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MSRV Ch 33 Part 2 – Woman is a Liar (II)

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Seeing the pile of gifts on the table, Xin Xu rubbed the back of his head before going upstairs and knocking on Si Yue’s door.

Si Yue’s handsome face showed no expression as he walked out and sat on the sofa in the living room. “What’s happened?” He asked.

Xin Xu sat on the other sofa and asked Si Yue: “Brother Yue, your company will protect you, right?”

There was a set of wooden sofas and a glass-topped coffee table in the living room on the second floor. Since Si Yue and Xin Xu began to live here, there were always clean cups and a teapot on the table. The tea was nothing special, just local roasted tea leaves with no distinct flavor. Si Yue poured tea into two cups, pushed one in front of Xin Xu, and then picked up the other cup slowly to take two sips.

Xin Xu took a few sips absent-mindedly. He was naturally biased on Si Yue’s side regarding today’s matter, not to mention that he also liked Wenwen very much. However, Xin Xu’s opinion wasn’t worth anything. Seeing that most of the crew and casts stood by Fang Xueruo’s side and showed dissatisfaction with Si Yue, he was very upset.

In the past, Xin Xu also admired Fang Xueruo, whom he thought to be kind and beautiful. Especially her smiles, which made people feel natural admiration. But now, Xin Xu suddenly felt that Fang Xueruo didn’t seem to be as pure and gentle as he thought her to be.

Xin Xu was genuinely worried about Si Yue’s situation. As a top actor, Si Yue was never arrogant. The man always treated others warmly and even took care of Xin Xu like a younger brother. However, Si Yue didn’t have a strong background. Especially because Si Yue didn’t own a studio and was entirely reliant on Apple Entertainment. Although Apple Entertainment was strong, Si Yue’s situation would immediately turn to the worst once his company stopped protecting him.

Si Yue glanced at Xin Xu. Seeing the younger man’s worry, he said confidently: “Don’t worry, I will be fine.” Apple Entertainment wouldn’t dare to not protect him.

Xin Xu glanced at Si Yue enviously. Was this the confidence of a top-tier star? When could he reach this height? Changed to him, if he offended a big figure, the company would immediately give up on him after weighing the profit and loss.

“What did the production team say?” Si Yue asked. He knew there was a meeting just now, but his mind was full of a more important thing and was not in the mood to listen. Anyway, the meeting wouldn’t discuss anything important, merely how to control the public opinion and solve the problem smoothly.

Xin Xu briefly explained the attitude of the production team. As for the attitudes of his fellow casts, he carefully avoided saying anything specifics, so as not to sound like he was badmouthing other stars.

After listening, Si Yue nodded, still looking unperturbed.

Infected by Si Yue’s attitude, Xin Xu was no longer as worried.

Si Yue looked at the clock and muttered to himself: “He should have enough nap. Has he woken up now?”

Adults usually take a light nap for about 20 to 30 minutes. Sleeping too much, and they would feel dizzy and lethargic after waking up. But children were still growing, so they needed longer naps. Young children of Wenwen’s age probably napped for one to two hours a day.

Two hours had passed since the little guy went to sleep. Should he wake up now?

“Huh?” Xin Xu was dumbfounded.

Si Yue asked: “How long do children usually take a nap?”

Xin Xu was not sure, “One hour? Two hours?”

Si Yue nodded without saying anything. He then stood up and walked downstairs.

Xin Xu followed behind, totally confused.

Auntie Mei was doing chores in the yard. Si Yue greeted her and asked naturally: “Should we send the compensation from the crew to Wenwen’s house?”

“It should be so.” Auntie Mei nodded without hesitation. These were all Wenwen’s compensation after being shocked today, and she wouldn’t covet Wenwen’s things.

Auntie Mei wiped her hands on the apron and walked. “Wenwen and Ruoruo should be awake now. Let’s send these things now.”

Si Yue said: “I’ll send them. These things are heavy.”

“Yeah, heavy labor should be entrusted to Brother Yue and me!” Xin Xu appeared from behind Si Yue. The young man patted his chest enthusiastically and took the bags on the tabletop.

Although today’s incident had affected Auntie Mei’s perception of the TV stars, she had no dissatisfaction towards the two young men living in her house. Seeing their eagerness to help, she was also happy: “Alright, I will leave it to you.”

Xin Xu smiled and said, “This is what we should do.”

Si Yue turned his head and saw Xin Xu’s silly smile. He snorted softly, with a hint of annoyance in his eyes. But Si Yue said nothing and took the rest of the bags into his hands, ready to go out.

Auntie Mei stood at the gate and showed them the way, “Go straight from this road, do you see it? It’s the old house with high walls.”

Xin Xu walked beside Si Yue and couldn’t help asking: “Brother Yue, have you seen Wenwen’s mother?” A woman who could give birth to such a cute and lovely child as Wenwen should be beautiful, right?

Si Yue didn’t reply.

Xin Xu also didn’t press for an answer, as he wasn’t truly curious.

Fu Yunruo’s rental house was very close to Mei family’s house. The two men walked quickly, and they soon arrived. Si Yue stood still in front of the gate. For the first time in his life, he had a hesitation akin to the fear of apprehension. But Xin Xu was ignorant of the entanglement in Si Yue’s heart. Seeing that Si Yue hadn’t knocked on the gate, he stepped forward and shouted: “Is anybody home?”


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