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MSRV Ch 31 Part 1 – Enemy Meets on the Narrow Road (I)

Early the next morning, Wenwen went back to the village. Fu Yunruo had to do the morning livestream, so she couldn’t leave and had to ask Uncle Guo to send the boy back to Mei family’s house.

Looking at Wenwen’s happily departing figure, Fu Yunruo finally tasted the sadness of an empty nest. The boy’s wings had hardened, and he was finally about to fly away to venture into the broad world and no longer needed his old mother.

Her Baobao was not even four years old yet, and he was clearly so sticky to her before, but he no longer needed her? How sad *sob* *sob*…

Wenwen was ignorant of his old mother’s sadness. After arriving at the door of Mei family house, he quickly climbed out of the car and waved her chubby hand: “Grandpa Guo, see you later.”

Then he turned around and ran with his short legs into the yard.

At this time, Si Yue was stretching in the yard while chatting casually with his cameraman. Seeing the happy little dumplings running in, he smiled: “Little guy, come here.”

Wenwen looked at the big camera, then he carefully walked around the lens and stopped at the position closest to Si Yue but was still out of the camera range. He raised his head and greeted Si Yue with his childish voice: “Good morning, Uncle Yue.”

Wenwen then turned his head and looked at the cameraman, whose presence was almost non-existent: “Uncle, good morning too.”

“Good morning, Wenwen.” Si Yue subconsciously softened his voice: “You came so early, did your mother bring you here?” Just now, he heard the sound of a car outside.

Wenwen shook his head, “No, Grandpa Guo sent me here.”

“I’m going for a walk. Do you want to come along?”

Wenwen replied energetically: “Yes!”

Thus, one adult and one child left Mei family’s yard and walked along the rice paddy path. The rice plants had been matured. Their grains sunk heavily, and some were already golden yellow. The harvest season was approaching. Seeing the signs of a bumper harvest made anyone feel joyful.

Considering Wenwen’s short legs, Si Yue walked slowly, but he was still too fast for the boy. For every step Si Yue took, Wenwen had to walk three steps.

Wenwen had been looking up at Si Yue all this time, which made his neck sore. From his perspective, Si Yue was really tall, almost like a giant. Si Yue was probably around 1.8 tall. He was even taller than Wenwen after he grew up.

Wenwen looked enviously at those long, straight, and slender legs. Looking down at his own short and chubby legs, the gap was like heaven and earth. Even his total height now was just a bit above Si Yue’s knees. It would be great if he could grow up to this height in the future…

When he was still submerged in his thoughts, Wenwen suddenly found his line of sight was getting higher. The boy was surprised, and his little hands subconsciously gripped the big hands holding his body.

“What is Wenwen thinking about?” The two of them had been walking for a while when Si Yue found that the little guy, who was previously trotting behind him, suddenly stopped in a daze. Si Yue thought that Wenwen was tired from walking, so he simply turned around, lifted the little guy up to his shoulders, and then continued walking.

Wenwen replied with all seriousness: “I want to grow up quickly.” He turned at Si Yue and said admiringly, “I want to grow as tall as you.”

Si Yue encouraged: “Of course you will. As long you eat all your vegetables, you will surely grow to be as tall as me in the future.”

“I am too short now.” Wenwen sighed. Although he had enough self-confidence, being shorter than his peers always made him depressed, even if he knew it was just temporary.

“You are still young. Uncle was also this short when I was your age.”

Wenwen emphasized: “I am four years old!” He had passed his third birthday, so he was four years old now!

Four years old? Was a four years old child this short? Si Yue glanced at Wenwen’s short legs and estimated his height to be around two years old. But this little guy spoke fluently, so he might really be four. So Si Yue continued his comfort: “Uncle was also at this height when I was four years old.”

Wenwen was happy. This means that he also has the opportunity to grow up as tall as Si Yue!

Although Wenwen had no experience in this aspect, this conversation with Si Yue made him subconsciously feel that Si Yue must be a good father to his future children.

“Then I will eat more vegetables!” Wenwen declared loudly. Even his idol said that he needs to eat more vegetables to grow taller. This showed that the advice must make sense. Hw would stop being a picky eater!

“I want to grow up soon!”

“Why do you want to grow up so quickly? Isn’t it good to be a child for longer? You are carefree all day long, only eat, drink, and play.”

Children’s life was simple and happy. They didn’t have to worry about anything except for playing and having fun all day. Although the time was relatively short in Si Yue’s case, he also had a carefree childhood.

“I want to take care of my mother.” Wenwen sighed like a little adult. “My mother is naive and innocent. She is stupid and easy to believe in others. I have to protect her. Otherwise, what should I do if she gets deceived?”

Si Yue couldn’t help laughing. Such a small child was so serious when talking about his mother. It was really warm and funny.

“What about your father?”

When Si Yue asked about his father, Wenwen frowned, “I don’t need him. That man is very bad. Very, very bad!” He clenched his small fist, “If I see him someday, I must give him a good lesson!” Dared to bully his mother, humph!

Hearing this, Si Yue understood that this child had never seen his own father. What an irresponsible man. How could someone have the heart to abandon such a cute child and his mother? He must be a scumbag!

“What a bad guy.”

“Yeah!” Wenwen nodded enthusiastically.

After taking a stroll, Si Yue took Wenwen back to Mei family house. Auntie Mei and Uncle Mei immediately greeted Wenwen with a warm smile, which showed how popular he was with the family.

After breakfast, Si Yue and Xin Xu went to work at the field again per the variety show’s task while Wenwen was called by his friends to play together.


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    1. Maybe he’s so worried about being short that he’s subconsciously lowering his future height so he won’t be as disappointed if he doesn’t reach it…?

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