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MSRV Ch 32 Part 3 – Two People Meet Again (III)

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Wenwen ran in angrily. Seeing the meat in his bowl was all gone, he immediately complained: “You steal my meat!” His idol is actually this kind of person! He steals his meat!

Si Yue quickly concealed his shock. Putting on a solemn face, he said to Wenwen: “Haven’t you eaten enough? We must not waste food, so I helped you finished the rest.”

After a pause, Si Yue said, “I don’t even care about your saliva!”

“Humph!” Wenwen hummed like a piglet, “I hate you!”

His meat, ah! There was only one last bite left, but Si Yue stole it!

Wenwen ran to complain to Fu Yunruo, “Mom, look! He is bullying me!”

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but chuckle. Seeing her son’s energetic state, her worry lessened a lot. She raised her eyes to the sitting man and thanked him sincerely, “Thank you for taking care of Wenwen.”

“You’re welcome.”

When Fu Yunruo came in, she saw the scene where the legendary actor stole..cough, helped Wenwen finished his meat. Her favorability instantly increased. She could see that her son was very close to Si Yue, so she didn’t take the so-called bullying accusation seriously.

Fu Yunruo looked a few more times curiously. Si Yue was indeed worthy of being the person who made the male lead and female lead helpless in the novel. He was not only very handsome, but also had an extraordinary aura. But when Fu Yunruo recalled the scene where he was being caught for eating Wenwen’s meat, the sense of distance instantly lost, and Si Yue suddenly seemed very down-to-earth. Fu Yunruo never expected that the legendary Si Yue actually also had such a childish side. She took Si Yue’s sudden dropping of the spoon as a gaffe of being caught red-handed and generously pretended as if she hadn’t seen it.

But Fu Yunruo didn’t have time to think more. Her attention was all on Wenwen. After hearing the news that her son was injured, Fu Yunruo drove the electric scooter as fast as possible and arrived in front of Mei family’s house in ten minutes. Before she even entered the yard, she saw Wenwen running out of the house. The temperature outside was high, so Fu Yunruo took the child into the house first.

Wenwen was being sticky to Fu Yunruo. He held out his two hands and showed his mother: “Mom, it hurts!”

Fu Yunruo looked at the tightly bandaged little hands with a distressed look and said gently: “Mom will blow it for you…it won’t hurt anymore…”

Fu Yunruo wanted to see Wenwen’s injuries, but the bandage was so tight that she couldn’t untie it.

Si Yue looked at Wenwen, who was so coquettish to his mother. There was an inexplicable light in his eyes. Seemingly inadvertently, Si Yue said: “His butt is also hurt.”

When Fu Yunruo heard this, she quickly picked Wenwen up and pulled down his pants to have a look.

Wenwen blushed, but didn’t struggle. After so many years, he had long been used to it. Which part of his body that his mother had never seen?

If he didn’t let his mother see, she would cry sadly, which would make him relented anyway. Since the end result was the same, it was better to be obedient from the beginning.

Fu Yunruo saw the blue bruise on the child’s white and tender butts. She was very distressed. But luckily, there was only one light bruise which would be gone in a few days.

Didn’t cry? Si Yue sighed. So this little guy changed his attitude depending on who he was facing.

Auntie Mei entered the room, “Ruoruo, you are here!” She looked at Fu Yunruo apologetically, “Sorry Ruoruo, I didn’t take good care of Wenwen and let him get hurt.”

“It’s okay, Auntie Mei. It’s normal for a child to stumble and fall down.” After Fu Yunruo confirmed that her son’s injuries were not serious, she let go of her worry and began to ask what had happened.

“Auntie Mei, what’s happened?” The phone call didn’t make it clear, and Fu Yunruo only heard that Wenwen was pushed down by someone. She was confused. Did Wenwen have conflicts when playing with other children?

But Fu Yunruo thought it to be impossible. She knew how popular her son was among other children. There should be no children who would bully him.

Auntie Mei quickly relayed what she had heard to Fu Yunruo.

When Fu Yunruo heard that Wenwen was injured during a conflict with the variety show’s people, her expression suddenly turned ugly. Adults bullying small children? Who did such a thing?

“Who did it?” Fu Yunruo asked. When her son was bullied, she was not by his side. Fu Yunruo felt very uncomfortable for failing to protect her child in time. If it wasn’t for the show’s production team to have apologized in front of other villagers, she would have gone to their door to demand an explanation.

“She was called Fang… Fang what?” Auntie Mei didn’t remember.

Si Yue said from the side: “Fang Xueruo.” Then he watched Fu Yunruo’s reaction.

Sure enough, when Fu Yunruo heard this name, her complexion suddenly changed. She didn’t expect Fang Xueruo to be willing to endure hardships by participating in this variety show, let alone to appear before her son. She had been hiding for so many years in peace and didn’t want to face neither the male lead, female lead, or the original body’s family. For her, they were nothing but troubles.

Fu Yunruo had a comfortable life here and really didn’t want her life to be disturbed.

Auntie Mei finally remembered to introduce, “A’Yue, this is Yunruo, Wenwen’s mother.” Then she turned to Fu Yunruo, “Ruoruo, this is Si Yue, a big star. Do you know him?”

Fu Yunruo put aside her worry and turned her head towards Si Yue. Meeting his eyes, she smiled friendly and said: “Yes, I’ve seen your movie, they are great!”

“Thank you.” Si Yue has been observing Fu Yunruo silently. The woman was polite and courteous, completely treating him as a stranger. Did she not remember, or did she fail to recognize him?

Fu Yunruo didn’t talk with Auntie Mei for long. Wenwen, who was lying in her arms, was already drowsy. His lunch was later than usual today. By this time, he usually had finished eating and was taking a nap.

Fu Yunruo picked Wenwen up and bid farewell to Auntie Mei.


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