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MSRV Ch 29 Part 1 – Seeing the Idol (I)

Si Yue was here to take the dustpan and some firewood. The firewood in the kitchen was almost gone, so he took the initiative to fetch some from the place where the Mei family stored their firewood. On his way back, Si Yue noticed a slight movement near the old house. He thought the crew had put a small animal here to add some spice to the show, so he went to take a look. But it was actually a little cutie?

Si Yue looked at the fat little dumpling in front of him. After making sure that he could accept contacting the little dust on the boy’s body, he held him with one hand. This little dumpling was very soft, with a white and tender skin that was very comfortable to the touch. There was a faint scent of milk on his body. He looked very cute and lovely, a far cry from any other local kids he saw these few days.

Si Yue originally thought that he was indifferent to children. Unexpectedly, he found this little guy was quite likable. Was it perhaps because of his recent fondness of the streamer’s young son, so he began to have a bit of fondness when seeing other obedient and cute little dumplings?

“Little guy, why are you hiding here?” Si Yue carried the child out of his hiding place while simultaneously motioning the cameraman to avoid shooting his face.

However, the camera had already followed the moment when Si Yue lifted the wooden plank and subsequently took a close-up. On the lens, a cute little boy crouched and looked up with his big round eyes, like a frightened animal. His skin was white and tender, with chubby red cheeks and a beautiful little face. Very cute.

When the child appeared on the screen, the audience suddenly fell silent.

The next moment, a barrage of comments filled the entire screen.

[Aaaaahhh! What a cute little cutie!]

[Whose baby is this, aaah!!]

[Help! I’m suffocated by cuteness overload!]

[Me too, me too!]

[Me three, me three!]

[Mr. Cameraman, quickly take more shoot! I want to watch the little cutie again!!!]

This bolded red comment quickly drew a chorus of supports. Si Yue’s fans rebelled. They clamored and demanded to see more of the little cutie. As for Si Yue? Who was that? They didn’t care!

Wenwen didn’t know the situation in the livestream channel. He sat in Si Yue’s arms, so nervous that his body totally stiffened. Hearing Si Yue’s question, the boy stammered to answer: “Pla-playing hide and seek.”

The trembling milky voice of a tender little child rang in the livestream channel and reached the audience’s ears, who instantly screamed from the cuteness attack. They sent a barrage of comments, telling Si Yue to be gentle to the little cutie. Don’t you dare to scare him!

“Oh, playing hide and seek.” Si Yue held the child in one hand and the dustpan in the other while keeping the firewood steady on his back. After walking just a while, Si Yue met a group of little children looking over and trying to move closer to him. Their gazes were all on the little dumpling in his hand, as if they were eager to snatch him back. Si Yue put the little dumpling down and stroked his head gently: “Next time you play hide and seek again, remember to hide with your friends, okay?”

Such a small child hid in a place that was hard to find. What if something happened to him?

Finished speaking, Si Yue got up and returned to Mei family house with the dustpan and firewood.

Wenwen dazedly touched the head that had just been patted by Si Yue. Looking at the tall departing figure, he blushed.

Si, Si Yue actually patted his head!

Wenwen’s little heart was fluttering wildly. Did Si Yue come here to record the variety show?

When he joined the entertainment industry in his previous life, Si Yue had already retired and never appeared again in front of the public. Although he was unscrupulous in his effort to become popular in his previous life, Si Yue had always been the existence he looked up to. He regarded Si Yue as his idol and hoped to achieve the same achievements in his career.

Fu Wen spent many years at the bottom before finally getting a chance to play as the second male lead in a drama. The drama became popular, and his role was also likable. He thought that he finally got the momentum he needed, but as a result, he was suppressed because he blocked someone else’s road. Later, someone compiled the roles he had played and commented that his acting was somewhat similar to Si Yue.

The agency company that Fu Wen joined was not a big player in the industry, nor was he well-known at that time. Fu Wen also had no background nor technical foundations, and the company didn’t arrange any training for him. In order to hone his acting skill, he especially learned from Si Yue’s movies. All the roles Si Yue played in the past, he had watched and researched thoroughly.

Maybe all those studies affected Fu Wen too deeply, so much that he unconsciously brought out Si Yue’s shadow when he was acting, which was then noticed by fans.

This gave Fu Wen’s agent an idea, who suggested that Fu Wen marketed himself in this direction. At the time, Fu Wen was too eager to get ahead. Under his agent’s persuasion, he deliberately imitated Si Yue’s attitude and acting style and gained the title of ‘Little Si Yue.’

Negative popularity was still popularity. Although his action attracted countless ridicules, Fu Wen indeed gained enough momentum, leading to several offers of drama roles that gave him a successful turnover and finally made him a name as an actor.


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