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MSRV Ch 32 Part 4 – Two People Meet Again (IV)

Fu Yunruo picked Wenwen up and bid farewell to Auntie Mei.

Si Yue, who was mostly silent, suddenly said: “Why don’t you let the child sleep here?”

Fu Yunruo turned her head at Si Yue, surprised that he suddenly took the initiative to speak to her. But they were just strangers, so she replied politely: “No need, thank you. Our home is not far. I can take him back on foot.”

When Si Yue heard that they lived nearby, he didn’t say anything and just nodded.

Si Yue watched Fu Yunruo disappear at the gate, carrying Wenwen in her arms. But in the end, he said nothing to stop her. He then walked back in a trance and found Auntie Mei. Si Yue pretended to ask casually: “Auntie Mei, Wenwen is four years old, right? When is his birthday?” He paused and added: “The child has been frightened today. Maybe we can give him a birthday to drive bad luck?”

“Wenwen is three years old. His birthday is 27th February.” Auntie Mei replied.

Si Yue knocked on the knuckles of his fingers, “Oh, that’s really a shame.” Then he began to compliment: “No wonder Wenwen is so cute. He has such a wonderful mother! This place is really outstanding to have such extraordinary people.”

Auntie Mei seemed to be pleased. A smile bloomed on her wrinkled face as she said proudly: “Isn’t it? Our Ruoruo is much more beautiful than those female stars.”

“Indeed.” Si Yue agreed.

In Auntie Mei’s view, Si Yue was a person who had seen the world. For someone like him to be full of praise of Ruoruo showed that this girl was indeed very good.

“But Ruoruo is not a local. She must have been a city girl before. She got here somehow and stayed here.”

“This girl has a kind heart and excellent temperament. Everyone in our village likes her…” Auntie Mei babbled endlessly. After saying a lot of things, she suddenly remembered, “Look at me, I’ve been taking your time here. Quickly go back to your room and take a rest. Otherwise, you will be tired in the afternoon.”

“It is my honor to talk with Auntie Mei.” Si Yue smiled. He didn’t have the habit of taking a nap, but he didn’t refuse, “Then I will go upstairs first.”

Si Yue went upstairs and returned to his room, but he didn’t have any sleepiness at all. The amount of information he received just now was too great. If he wasn’t used to controlling his emotions, he would have lost his composure a long time ago.

Yunruo? Fu Yunruo…

The age was also right…even thinking with his toes, he could guess the truth.

So it turned out that he actually has a son?

Maybe he felt close to Wenwen not only because of his natural affection for a cute child, but also out of fatherly instinct?

Si Yue held his aching temple.

So Wenwen is actually his son?

He has a son?

Suddenly, his cell phone rang. Si Yue took it out and saw his agent’s name on the caller display. Once the call was connected, Yuan Xin’s helpless voice came through: “Didn’t I tell you not to expose your real personality? Cannot you at least wait until the livestream was turned off before you use your poisonous tongue?”

Yuan Xin knew that Si Yue was very upset because of Fang Xueruo’s participation in this show, so he didn’t dare to ask too much. Yuan Xin only asked Si Yue to maintain his public persona in front of the live camera, but would say nothing about the off-air time.

But Si Yue, in front of tens of millions of livestream viewers, actually acted very rude towards Fang Xueruo, who was also a very popular star. The internet exploded, and their company had a hard time doing public relations.

Si Yue nonchalantly waited for Yuan Xin to finish pouring his bitterness before opening his mouth and said, “Send me all the information about Fu Yunruo you found out before.”

Yuan Xin heard an unexpected name in an unexpected moment. At first, he almost didn’t remember who it was. Fortunately, his brain cell soon connected. Yuan Xin asked strangely: “Why did you think of her suddenly?”

Si Yue didn’t say the reason. He only urged his befuddled agent to send the information before hanging up the phone.

Soon enough, he received a folder of scanned documents on his mobile phone.

Si Yue flipped through the documents for a while. The information here was all before Fu Yunruo’s disappearance.

Si Yue still remembered. It was him who ordered her traces to be erased…

It turned out that she ended up staying here? Then what? What had she experienced here? How was Wenwen born? How did he grow up?

Looking at Fu Yunruo’s previous photos, Si Yue could see how she used gorgeous makeup to disguise her fragility. Her eyes were full of hostility. Like a hedgehog, the girl stabbed others in an attempt to protect herself.

The person in the photo and her current appearance was almost two extremes. The current Fu Yunruo looked very peaceful and calm. Her face was also bare with no makeup, which actually made her look beautiful and dazzling.

If Si Yue hadn’t seen Fu Yunruo’s eyes, he wouldn’t even realize how deep was his impression of that night. So deep that he recognized those eyes after just a glance.

What made him a little bit concerned was that he recognized her, but she didn’t recognize him. Shouldn’t it be him who was more recognizable?

Fu Yunruo…

Si Yue pondered for a moment and dialed a number. The call immediately came through, and a respectful voice came from the receiver: “Boss…”

Si Yue said coldly: “Investigate someone…”


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Author’s Note:

Let’s talk about the hidden setting. From Fu Yunruo’s point of view, it is normal for male lead and female lead fans to behave like mentally degraded people. After all, this is the world of a novel, and everything revolves around the male lead and female lead.

However, Si Yue has always disliked Fang Xueruo. This shows that this world is alive. He looks down on the main couple and finds their behavior incomprehensible. But his intuition prevents him from doing anything disadvantaging to them; otherwise, some uncontrollable things will happen to him. So, even if he feels annoyed, he let the main couple jumping around in front of him.

Under Si Yue’s influence, people close to him are also more rational, such as his agent Yuan Xin.

At this time, the novel’s original plot has come to an end. What happens from now on isn’t appear in the book, and the sequel has not yet started. The control of the world’s rules is weakening. At this time, Fu Yunruo transmigrated, and the sequel’s villain was reborn. Under their influence, people in this world are slowly ‘waking up.’

Translator’s note:

Monday’s late chapter.

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