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MSRV Ch 29 Part 4 – Seeing the Idol (IV)

“Then, are we friends now?” There was an expectation in Wenwen’s voice that he didn’t even notice. He was very nervous. If he could become a friend with his great idol, his life would be even more perfect!

In this life, he would never do bad things anymore and would definitely be an upright person! He wanted to become his mother’s pride!

Si Yue asked back, “Do you want to be a friend with me?”

Wenwen nodded seriously: “Yes!”

But Wenwen had forgotten one thing. At this time, he was still a little dumpling who was less than four years old. When he solemnly said that he wanted to become friends with Si Yue, he evoked laughter from the audience.

Of course, it was because the one who proposed to make friends with Si Yue was a cute little dumpling. Changed into an adult, Si Yue’s fans probably would have scolded him for shamelessly trying to latch on their idol’s popularity!

However, the current situation was—

[Ah, ah, ah!!! I want to make friends with our little cutie too!]

[Me too, me too, me too!!]

[Of course you can, darling! If Brother Yue dares to refuse you, we will scold him!]

There was a hint of laughter in Si Yue’s voice as he nodded: “Okay.”

Wenwen instantly broke into a wide smile. After drunken in happiness, he thought he should be more restrained in front of his idol and couldn’t show his emotion too much, so he tried to put on a serious face again. However, despite his best effort, Wenwen couldn’t help himself. He covered his grin with both hands. His eyes were bent into a crescent shape, and his feet kicked around joyfully.

Wenwen thought proudly: He and his idol are now friends!

When Si Yue and Wenwen passed by the village road, they met Wenwen’s playmates, who ran to ask if he was still playing hide and seek.

Wenwen yelled: “Not playing. I’m going back to eat!”

Hearing this, other children also stopped playing and went home to eat lunch. After having their meal, they could play with Wenwen again in the afternoon.

Two figures, one tall and one short, soon arrived at the village’s small shop. Wenwen sweetly greeted the shopkeeper, Second Grandpa Mei, who often gave him free snacks.

Second Grandpa Mei laughed. He took a milk candy and stuffed it into Wenwen’s pants pocket.

Si Yue bought a bottle of soy sauce. On their way back, Wenwen refused to be carried again. Although he liked being carried so high, he believed in equality in friendship. How could he let his friend carry him all the way?

So he solemnly refused.

Not only that, but Wenwen also offered to help to carry the soy sauce. In his opinion, Si Yue and a soy sauce bottle were a mismatch combination, so he decided to take the burden on his idol’s behalf!

Si Yue looked at Wenwen’s small body, then put the soy sauce bottle on the ground.

Wenwen tried to lift it with a single hand…and failed.

The boy was surprised. Was soy sauce so heavy? A glass bottle full of soy sauce was only one kilogram in weight! He tried again, this time with both hands, and finally managed to pick the bottle up.

Wenwen walked two steps, but his body was too unbalanced that he walked stumblingly. Si Yue was squatting on the side, propping his chin in amusement as he watched his new friend, walking like a little penguin with a soy sauce bottle in his hand. In the end, Si Yue couldn’t hold back and reached out to poke the little guy.

The shaky little body suddenly lost its balance and fell butt-first.

Still holding the soy sauce bottle, Wenwen sat on the ground, dazed and dumbfounded.

The livestream audience broke into laughter. They condemned Si Yue for being a bully and teasing such a little child. Couldn’t he see how the child was trying his best?

Si Yue also laughed. This kid was very funny. He often showed maturity beyond his age, but sometimes, he totally looked like a child.

In the end, Si Yue carried both Wenwen and the soy sauce to Mei family’s house. All the way, Wenwen nestled in Si Yue’s arms and blushed like a monkey butt, feeling that he had lost too much face in front of his idol.

The cameramen took a break during lunch, and the livestream broadcast was paused, so both Si Yue and Xin Xu were more casual. Xin Xu ate his meal and complained: “The production team is too evil. I am about to collapse by their tasks.” Because they were recording a variety show, the casts not only needed to complete the task assigned but also had to improvise some humor when doing it. It wasn’t easy to do tasks in an exaggerated manner and also be careful not to make any offensive remarks.

Generally speaking, a variety show was never easy. Especially because this was in the countryside. The casts and guests were genuine city folks who had never touched farm work or raised poultry. As a result, they were beaten both physically and mentally every day.

Wenwen was eating the meat omelet delishly while propping his ears to listen to the gossip. He agreed with Xin Xu. Indeed, a variety show usually involved physical work, which made it very tiring. In Wenwen’s previous life, every time he went back from a variety show, he would collapse in exhaustion, too tired to even move a finger.

Auntie Mei did not forget to put some vegetables into Wenwen’s bowl: “Wenwen, you cannot just eat meat. Eat some veggies.”

Wenwen subconsciously wanted to act like a baby with Grandma Mei. Grandma Mei was not as strict as his mother and easily surrendered under his cuteness attack. But he then met Si Yue’s eyes, and the chopsticks that were about to be put down were taken back into his mouth. He bit the green vegetable and chewed it a few times. After swallowing, the boy said solemnly: “I’m actually not a picky eater.”

Well, he couldn’t let his idol think that he was a picky eater.

“I see.” Si Yue nodded with equal solemness. He picked up dishes with the public chopsticks and quickly filled Wenwen’s small bowl with vegetables: “Eat more.”

Xin Xu snorted, then covered his mouth to stifle his laugh.

Wenwen: “…” Why did he suddenly suspect that his idol was deliberate? No, it must be just his feeling!



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Author’s note:

Let’s talk a bit about Wenwen’s previous life. In the early stage of his career, Wenwen didn’t do anything wrong. However, he saw too much darkness. Most of the time, he can only protect himself by being a cold bystander. This led his personality to be a bit extreme. The thing he is most embarrassed about is how he used to take advantage of Si Yue’s fame, despite the fact that the man is his idol.

But after all, Wenwen used to be a villain. Don’t think that he is just a cute, normal kid now. When needed, he can still fight fiercely.

Translator’s note:

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