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MSRV Ch 29 Part 2 – Seeing the Idol (II)

Fu Wen himself had a real talent in actings. After he began deliberately imitated Si Yue, he developed a temperament and aura similar to the latter. Although most of Si Yue’s fans scolded him for being shameless, Fu Wen never cared. What he wanted was fame. He wanted to climb to the top so that he would never be bullied again.

After Fu Wen got the title of Movie Emperor, he also got rid of the ‘Little Si Yue’ nickname. And this period then became his only real black history. In Fu Wen’s previous life, he had always been ridden with controversies. Even his fans were divided into two extremes: fans who loved him to death and anti-fans who hated him to death.

Yet, he didn’t care at all.

But now, facing the real Si Yue, Wenwen suddenly reminded of a problem that he deliberately refused to think about in his previous life.

—What kind of impression did the Si Yue in the previous life have about the person who took advantage of his fame? Did he look down on him, or did he simply pay no attention at all?

Wenwen’s mind went even further. Si Yue wouldn’t possibly hate him, right?

No, he shouldn’t take it so seriously, right?

Wenwen remembered that he exchanged a few words with Si Yue’s former agent at a banquet in his previous life. At that time, Mr. Yuan had already retreated to the rear line and become one of the major shareholders of Apple Entertainment, no longer managing an artist.

And that Mr. Yuan was actually kind to Fu Wen, who was still marketing himself as Little Si Yue at that time. Therefore, Si Yue himself also shouldn’t mind, right?

But changed to himself, if someone suddenly came out and used his name to gain popularity, he would probably feel repulsive…

Wenwen’s hands subconsciously gripped the hem of his clothes.

After Si Yue and his cameraman left, the children rushed to surround Wenwen, clamoring loudly.

“Wenwen, you were taken so high by Uncle Yue! We thought we couldn’t snatch you back.”

“Wenwen, why are you with Uncle Yue?”

Wenwen was still immersed in gloomy thoughts, but he was interrupted by his friends’ loud questioning. Facing the children’s curiosity, he simply replied: “He found me.”

“Wow! Uncle Yue is amazing!” Diandian clapped her hands: “We never find Wenwen.”

“Yeah! Every time we play hide and seek, none of us can find where Wenwen is hiding! Uncle Yue is amazing!”

After a round of amazement, the children finally noticed Wenwen’s untypical silence and hurriedly asked: “Wenwen, what’s wrong with you?”

Little Shitou asked with concern, “Did you mistaken Uncle Yue as a bad person and was frightened?”

“Don’t be afraid. Uncle Yue is a good person! He is a big star!”

Diandian patted Wenwen’s back solemnly, mimicking an adult calming a child: “Wenwen, don’t be afraid. Uncle Yue is very nice. He gave us sweets.”


“I’m fine.” Wenwen pretended to be okay. Still, he couldn’t get rid of his thought.

The children were simple. Hearing Wenwen said so, they really thought that he was fine and resumed the next round of hide and seek. The child who became the seeker covered his eyes and began shouting: “1,2,…” Other children immediately broke up into various directions, including Wenwen, who ran with his short legs.

Wenwen originally wanted to go to the usual hiding place he just used, but his footsteps suddenly halted, and he changed direction to Mei family’s house. The boy remembered that the stars who came to this village for the variety show lived in Grandma Mei’s house, and decided to go there instead. On the way, he passed by some adults who warmly asked where he was going.

Wenwen replied with his tender voice: “I’m going to Grandma Mei’s house!”

When Wenwen reached the door of Mei family’s house, he stopped in hesitation, not daring to open the gate and come in. The boy lingered outside the fence for a long time before he finally gathered his courage and quietly pushed open the gate. The gate opened slightly with a screech as he looked inside through the gap. Wenwen’s eyes moved left to right, but there was not much he could see in such a small gap. He was hesitating again when the gate was suddenly pulled open. Caught off guard, Wenwen lost his balance and tumbled forward.

As his body fell, Wenwen reflexively waved his hands around, trying to catch on to something. When his hand hit a hard and somewhat soft pillar, he subconsciously grasped and hugged it with both hands.

How dangerous. He almost fell headfirst, ah!

Feeling the pillar he was hugging moved up, Wenwen subconsciously tightened his grip. When his body was lifted and his two short feet began to dangle in the air, he quickly wrapped his feet around the ‘pillar.’

[Aaaah! This must be the best posture for hugging thighs√]1

[I also want a baby this cute as my leg pendant!]2

[Looking at this scene, I don’t know who to envy…]


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  1. To hug (someone’s) big thighs is a Chinese slang that means ‘to curry favor with someone powerful’ or ‘to rely on a powerful person.’
  2. Meanwhile, ‘leg pendant’ is another slang that means ‘someone who likes to hug someone else’s thighs.’

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