MSRV Ch 30 Part 2 – A Hidden Boss Setting? (II)

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Not long after, a wet Dashan walked up to Wenwen and called, “Wenwen.” The boy reached out his hand and held Wenwen’s smaller and softer hand.

The cold and damp touch made Wenwen raise his head subconsciously.

Dashan said happily: “I washed my hands.” Then he declared boldly: “I won’t be a boss anymore. From now on, I am your underling, and you are our Xiahe Village’s little boss!”

Wenwen: “…” After ruling over Shanghe Village children and became their boss, he relied on cuteness to conquer the neighboring village?

When Dali heard Dashan’s declaration, he immediately accepted with joy: “Okay, since you recognize Wenwen as your boss, from now on, we are sworn brothers!”

Wenwen: “I don’t want it.” Leading the children from one village was already tiring enough, so how could he lead another one? He would get overworked!

However, the excited Dali and the others did not hear Wenwen’s small protest and happily accepted the neighboring village’s group. Children were naturally lively, and they got more excited with more people. Soon enough, Wenwen was also affected by the surrounding mood. He let go of his awkwardness and happily played with his new playmates.

After one afternoon, Wenwen was now all smile and grin. When a beautiful woman came pushing an electric scooter at the intersection, Wenwen’s eyes lit up, and he ran as quickly as his short legs could. “Mom!”

Fu Yun answered sweetly from a distance.

When other children saw Fu Yunruo, they also rushed over and happily surrounded her, calling “Big Sister Ruoruo!” with loud voices.

Fu Yunruo replied with a smile and said gently: “Thank you for taking care of Wenwen!”

“Big Sister Ruoruo, will you and Wenwen come back tomorrow?” Little Shitou asked reluctantly.

Fu Yunruo looked at Wenwen, whose face was flushed with excitement. She said with a smile: “Yes. We will come back when we have free time.”

Satisfied with the answer, the children dispersed happily.

Wenwen had climbed onto the front seat of the electric scooter. His hands were holding the handle, and his legs were dangling around. Fu Yunruo pushed forward and asked with a smile: “Wenwen, what game did you play with your friends today?”

Wenwen recounted the games they played today one by one and then proudly held his chin high: “They are too childish. In fact, I don’t like playing these games.”

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help laughing, “Okay, okay. Our Wenwen is very sensible. You patiently accompanied other children playing. How awesome!”

As the mother and son chatted, they arrived at Mei family’s gate in no time. “Get down. Let’s say goodbye to Grandma Mei.”

Fu Yunruo called loudly from outside the gate. Auntie Mei, who was alone at home, immediately came out of the kitchen, still wearing an apron.

“Ruoruo, you are here!”

“Grandma!” Wenwen jumped down from the scooter and took a look inside. It seemed that Si Yue and Xin Xu had not returned yet.

“Auntie Mei, thank you for taking care of Wenwen today.”

“It’s nothing. Why are you so polite? Wenwen played with his friends all day, and I hardly looked after him.” Auntie Mei waved her hand. It was indeed very easy to look after Wenwen.

“Then Wenwen and I will return to the flower garden now.”

Auntie Mei asked, “Why don’t you stop for dinner?”

“It’s alright. I’ve prepared dinner over there.” Fu Yunruo knew there were currently guests in Auntie Mei’s house and didn’t want to trouble the older woman. “Besides, you must be busy these days.”

Auntie Mei didn’t force them to stay and only told Fu Yunruo to have a meal here next time.

Fu Yunruo easily agreed.

After chatting for a while, Fu Yunruo took Wenwen and left on the scooter. The scooter had just driven ten meters away when Si Yue and Xin Xu entered the yard from the side gate. As soon as he stepped into the yard, Xin Xu stretched his neck and sniffed around: “Auntie Mei, what did you make today? It smells so delicious!”

Auntie Mei was still standing at the front gate. She turned around and replied with a smile: “I’m cooking braised pig feet.”

“Wow!” Xin Xu’s saliva was almost drenched out.

Si Yue looked around, but didn’t see the cheerful little figure running out, “Where is Wenwen?”

“His mother took him home.” Then Auntie Mei returned to the kitchen to continue cooking.

Xin Xu followed behind, showering Auntie Mei with sweet words to amuse the latter.

Si Yue tilted his head and glanced outside the fence. The figure of the small scooter that he accidentally saw when entering the yard was now long gone.

Wenwen babbled endlessly on the way, sharing today’s experience with his mother in his cheerful voice. There were so many things he wanted to share. Except for when he was swallowing his dinner, the child’s mouth babbled nonstop, even after he lay down on the bed to sleep.

Wenwen originally wanted to tell Fu Yunruo about the possibility that his face had been broadcasted together with Si Yue in the show’s livestream today. But after a second thought, he decided not to. If his mother found out, she would definitely go to the internet to watch the livestream’s recording. If she saw he was under cyber attack, wouldn’t she be so sad and cry?

Or maybe, she would go to the production team and demanded them to delete the recording.

Although his mother loved to share about him on her livestream channel, those were mostly verbal or indirect, and she was very careful to protect his privacy. When she occasionally shared his photos, his face would also be heavily hidden with mosaic.

In the end, Wenwen firmly chose to skip the details. However, he couldn’t help talking about his idol.

“I met Si Yue!”

Fu Yunruo knocked his forehead lightly, “Don’t call older people with their names. You should call him…Uncle.”

Fu Yunruo originally wanted to say ‘Big Brother,’ but she suddenly remembered that Si Yue seemed several years older than her. She remembered Si Yue, probably because in the original novel, the female lead tried several times to hook him, but with no result. In the end, their relationship was pretty bad, mainly because of the antagonism between their respective companies.

Because of this reason, Si Yue could be said to be the mountain pressing above the male lead and female lead. He was also the only character who had never suffered a loss in the couple’s hands. If it were not for his sudden retreat from the entertainment circle, the male lead and female lead wouldn’t be able to become the legend of their era later in the story.

Of course, this is what Fu Yunruo summed up from the sparse description in the book. After all, the plot was about the female lead’s awesomeness. How could it detailedly describe the situation where the female lead didn’t win?

In Fu Yunruo’s opinion, Si Yue’s setting was simply a cliche for a hidden boss. But after sighing, she no longer put it in her mind. After all, it had nothing to do with her.

Wenwen rubbed his forehead. Alright then. Since Mom said so, he would call him ‘Uncle Yue.’

Wenwen remembered that he hadn’t said goodbye to Uncle Yue today.


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