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MSRV Ch 32 Part 1 – Two People Meet Again (I)

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Si Yue took Wenwen to the clinic to treat the wounds on his palms. Although the wounds were just some scratch that would be healed on their own in a few days, Si Yue felt strangely distressed when seeing it.

Wenwen was small and soft. He sat on the bench obediently while Si Yue held his two small wrists to prevent him from moving. The clinic doctor cleaned his wounds with disinfectant. Feeling the burst of tingling pain, Wenwen’s eyes became tearful. He didn’t move, but his mouth slightly opened with a hiss and his hanging feet waved around in pain.

Si Yue felt even more distressed. The unfamiliar feeling made him subconsciously frown in irritation.

Wenwen saw Si Yue’s face darkened. Thinking that his idol disliked him for being too squeamish, he quickly held back his tears. The boy carefully looked at Si Yue and said with a small voice: “I’m not crying.”

Seeing the child’s cautious expression, Si Yue’s face eased, “Yes, our baby is awesome.”

Wenwen’s face suddenly brightened. Yes, he was awesome! Other children cried and howled when they got injured, but he didn’t!

When Auntie Mei heard the news, she hurriedly ran to the village clinic. Seeing Wenwen’s two small palms were tightly covered into small white buns, she exclaimed in distress.

Auntie Mei was on her way to work in the fields when her fellow villager came and told her that Wenwen was bullied by outsiders. She hurriedly rushed over, but the crowd had been dispersed by then. Hearing from others that Wenwen was in the clinic, she immediately ran here.

Si Yue calmed Auntie Mei and explained the matter clearly and objectively. Auntie Mei immediately had a bad impression of this female star and cursed the woman for a while.

Then she hugged Wenwen, her tears almost falling, “Wenwen, where does it hurt? Tell grandma.”

Wenwen shook his head, “No more.”

Si Yue remembered that Wenwen was sitting on the ground when he arrived. Wondering whether the child’s butt was also injured when he fell, he hugged Wenwen up, lay the boy on his thighs, and then pulled down his small pants, revealing a toddler’s fleshy white butts.

Si Yue observed for a while. A small patch of blueish skin looked very conspicuous on the white and tender butts: “There is a bruise here.”

Auntie Mei also leaned over to look, covering her chest with distress.

Wenwen was suddenly taken up. Before he could react, his pants were taken off, and two adults stared at his butts before beckoning the doctor to come over and put on the medicine.

Wenwen’s small face turned red with a bang, spreading even to his neck.

Too, too embarrassing!

Wenwen couldn’t bear it anymore and started crying.

Si Yue suddenly heard the loud cry and was stunned for a while. Thinking the child was crying because of the pain in his butt, he hurriedly rubbed it with his hands.

Um? It feels good? Si Yue couldn’t help but squeezed Wenwen’s butts slightly. It was soft and slippery, like a jelly.

Wenwen’s cry paused for a moment, then he cried even louder.

He no longer has a face to meet people, whaaaaaa!!!!

Auntie Mei knew Wenwen’s self-esteem better than Si Yue. She quickly picked up the boy and helped to pull up his pants.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry. Grandma isn’t looking anymore!”

Wenwen was so sad that he cried on Auntie Mei’s shoulder. From now on, he would ignore Si Yue, this bad guy!!!

Only then did Si Yue understand the reason for Wenwen’s cry. He touched his nose, thinking: although this little guy was still very young, he had strong self-esteem.

Auntie Mei took Wenwen home. Si Yue walked by their side. His eyes looked at the little guy from time to time. Wenwen’s cry had finally stopped, but he still hiccuped from time to time.

Auntie Mei put Wenwen in the living room. After comforting the boy, she went to the kitchen to cook. One morning had passed, and it was already lunchtime. Auntie Mei felt distressed by the mishap that happened to Wenwen’s today, so she was determined to cook a sumptuous lunch to console the boy.

Si Yue looked at the little guy whose cheeks, nose, and eyes were red due to crying. He tried to spoke to him in a soft voice. Unexpectedly, the little guy had a big temperament. He turned his small body around and directly faced his back at him.

Ignore him, huh!

Si Yue: “…”

Si Yue folded his hands and pondered about how to coax the little guy. He had no experience of coaxing a child. Well, he also didn’t have any toys either.

After thinking for a while, Si Yue turned around and went upstairs.

Wenwen pricked his ears to listen to the movement behind. Hearing Si Yue’s footsteps leaving, he quietly turned his head to take a peek, but found no one was there.

How annoying!! He didn’t even know to coax him!

He decided to break up with Si Yue! They will no longer be friends! He is not his idol anymore!

After Si Yue went downstairs, what he saw was a small chubby figure turned into a pufferfish in anger. He walked over and squatted down beside Wenwen.

Wenwen turned his body in defiance, but his eyes couldn’t help but look at the older man secretly, as if telling: come to coax me!

Si Yue smiled inwardly as he obediently coaxed: “I was wrong. Wenwen is a little adult. I shouldn’t take off your pants. Please eat candy and forgive me, okay?”

Si Yue bought a pack of candies to bribe the children in the village and put some leftovers in his room. Now, he was using it to curry favor with the little guy.

Seeing the candy, Wenwen became even angrier. He complained: “You gave Zhuangzhuang and the others candies, but never gave me one!” Zhuangzhuang and his other playmates told him a long time ago. Si Yue gave each children candies, but he got none at all!!

Si Yue: “…” For the first time in his life, he felt a headache. Why was it so difficult to coax a child?

“It’s my fault. I shouldn’t forget Wenwen.” He didn’t know there was an extra child at the time.

Wenwen snorted loudly, “I’m angry!”

But his little paws tried hard to take the candies from Si Yue’s hands. Since other children had it, he should have too!

Si Yue helped to put the candies on Wenwen’s bandaged palms. But the little guy quickly put the candies in his pants pocket, refusing to give him a good face at all.

Si Yue: “…”

After a short while, Auntie Mei came out of the kitchen. She brought with her a pan of fragrant steamed egg with minced meat. After setting up the table, she filled Wenwen’s personal small bowl with soft and fragrant rice.

Wenwen sniffed with his little nose. His eyes lit up suddenly. It smells so good!


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  1. Hahahaha it’s so hilarious (≧▽≦) every chapter is funny! I can’t wait for Wenwen to know that Si Yue is the ‘scum father’ that he despises lol

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