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MSRV Ch 32 Part 2 – Two People Meet Again (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 32 Part 1.

Both Wenwen’s hands were injured, and he couldn’t hold the spoon, so Si Yue volunteered to feed him. When Wenwen saw this, he became apprehensive.

He didn’t want Si Yue to spoonfeed him! This involved his dignity as a man!

Wenwen said stiffly: “I’m not hungry.” But his eyes drifted to the piping hot steamed egg with minced meat, and he unconsciously swallowed his saliva.

“Are you really not hungry?” Si Yue dug a small piece of meat with a spoon and mixed it with rice.

“I’m not hungry,” Wenwen said adamantly, but his stomach grumbled in betrayal.

Si Yue squinted at the boy’s fat belly.

Wenwen clutched his belly, trying hard to barely hold on to his dignity: “I’m actually not hungry, but my belly has its own thoughts.”

Si Yue almost couldn’t hold back his laugh. He asked with a serious face: “What does your little belly think?”

Wenwen moved his gaze slightly, “It says that it wants to have a taste.”

Si Yue held back his laughter. He blew the spoon loaded with mixed rice, meat, and egg before delivering it to Wenwen’s mouth: “I see. Then we should let your belly taste it.”

The thick aroma of meat drilled into Wenwen’s nostril. He couldn’t hold back his appetite anymore and leaned over to take the bite. Si Yue suddenly remembered something and moved the spoon away. Wenwen’s mouth moved with it. His body almost lost balance, but Si Yue quickly held him with one hand.

Wenwen: “…?” He raised his head and looked at Si Yue with accusations. How could he be so bad?

Si Yue remembered that this little guy had just bitten someone and hadn’t rinsed his mouth yet. Even after wiping it with tissue, Si Yue still felt unsanitary. So he put down the spoon, picked up the boy with one hand, and said: “Rinse your mouth before eating.”

Wenwen shook his limbs resignedly and let himself be taken to the bathroom.

Seeing this warm scene, Auntie Mei smiled before she went back to the kitchen to continue cooking. When she was cutting vegetables, she suddenly patted her forehead.

Oops, forgot to inform Ruoruo about Wenwen’s injury!

Auntie Mei quickly took out her cell phone and called Fu Yunruo.

At the dining table, Wenwen sat on his special high stool again and finally ate the long-awaited meat. His mouth squirmed, and his eyes squinted unconsciously.

How delicious~

“Does your little belly feel satisfied with the taste?”

Wenwen looked up at Si Yue. After making sure that the idol wasn’t laughing at him, he said with a stern face: “It said it’s so-so.”

“Would it like to try again?”


After finishing her morning livestreaming, Fu Yunruo received a call from the singer’s PR team. The MV they were collaborating with was going to be released tonight, so the team specially called to let her know. Fu Yunruo expressed her support and ended the call after a few more chit-chats. Immediately after, Tiantian also called from the studio.

Tiantian was very efficient in her work. Fu Yunruo’s studio has been opened and is running smoothly. Tiantian was calling to ask when the boss would meet other employees.

Fu Yunruo replied that she would arrange the time.

Panda Live’s headquarter was located in Beijing, and Fu Yunruo’s studio was also opened there. However, because Fu Yunruo was still living in this remote countryside, the studio’s daily operation was run by Tiantian, who acted as the boss’ representative.

The two talked about work for a while, then hung up the phone.

Fu Yunruo saw that it was almost noon, so she went to cook lunch. Until the end of the meal, Fu Yunruo kept thinking of Wenwen, the little heartless guy who was playing so much that he seemed to forget his old mother.

Right after the dishes were washed, Fu Yunruo received a call from Auntie Mei. She smiled. Happy that her Baobao still remembered her, she connected the call. Immediately after, Fu Yunruo heard Auntie Mei’s voice and called sweetly: “Auntie Mei.”

However, after hearing what Auntie Mei said, Fu Yunruo’s smile suddenly froze. She quickly ended the call and then said to Uncle Guo: “Uncle Guo, I’m going back to the village.”

“What’s the matter?” Uncle Guo walked in.

“Nothing. I just want to go back and take a look.” Fu Yunruo didn’t want Uncle Guo to get worried and pretended to be calm. After speaking to Uncle Guo, she quickly rushed over with her electric scooter.

Si Yue fed Wenwen one spoon at a time. He suddenly became addicted to feeding. Seeing the child opened his cute little mouth and waited to be fed each time was really interesting.

Suddenly, there was a noise outside. Wenwen’s eyes lit up. The boy quickly stood up and ran out, “It’s Mom!”

Halfway through, Wenwen ran back. He turned to the cameraman and the livestream equipment in the corner and said: “Don’t take a shot of my Mom!”

Only after the cameraman assured him that the camera had been turned off that Wenwen turn around and ran out without worry.

In Wenwen’s opinion, it was enough for him to bear the maliciousness of the internet alone. If his mother was also captured in the lens, those unscrupulous haters would only scold her alongside him. He wouldn’t let others scold his mother!

Si Yue looked at Wenwen’s happily jumping little figure. This little guy was truly heartless. Even though he was so kind to feed him food, the little guy easily ‘abandoned’ him without a second thought for his mother.

Si Yue looked at the last piece of meat in the bowl. Deciding not to give it to the heartless baby, he scooped the meat and put it in his mouth.

It was at this moment that Wenwen and his mother came in.

Si Yue raised his eyes and saw a pair of familiar eyes.

With a click, the spoon in his mouth fell.


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  1. Wait, I thought that the live streaming site for the variety show was also Panda Live. Wonder their reaction when they realise that by showing Fu Wen’s face they broke the privacy clauses in Fu Yunruo’s contract.

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