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MSRV Ch 29 Part 3 – Seeing the Idol (III)

Si Yue had noticed the little dumpling’s arrival very early. When his big round eyes were peering into the courtyard from the small gap, Si Yue opened the gate. The little dumpling who was caught off guard lost his balance and fell over. After flapping around like a duck, his little hands quickly took hold of Si Yue’s pants.

Si Yue could have evaded, but for some reason, he stood still and let the child grabbed his pants. But when he felt his pants were about to be pulled down, he got a hold of it to not get stripped naked.

Feeling the simultaneous soft touch and heavy weight on his foot, he lifted his leg and shook it: “How long can you hold on?”

Wenwen looked up and met Si Yue’s eyes, who was looking down at him. His chubby face immediately turned red.

Wenwen quickly let go of Si Yue’s leg, put down his hands and feet, and took a few steps back. “I-I’m sorry!” He apologized in panic.

Wenwen secretly raised his eyes and took a glance at Si Yue, then quickly lowered his eyes again and stared at the ground, feeling extremely embarrassed.

Si Yue raised his eyebrows and squatted down. “Little guy, come here.”

Wenwen looked up at Si Yue in hesitation, still didn’t dare to step forward.

“Are you afraid of me?”

Wenwen quickly shook his head. He was not afraid! However, whenever he faced Si Yue, Wenwen always felt awkward and guilty.

Si Yue said again: “Come here.”

Wenwen took a tiny step forward, but Si Yue suddenly held him on his armpits, stood up, and lifted him off the ground.


Wenwen felt his body was lifted into the air. His line of sight quickly went up and up again. He was now higher than Si Yue! Wenwen looked around with wide eyes. His two chubby feet kicked around a few times before he finally looked at Si Yue quietly.

At this time, Auntie Mei walked out of the house. Seeing Wenwen, her face bloomed into a smile: “Wenwen, you are back!” She quickly walked to Wenwen: “Your Mom just called me, and I am about to go out to look for you.”

When Fu Yunruo called to inform that Wenwen went back to the village to play, Auntie Mei happily promised to look after the boy.

Hearing the word ‘Mom,’ Wenwen immediately asked: “What did Mom say?”

“To let you have a meal at noon, and then take a nap after eating.” Auntie Mei smiled and passed Fu Yunruo’s instruction. “Grandma cooked your favorite meat omelet.”

Wenwen’s eyes immediately lit up. He said cutely: “Thank you, Grandma!”

Seeing that Auntie Mei knew the boy, Si Yue moved him into his arm.

Xin Xu, who was in the kitchen, heard people talking from the yard and came out curiously. Seeing the cute little dumpling in Si Yue’s arm, he immediately became ecstatic: “Brother Yue, where did you kidnap this child from?”

Xin Xu walked towards Si Yue. His eyes were fixed on the little guy. Seeing the chubby little cheeks that seemed to be really nice to pinch, his fingers itchingly made a swift move.

But Si Yue was faster. He blocked Xin Xu’s hand and said solemnly: “You cannot casually touch a child’s face.”

Is that so? Xin Xu retracted his hand in disappointment: “I see…”

Wenwen also looked at Xin Xu. There was a bit of curiosity in his eyes. He knew Xin Xu, and had even sung one of his classic hit songs when participating in a show.

—Another advantage of returning to the past was to meet the legendary stars who had already retired or passed their era after he grew up.

“Auntie, I’ll take Wenwen to buy soy sauce.”

Seeing that Wenwen did not reject Si Yue and even looked at the man with shining eyes, Auntie Mei knew that he really liked Si Yue, so she readily agreed: “Okay!”

Si Yue put Wenwen onto his shoulders and walked out of the yard.

Wenwen held Si Yue’s shoulder with one hand and looked around curiously. It was his first time sitting on an adult’s shoulders, but he felt very safe. Si Yue’s grip was so steady that he didn’t have the slightest worry about falling off. It was also Wenwen’s first time seeing the scenery from such a high angle. Although his mother often hugged him, she was a weak woman and couldn’t carry him on her shoulders. The village, which Wenwen had long been very familiar with, suddenly became very novel from a new perspective.

He suddenly had a subtle feeling: is this how having a father feels like?

But Wenwen threw away this thought as quickly as it came. There was no need for a third person in their family. Just him and his mother were enough. He definitely didn’t need that scumbag man!

Wenwen lowered his eyes at Si Yue’s side face. He pursed his lips and whispered: “I’m sorry…”

Si Yue turned his head and glanced at the little guy. Seeing the anxiety in the boy’s eyes, he smiled softly, “It’s okay.”

Si Yue thought Wenwen was apologizing for accidentally bumping into him. He didn’t know that the little guy was referring to another thing. Facing Wenwen’s apology, Si Yue was impressed at the child’s sensibility despite his young age.

“Then, are we friends now?” There was an expectation in Wenwen’s voice that he didn’t even notice.


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