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MSRV Ch 3 Part 1 – Name (I)

During the summer, the morning was always bright. Maybe because she had a long nap yesterday, but Fu Yunruo woke up earlier today. She looked at her sleeping son and slowly got out of bed to not wake up the baby.

After putting a pillow on the edge of the bed, Fu Yunruo left the room. Baobao still couldn’t turn around yet, let alone crawling, so she didn’t have to worry about him falling off from the bed.

Fu Yunruo let the door to the bedroom open, went into the kitchen, had breakfast, and went outside the house. During this period, she cleaned the yard before going back to see if Baobao was awake.

Sure enough, when she returned to the bedroom, Baobao had already woke up, amusing himself on the bed alone without making any noise.

After three months of being a mother, Fu Yunruo understood some of her son’s habits. No matter how deep Baobao was sleeping, as long as she wasn’t by his side, he would wake up soon.

Fu Yunruo smiled and hugged her son: “Good morning, Baobao! Today’s Baobao is even cuter!”

Fu Yunruo kept chattering with a soft voice. She deftly cleaned Baobao’s body, fed him breastmilk, then put him into the stroller.

Baobao must be the most well-behaved baby in the world. He didn’t need his mother to hold him all the time. Although this little guy was still small, he was heavy, and it was tiring to hold him for a long time. Fu Yunruo usually puts him on the stroller nearby. Baobao was very well-behaved. He would stay quiet and don’t make any trouble.

Fu Yunruo had just washed the dishes from her breakfast when a woman’s voice came from outside: “Ruoruo, are you home?”

“Auntie Mei, I am here.” Fu Yunruo raised her voice and replied.

Auntie Mei entered the yard. Seeing Fu Yunruo, she smiled and said: “I thought you are still sleeping at this time.”

Fu Yunruo pursed her lips and smiled embarrassedly.

“Have you eaten breakfast? Auntie cooked porridge.”

“I have. Auntie, you shouldn’t trouble yourself for me.”

Auntie Mei looked at the vegetable field and walked over. “Don’t you want to make dried vegetables? I am free today.” She bent down to pull out the mustard greens.

Fu Yunruo’s eyes lit up. She replied sweetly: “Thank you, Auntie Mei!”

Auntie Mei shook her hands and said to Fu Yunruo, who was about to bend down and pull vegetables together: “Go and get a basket.”

So Fu Yunruo went to the kitchen to get a basket.

Two people worked together. They harvested vegetables, rinsed them under the water, and then carried them into the kitchen.

Fu Yunruo took off the straw hat she wore. Although it blocked the direct sunlight, she still felt pretty hot. But Fu Yunruo didn’t care. She wiped the sweat from her skin happily. Thinking about delicious food gave her ample motivation.

In the kitchen, Fu Yunruo leaned in front of the earthen stove and controlled the fire. Meanwhile, Auntie Mei stood next to her, putting the mustard greens into a big iron pot full of boiling water.

The baby stroller was put nearby, with its back facing the stove so the direct heat from the fire wouldn’t get Baobao. This little guy was too attached to his mother. As soon as she was about to leave his range of sight, his small black eyes would chase her figure. He didn’t cry, nor did he make any noise, just staring at his mother quietly. But he made people inevitably felt soft and couldn’t bear to leave him alone.

“Have you choose the child’s name?” Auntie Mei asked casually while boiling the mustard greens.

“Not yet.”

Fu Yunruo was in a great dilemma. Since she decided to give birth to this child, she had been thinking hard about his name and even specially bought a baby name directory. She knew that Baobao was originally called ‘Chi Wen’ in the novel, but that Chi Wen’s life was full of tragedy. Fu Yunruo didn’t want her Baobao to follow Chi Wen’s footsteps in the novel and hoped that he would have a new and happy life, so she had been contemplating hard about his name.

‘Fu Chiwen’ seemed to be okay. However, her aesthetics refused to give her child this name. Fortunately, she didn’t have to register Baobao for the time being, so she wasn’t in a rush to choose a name.

After Baobao was born, taking care of him consumed a lot of energy, and she forgot about his name.

Now that Auntie Mei suddenly mentioned this, Fu Yunruo felt that the matter of naming her son couldn’t be postponed any longer.

While blanching the mustard greens, Auntie Mei smiled at Fu Yunruo and said: “When the child was born, your Uncle Mei specially calculated the child’s horoscope. It seems that from five elements, he is short of water element1. Since you didn’t say anything about the child’s name, I didn’t dare to mention it either.”

“Although the science is now all-powerful and superstition is no longer as prevalent, it is for a child after all. Names symbolize the wish for the children to be safe and successful in their lives. Regardless of you believe it or not, you can use it as a reference.”

Auntie Mei didn’t ask Fu Yunruo to follow the old tradition when choosing her son’s name. Although they still retained this habit in this countryside, Fu Yunruo was not a local after all.

This girl clearly was a city girl. Although she adapted well into the farming life afterward, she still looked like a city dweller living in the countryside.

Although Auntie Mei didn’t know why this kind of girl came to such a remote countryside, she still remembered their first meeting. When opening the door, she saw a strange girl burst into tears, making her felt pity and soft. Auntie Mei felt a kind of bond with this girl, and that was why she cared so much about her.

Auntie and Uncle Mei only had one son, who was also the only university student who passed the national exam in their village. Their son was studying in a big city far away, and it was not easy for him to come back. Auntie and Uncle Mei was distressed for their son and only let him go home once a year.

Last year, their son said that he had found a good internship and couldn’t return for New Year. The couple didn’t want to cause trouble to their son and didn’t bother him much.

Auntie Mei couldn’t help thinking. If only they also had a daughter, she must be as caring as this girl.

Fu Yunruo smiled. “Uncle is kind.” She didn’t say whether she believed it or not, but couldn’t help thinking: could it be that ‘Chi Wen’ name was chosen because of this reason2.?

But, Chi Wen’s life didn’t go on smoothly.

The origin of the name Chi Wen was not mentioned in the original book. Was it chosen by this body’s original owner?

It’s possible.

Maybe when he was sent to the orphanage, he had this name written on him?

What if it was true?

If this was the case, she couldn’t give him a new name either.

Suddenly, inspiration flashed through Fu Yunruo’s mind, and she hit her palm enthusiastically: “Fu Wenwen!”

Auntie Mei glanced over Fu Yunruo, who said affirmatively: “His name is Fu Wenwen, the ‘Wen’ from ‘warm.’ I wish Baobao’s life will be warm.”

May his life be warm, and he wouldn’t taste the world’s coldness and indifference so early. This new name was in line with his original name and also contained Fu Yunruo’s wish for her son.


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  1. Five elements are: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Metal/Gold. Water symbolizes calmness, consideration, contemplation, and reflection. There is superstition/tradition to give a child a name that balances their five elements.
  2. Chi Wen (池温) consists of surname ‘Chi’ (池, means ‘pond’) and given name ‘Wen’ (温, means ‘warm’)

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