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MSRV Ch 3 Part 2 – Name (II)

“His name is Fu Wenwen, the ‘Wen’ from ‘warm.’ I wish Baobao’s life will always be warm.”

May his life be warm, and he wouldn’t taste the world’s coldness and indifference so early. This new name was in line with his original name and also contained Fu Yunruo’s wish for her son.

Fu Yunruo looked at Auntie Mei expectantly, hoping she would agree.

Auntie Mei smiled, “It’s a good name. Cute and very suitable for Baobao.”

The bored Chi Wen who was subconsciously playing with his chubby feet: “…”

He didn’t want this name, thank you. It was not suitable for his cool and elegant future image.

Chi Wen made a protesting “Waa!!” sound.

Fu Yunruo came over in an instant. She smiled and said in surprise: “It seems that Baobao also likes this name!”

“Isn’t it right, Baobao Wenwen ah?”

“Aaah!” No! Chi Wen flailing his chubby limbs vigorously, trying to let the adults saw his protest.

“See how excited Baobao is.”

“Right, haha…”

Chi Wen: “…” This damned woman doesn’t understand his thoughts at all!

Chi Wen unilaterally decided to go into a cold war and ignore this woman. Let her see his determination to resist this childish name!

Chi Wen closed his eyes and refused to let the woman enter his sight.

“Is Baobao going to sleep?” Fu Yunruo leaned over to take a look.

Chi Wen refused to say a word and didn’t respond at all.

So Fu Yunruo and Auntie Mei continued to talk in low voices.

“By the way, Auntie Mei, is there any job available around here?”

“Are you short of money?” Auntie Mei asked in surprise.

“No, no,” Fu Yunruo denied hurriedly. “I just think I cannot stay idle forever. I still have to raise Baobao!”

Auntie Mei reluctantly accepted this reason. She thought for a while and said: “This village is small and remote. Most of the people here are self-sufficient. At most, we buy some daily necessities in the town. But the shops there are family-owned, and they don’t employ outsiders.”

Fu Yunruo was disappointed. Think about it again, how can there be many jobs in the countryside?

“You still have to raise a small child. How do you have time to work? If you are short of money, you must tell us. We two old guys don’t spend much money, and we have some savings.”

“You already gave me a place to stay, and I’m very grateful. How can I trouble Auntie and Uncle even more? Auntie Mei, you are right. There is Baobao. I can’t go out to work.”

“No hurry. I will ask around if there is a suitable job.” Auntie Mei considered Fu Yunruo’s situation of being a young single mother. This girl probably didn’t have much saving, so Auntie Mei kept this matter in her heart.

“Then I will trouble you…”

Chi Wen didn’t want to listen nor to pay attention. But after a while, he was attracted by their conversation and secretly pricked his ears to listen.

He closed his eyes in sleepiness.

This woman couldn’t afford to raise him?

Did she abandon him because she had no money?

Chi Wen was angry. Anyway, he would become a movie emperor in the future. Any advertisement he did randomly paid a lot of money. He would definitely make her regret…

Overwhelmed by a baby’s natural sleepiness, Chi Wen fell asleep.

Fu Yunruo saw his son was asleep, so she took him back to the room. After turning on the small fan to blow diagonally, she returned to the kitchen.

Fu Yunruo took the bunch of blanched mustard greens and went out to dry them under the sun.

Auntie Mei stopped her: “Now the sun is fierce. Don’t go out. Your tender skin will get sunburned.”

“It’s okay. My skin is thick enough.” How could Fu Yunruo sit under the shade and watched Auntie Mei did the work alone?

“You go back inside and watch Baobao. What if he rolls out of bed?”

“No, Baobao still cannot turn over yet.”

“You cannot say so. Baobao is already three months old. He will begin to turn over before you notice it.”

“Is that so?” Fu Yunruo didn’t know it. She suddenly felt uneasy. “Then I will go and take a look.”

Fu Yunruo quickly returned to the bedroom. Originally, she had prepared a pillow on the edge of the bed, but now she felt it unsafe. She moved her son nearer to the wall and surrounded him with a ‘fortress’ built from pillows and blanket. After making sure it was safe, Fu Yunruo went out again.

When Fu Yunruo returned to the yard, Auntie Mei had neatly arranged the vegetables on the drying rack under the sun. She said: “Wait five days until they fully dry.”

“Yes, yes! Auntie Mei, for lunch…”

Before Fu Yunruo finished speaking, Auntie Mei turned her body swiftly and rushed out of the yard: “I have to go home now. Your Uncle Mei is still waiting for me to go back and cook lunch.”

Fu Yunruo watched her disappear quickly.


Auntie Mei refused to stay for lunch. Since it was so, Fu Yunruo could only bring some fruit to their house.

It was already night, but the hour was still early. In the countryside, there was no entertainment after dark. Fu Yunruo also didn’t like to watch TV drama, so she took Baobao to play on the bed.

Baobao was very energetic. But for some reason, he was unresponsive today. No matter how Fu Yunruo teased him, he didn’t give any response.

Fu Yunruo thought in distress. Could it be that these toys had lost their charm?

She remembered what Auntie Mei said during the day and suddenly had an idea. She lay beside her son: “Baobao, look. Look at Mommy!”

“Ah!” Fu Yunruo pretended to turn over: “Huh? I’m turning over! Isn’t Mommy great? Take a look again!”

Fu Yunruo turned over again, looking at Baobao expectantly: “Can Baobao do it?”

The baby’s sullen eyes looked straightly at his mother. His little cheeks were bulging. So cute! Fu Yunruo became even more enthusiastic.

“Hey! Look at Mommy turning over! Mommy’s turning over, Mommy’s turning around!”

Chi Wen: “…”

He looked at the woman who was turning around like a fool. Who couldn’t do such a simple action? He ignored this silly woman.

“Oh, Baobao, what to do? Mommy cannot turn over. How to turn over?” Her beautiful face wrinkled, looking over pitifully with an expression of asking for help.

Chi Wen: “…” This stupid woman is really hopeless. She turned over and even forgot how to do it again. Look at him!

Chi Wen held his breath, shook his small body vigorously, and finally turned over with difficulty. He triumphantly looked at Fu Yunruo.

Did you see, woman? This is how to turn over.

“Wow, Baobao is amazing!” Fu Yunruo clapped her hands in surprise, then turned over on her stomach before frowning again. “Then how do I turn back? Oh, it’s so difficult…”

Isn’t it easy? Look!

Chi Wen raised his head, propped his small body strenously, and turned back again.

He pointed out his fat hands and feet in triumphant: Did you see it, stupid woman!

Fu Yunruo praised him excitedly: “Wow, Baobao is amazing, you are so great! Mommy’s Baobao is the most amazing baby in the world! Baobao is even more amazing if you turn over once again!”

That’s of course. Chi Wen was very proud and turned over once again. See? This is the amazing Golden Horse Movie Emperor!1

Under the woman’s coaxing and fancy flattering, Chi Wen turned over again and again. After a long time, he suddenly reacted.

No, isn’t he in the cold war? Why does he play such a stupid game with her?!

Chi Wen looked up angrily. But when he met the proud face beamed with a bright smile, he…seemed to lose his anger.


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  1. The Golden Horse Awards are among the most prestigious and time-honored film awards in the world of Chinese language cinema.

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