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MSRV Ch 31 Part 4 – Enemy Meets on the Narrow Road (IV)

Hearing Fang Xueruo’s accusation, a middle-aged aunt angrily retorted: “Nonsense. Even when we pinched Wenwen’s cheek, he never bit us. Big Sister over there, our Wenwen doesn’t know you. Without the company of an adult, a stranger suddenly approached and wanted to touch him. Of course Wenwen would be frightened and bite!”

Big…Big sister?! Fang Xueruo almost couldn’t conceal her shock. Having been called a ‘Big Sister’ by a woman several decades older than herself, she was extremely repulsive.

“Right! Grandpa, grandma, mom, dad, and other adults always say that we cannot talk to strangers casually. We also cannot let strangers approach us. Otherwise, we would be kidnapped far away and cannot go home again!” Dali said loudly.

“See? I said before, this woman with a thin face like a monkey’s jaw is not a good person. I know it at first glance.”

“She even bullies children…”

A thin face like a monkey’s jaw? For a split second, Fang Xueruo’s face distorted hideously. The most prominent feature of her appearance was her small and oval face, which made her look delicate, lovely, and charming.

“Miss Fang, is it what you mean by a light push?!” Si Yue’s cold voice suddenly rang.

After Si Yue got Wenwen, he quickly checked him from head to toes and immediately saw the scratches on his white and tender palms.

When the child’s small palms were spread out under the camera lens, the red scratches looked shocking.

Wenwen only felt a burning pain in his palms, but didn’t look at them until now. Probably when he fell, he subconsciously reached out his hands before his body contacted the ground, which accidentally scratched them. Wenwen’s skin was originally white and tender, and just a bit of force was enough to tear them open. Blood oozed out from his scratch wounds. There were even some purple-blue bruises, which looked terrifying.

Wenwen had been loved and pampered since he was reborn. Living as a child for more than three years, he hadn’t been so wronged for a long time now. His small body made him unable to suppress his emotions, and he burst into tears.

Fu Wen really hated seeing Fang Xueruo’s weak and innocent posture. It reminded him of Chang Xue’ai, who behaved the same way in front of him. No matter whether he did something to bully her or not, she would always act pitifully every time, which flamed even more hate towards him.

Sure enough, like a mother, like a daughter. He could easily imagine the malicious words spewed by the livestream audience at this moment.

Afraid of exposing the distorted hatred in his heart, Wenwen buried himself into Si Yue’s arms and shrank like a small ball. His back shook from time to time as if he was greatly frightened.

However, after hearing how his idol completely defended him, the hatred suddenly dissipated.

Right, he is now a loved child.

Wenwen looked up from Si Yue’s arms. He raised his two small hands and cried aggrievedly: “It hurts…”

Si Yue blew Wenwen’s hands softly: “Pain, pain, go away.”

“Brother Yue?” Fang Xueruo couldn’t believe it. She and Si Yue belonged to the same variety show. Shouldn’t he stand by her side?

It was a pity that she was totally overestimating herself. Si Yue’s thin lips curled up into a ridiculing smile: “Miss Fang, you should be self-aware. You clearly don’t like children, but deliberately approaching them. Of course others will doubt your intentions!”

He continued mercilessly: “It is said that children are the most sensitive. They can distinguish between people’s goodwill and maliciousness. Miss Fang, since they hate you so much, shouldn’t you reflect on yourself?”

Si Yue’s words clearly accused Fang Xueruo. She obviously disliked children, yet pretended to be gentle to approach them with an ulterior motive. As a result, she scared the children and got bitten. Didn’t she deserve it?

But Si Yue didn’t stop there. After learning that Wenwen bit Fang Xueruo, he borrowed tissue from his cameraman and carefully wiped Wenwen’s mouth. He also lectured the child: “Many diseases come from the mouth. Don’t just put anything into your mouth carelessly. What if you get a stomachache?”

Fang Xueruo’s face was totally ashen. She was greatly shaken by Si Yue’s words.

Others didn’t dare to speak at all. Even though they wanted to please Fang Xueruo, they couldn’t afford to offend Si Yue either.

Director Peng wiped his endless stream of cold sweat. This Movie Emperor Si was really poison-tongued. He suddenly regretted that he didn’t stop the livestream broadcast just now.

Compared with Fang Xueruo’s hostile fans, Si Yue’s fans were much more rational and composed, but their tongues were no less poisonous than their idol.

[Of course there must be a reason for such a cute child like our baby to suddenly bite someone.]

[Pushing the blame to a small child. This Fang Xueruo is really capable.]

[Brother Yue is right. Children are very sensitive. When our baby first met Brother Yue, he let Brother Yue hug him. Later, he even took the initiative to hug Brother Yue’s thighs. If our baby doesn’t like her, there must be something wrong with her. Why doesn’t she self-reflect instead of shifting the blame?]

[Scolding a three years old child? Fang Xueruo’s fans are indeed ‘capable.’]

[You dare to bully our baby?! Do you think baby doesn’t have any fans? With his Mom fans here, let see who still dares to bully. I will scold them back until they cry for their mother!]

Seeing there were still some sensible ones among the TV people, the villagers’ attitude softened. But their gaze towards Fang Xueruo was still full of hostility.

“Wenwen is a very likable child. Who in our village — adults and children alike — doesn’t know this? You dare to bully one of our children. If you don’t give us a good explanation, we won’t let this matter over.”

“Yes. Do you think that our village is easy to bully?”

More and more villagers rushed to surround the TV crew. Director Peng was sweating profusely as he tried hard to diffuse the situation.

Si Yue watched with cold eyes as the villagers scolded the crew. After a while, he spoke again: “This is mostly Miss Fang’s fault, but the crew also have some negligence in duty. How about we make Miss Fang apology to the children, and then the crew will compensate with some gifts. What do you think?”

The villagers saw that Si Yue was standing on their side. Coupled with the fact that Wenwen was very close to him, they were willing to accept his proposal.

So, under pressure from Si Yue and the show’s production team, Fang Xueruo apologized in tears.

The children looked at Wenwen silently, waiting for his lead.

Wenwen turned his head and peeked timidly from between Si Yue’s hands, clearly showing that he was still scared of Fang Xueruo. He said tremblingly: “I forgive you. You didn’t push me on purpose. It was my fault for standing unsteadily…” After speaking, he quickly buried his face in Si Yue’s arms again.

Other children also reluctantly expressed their forgiveness.

Fang Xueruo was taken away by the crew. Once she was alone in her room, her face instantly turned distorted with anger, and she clenched her hands fiercely.

Si Yue!

Suddenly, her mobile phone rang. She picked it up and took a look. After pausing for a while, she answered the phone, her voice was weak and full of grievance: “Brother Chang…”


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