothes, Fu Yunruo happily shared the news about her mutated orchid. Wenwen was equally happy to hear that. Then when his mother said that she would spend more time looking after the orchid, he tilted his head and suddenly thought of something: “So we won’t go back to the village?”

“Eh?” Fu Yun was a bit stunned. Thinking that Wenwen hadn’t seen his friends for a long time, she guessed that he must be missing them, so she nodded agreeably: “Go back!”

Wenwen said thoughtfully: “Mom, it’s okay if you are busy. I can play alone.”

When Fu Yunruo heard her son’s caring words, she was so moved that she gave him a loving hug: “It’s okay. Mom still has time to spend with Mom’s baby. Wenwen is the most important to Mom.”

At this time, Uncle Guo walked in to hear the mother and son’s conversation: “If you are busy, I can send Wenwen back to the village.”

Fu Yunruo thought about it for a moment and agreed. With many playmates and elders, Wenwen would be better staying in the village. Uncle Guo could send the child in the morning and picked him up in the afternoon, which wouldn’t take too much time.

So the next day, Uncle Guo sent Wenwen back to the village. Wenwen hadn’t seen his friends for a while, and his mother was busy during the day, so he readily agreed. Uncle Guo drove Wenwen back to the village in a small electric car. As soon as the car arrived at the entrance of the village, Wenwen saw his playmates. Once the car stopped, he jumped out and ran towards his friends.

“Grandpa, I’m going to play!”

Uncle Guo answered shortly. He had some business to do in the village, so departed to another place.

Wenwen and his friends had a joyful reunion. Zhuangzhuang, Little Shitou, and other children jumped in joy upon seeing Wenwen, and the group quickly resumed their game. Today they were playing hide-and-seek. Wenwen didn’t have any new idea for the time being, so he joined the game. Wenwen knew of a perfect hiding place that others couldn’t find. Unless he went out by himself, he would never get caught!

Wenwen hurriedly ran with his short legs, avoiding other children. He quickly arrived at his house, then hid under a wooden board behind a nearby haystack. He only needed to estimate the approximate time to come out, and he could continue hiding here next time!

Wenwen was pleased with himself. He was so smart! Every time, other children couldn’t find where he was hiding. He was the only one who couldn’t be found, and they all looked at him with admiring eyes.

Wenwen waited and waited. Before the time was up, he heard a small noise outside. Wenwen held his breath and subconsciously opened his eyes. Was his secret base being discovered?

The next moment, the plank was lifted, and a low, pleasant chuckle came from above.

“Oh, look at what I find?”

A pair of slender hands stretched down, holding Wenwen’s waist and lifted him up easily.

“Whose little cutie is this?”

A handsome face appeared before Wenwen’s eyes, and the boy’s eyes suddenly widened.

S-Si Yue?!

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Translator’s note:

Plant Killer Sr. finally meet Plant Killer Jr.!

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