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MSRV Ch 31 Part 2 – Enemy Meets on the Narrow Road (II)

Wenwen was called by his friends to play together. However, he was thinking about something and was a little absent-minded. In the end, he couldn’t help asking his friends: “Do you know about other stars who are coming here?”

Wenwen was curious. Since the show was able to invite a super first-line actor like Si Yue, who else came? He tried to recall the famous stars of this time. But it was already years ago from his era, so he couldn’t remember much.

The children looked at each other and couldn’t answer after a while. At first, due to the novelty of having TV people up close, they went and watched the show’s shooting process for two days. However, adults repeatedly warned them to not get too close to strangers, so the children had little contact with the stars and the crews.

Wenwen’s playmates were still too young to begin idolizing stars, and they couldn’t even differentiate who was from whom. In their eyes, these so-called big stars were no different from other adults. Their family members gossiped a little at the dining table, but the children focused more on the meal and didn’t understand what adults were talking about.

Wenwen couldn’t dig any answers from his playmates and was speechless for a while. But he quickly consoled himself: Well, he shouldn’t be demanding of the children. After all, there was nothing more interesting in children’s eyes than eating, playing, and having fun with friends.

The world of adults was too complicated for children to understand.

However, Wenwen’s friend couldn’t bear seeing Wenwen’s disappointed look and hurriedly said: “There is a vicious queen!”

Vicious queen?

“Yes, yes!” Other children also remembered and said quickly, “It’s the vicious queen from Snow White!”

“She asked us who is the most beautiful!”

“We told her that Big Sister Ruoruo is the most beautiful…”

A child suddenly asked, “Will she kill Big Sister Ruoruo like Snow White’s stepmother?”

When the children heard this, they were panicked. In the fairytale, the vicious queen heard the magic mirror said that Snow White was the most beautiful, so she gave Snow White a poisoned apple!

The children were so scared that they burst into tears.

Wenwen was also worried. He didn’t know which female star his mother had offended accidentally. If the star had a bad personality, she might even hold grudges.

His mother was so naive, and now she had made an enemy without knowing it. What if she gets bullied?

However, Wenwen didn’t show his worry on the surface. He put on a serious face and comforted his friends confidently: “No, there is no vicious queen in reality.”

However, the children were still very worried.

Wenwen had no choice but to say again: “Then we should be the dwarfs so we can protect Mom together!”

When other children heard this, they were immediately comforted. They all happily expressed their desire to protect the princess.

Diandian was still worried and instructed Wenwen: “Wenwen, we don’t want Big Sister Ruoruo to eat poisoned apples. You must watch Big Sister Ruoruo carefully and don’t let her eat things given by strangers.”

Wenwen patted his chest and promised, “Of course.”

So the children continued to play happily.

When Wenwen was playing, he always felt that he had forgotten something. When he saw two strangers approaching, only then he remembered: oh, right, he wanted to take a look at the stars.

Shanghe Village and Xiahe Village were adjacent to each other, and the children were playing in the area between the two villages today.

At this moment, Fang Xueruo in a white dress was turning her head to the side and gently talking to the livestream audience, “…well, I know you guys want to see Brother Yue, that’s why I’m taking you there, don’t I?…of course no, we are just ordinary friends…”

Seeing a group of children playing, Fang Xueruo walked towards them with a cordial smile. She asked softly, “Children, may I ask if Mei family’s home of Shanghe Village is this way?”

The children stared at her and then quickly ran away.

“The vicious queen is here!”

Upon seeing the children’s reaction, Fang Xuerouo showed a helpless look. She looked sadly at the camera and said: “Actually, I really liked children. I don’t know why they ran away when they saw me…” She then lowered her head slightly, showing a sad yet charming side profile. The Snowballs1 who watched the livestream instantly felt distressed. They immediately comforted their idol and also scolded those unpleasant country kids.

It wasn’t until the cameraman reminded that there was still a kid who didn’t run that Fang Xueruo looked over. A cute little dumpling stood silently in place, staring at Fang Xueruo in a daze.

Seeing there was a child remained, Fang Xueruo was surprised. She quickly approached the little boy and leaned down with a gentle smile on her face. She then reached out her hand as if she wanted to pat the boy’s cheek: “Little guy…”

Fang Xueruo watched Si Yue’s livestreaming record at night and knew that this child was the one who appeared along with Si Yue. Since this was the child Si Yue liked, she could use him to get close to Si Yue.

Wenwen was stunned when he saw Fang Xueruo. He didn’t expect to see an old face so soon in his new life.

Fang Xueruo! She was that woman’s mother and also the old woman who disliked him very much. Her appearance didn’t seem to change much from twenty years later. Except that she looked younger, her temperament was different, and there were no deep traces brought by the passing of time.

However, he never forgot this woman, who always looked at him with eyes high above, full of contempt and disgust as if she was looking at a mouse in the gutter. Fu Wen at that time was desperately trying to climb up like a mad man. He resented the woman’s contemptuous eyes, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t do anything to her.

That woman was a wealthy lady. She was also from a wealthy background, with a loving husband of so many years. On top of that, she was also a legend in the entertainment industry…

Every time Fu Wen showed signs of becoming popular, he would be suppressed again and again, along with scandals that couldn’t be washed away no matter what he did. It was only later that he found out that there was this woman’s shadow behind everything.

He didn’t know why she would notice him, a small and insignificant person. But Fu Wen refused to succumb and decided to fight back, even though he was bleeding all over by the malicious surroundings.

Later, he met Chang Xue’ai, who had the same temperament as that old woman even up to their look. Knowing that she was that old woman’s daughter, Fu Wen hid in the dark and tirelessly made trouble to her, just like her mother did to him.

However, the huge difference in power decided everything in the end. He had no background and could only be slaughtered by his enemies. The other party had deep and powerful protectors, with both Fang and Chang families as her backers and even various suitors with the same background. In the end, Fu wen failed in his struggles.

Boundless malice and resentment surged throughout his body. The same woman who had driven him to his death in his previous life was now smiling at him tenderly and gently, and even reaching out her hand to pat his cheek. The soft touch of her skin sent chills down his spine and made his body tense.

Wenwen tilted his head and quickly gave a hard bite on the woman’s hand.


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  1. Snowballs: How Fang Xueruo’s fans call themselves. ‘Xue’ in Xueruo’s name means ‘snow.’

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