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MSRV Ch 30 Part 1 – A Hidden Boss Setting? (I)

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After lunch, Si Yue and Xin Xu walked to the yard and chatted. After a few days of living together, Xin Xu was now getting along very naturally with Si Yue. Wenwen also went to the yard, taking a walk to help digestion while keeping his ears to the two stars’ conversation.

After half an hour, Auntie Mei went out to fetch Wenwen and brought him to take a nap. Wenwen’s resting time was very regulated. Half an hour after lunch every day, he must take a nap. Auntie Mei naturally couldn’t feel assured letting Wenwen go back to the rental house alone, so she let him take his nap here. Wenwen regarded himself as an adult and wanted to sleep alone, so he took a nap in Auntie Mei’s son’s room.

Wenwen was very familiar with Mei family’s house and didn’t feel uneasy at all. Although he was still nervous knowing his idol was right downstairs, his punctual biological clock quickly put him to sleep.

When Wenwen woke up from his nap, the room was quiet. After rubbing his eyes, he climbed out of bed, opened the door, and went downstairs. Only Auntie Mei was in the yard, with no signs of Si Yue and Xin Xu’s figures. Wenwen looked around and asked: “Where is Si…where are Uncle Yue and Uncle Xu?”

Auntie Mei replied with a smile, “They went out to do the show’s task.”

In the beginning, Auntie Mei was curious about new things and went to watch how a TV station recorded its show. As a result, these stars did what she and her fellow villagers usually did every day. There was nothing interesting in watching them, so she no longer paid attention.

Wenwen knew that he couldn’t bother Si Yue and Xin Xu’s work. He regretted it a bit, but wasn’t in a rush. The show would take half a month to finish, and he still had plenty of time to get closer with Si Yue. So, Wenwen recovered his spirit and went out to play with his friends.

When he had just hopped out of Mei family’s yard, Wenwen suddenly froze. He squatted down and covered his head in despair. How could he forget that Si Yue was here to record a show! Did his mind also turn into a real child after being in this body for so long? When he met Si Yue this morning, a big camera and a cameraman followed behind, broadcasting everything live. How could his eyes filtered out such shiningly big equipment and only see the idol?!

Had he also been broadcasted? How much embarrassment did he do? Did the audience ridicule and mocked him?

He even brazenly said that he wanted to make friends with Si Yue…

Such a shamelessness, such a cheekiness. He reckoned Si Yue’s fans to react the same as his previous life. They were probably scolding him to hell now, right?

Wenwen’s whole body shrank into a little ball. Like an ostrich, he buried his face into his hands and refused to admit that the stupid boy from this morning was him.

At this moment, the children’s voices came from outside the gate, calling Wenwen’s name loudly.

Wenwen looked up and stood. Forget it. Anyway, he had long been used to be brazen and thick-skinned. Just a bit of scolding wasn’t enough to make him feel itchy or painful. What’s more, his mother didn’t let him using electronic devices too much. The little electronic time he had was not enough to watch tv dramas every day. How did he have time to watch a random variety show?

Out of sight, out of mind. If he didn’t watch, then he wouldn’t see the audience scolding him.

Anyway, he was still young. When he grew up ten or twenty years later, maybe people would have long forgotten this dark history of his!

After Wenwen figured it out, he jumped and ran out, yelling loudly: “Coming!”

The village children gathered together in no time, very lively and noisy. Not long after, another group of children was running toward them. Dali and Little Shitou looked at them. It was Dashan and his underlings from the neighboring village!

The children thought that Dashan was going to kidnap Wenwen again, so they hurriedly surrounded him with a thick human wall, glaring fiercely at Dashan’s group.

Wenwen who was squeezed so tightly that he almost couldn’t breathe: “…”

“What do you want to do?” Dali yelled. “Let me warn you, Wenwen is our village’s child. You are not allowed to take him away!”

“Go away!” Diandian waved her little fist and glared fiercely.

“I’m not going to take Wenwen away,” Dashan said. He tried to look at Wenwen, but the boy was covered so tightly that he couldn’t see him at all.

Even though Dashan said so, Dali and his friends were still very vigilant. They thought that Dashan was lying. He probably wanted them to relax their vigilance and then used the chance to kidnap Wenwen again!

Wenwen, who had gone through vicissitudes of life, finally managed to extricate himself out of the human wall. His face was flushed, and there was a layer of sweat on his chubby face. Dali and another big boy stood on Wenwen’s left and right, like a pair of warrior bodyguards, staring at Dashan’s group with piercing eyes.

Wenwen raised his face and asked solemnly: “Why are you here?” Although Dashan doubly returned the candies he snatched away, Wenwen still didn’t forget how he had kidnapped him in front of other children.

When Dashan saw Wenwen, his eyes lit up, “I have given you the candy. Can I play with you?”

Wenwen: “?!” Wait, the candies were actually a bribe, not an apology?

Dashan proposed: “Let’s play together. It’s more fun with more people.”

But the village children refused immediately: “Wenwen doesn’t want to play with you!”

Dashan tilted his head, “Why?”

Yiyi puffed up her chest and said, “You are dirty. Wenwen won’t play with dirty kids!”

“You don’t wash your hands!”

“Your clothes are dirty!”

“Your faces are dirty too!”

They shouted one after another. Dashan was taken aback. He turned and took a look at the kids behind him and compared them with Wenwen’s playmates. Indeed, the children from the other side all dressed neat and tidy, with clean hands and faces. On the other hand, he and his friends all had dusty faces, their hands and nails were stained with mud, their clothes were dirty, and the younger ones even had snot all year long…

“Wenwen doesn’t hold hands with children who don’t wash their hands!” Diandian raised her chin proudly. In order to hold hands with Wenwen, she asked her grandmother to help washing her hands every morning, noon, and night. As a result, her hands were clean, tender, and smelled nice every day!

“Then we are going to clean up, too.” Dashan gave an order, and his group ran to the river.

Seeing them running away, Wenwen’s group also followed behind.

The children swarmed into the river. This small river ran through the village, with a very low water level and gentle flow. Even four or five years old children could stand in the river safely. Dashan and his group washed their face, hands, and feet with rough manners. A child accidentally splashed water on another child, who then retaliated, accidentally splashing the children next to them. Soon enough, a water fight broke at the river.

Dali and the others, who initially watched on the side, became enthusiastic and ran over to join the water fight. A large group of children gathered together, playing and yelling, loud enough to shake the sky.

Wenwen: “…”


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