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MSRV Ch 33 Part 4 – Woman is a Liar (IV)

Wenwen clutched his chubby cheeks and stared at Si Yue for a long time, then he stood up and hurriedly ran towards Fu Yunruo, hugging her thighs angrily.

Fu Yunruo lowered her head, “What’s the matter?”

Wenwen tattled: “Mom, Uncle Yue pinched my face!”

When Fu Yunruo heard this, she turned her head at Si Yue and said politely: “Mr. Yue, Wenwen doesn’t like people pinching his face.”

Si Yue’s expression froze for a moment. He then stood up calmly, “I saw some dust on Wenwen’s face, so I wiped it…” He paused, then sincerely apologized: “Since Wenwen doesn’t like me touching his face, I will be careful next time.”

Wenwen’s eyes widened in disbelief. Si Yue clearly pinched his face! How could he lie?!

Fu Yunruo was stunned for a moment. She looked at Wenwen, and then at Si Yue. Somehow, she saw inexplicable grievance in Si Yue’s calm expression.

Maybe Wenwen had misunderstood? After all, why would the great actor pinch a child’s face for no reason? So Fu Yunruo apologized: “Sorry, I misunderstood.”

Wenwen held his chubby cheeks and suddenly fell into self-doubt. Did Si Yue only want to wipe the dust off his face? Did he really misunderstand his idol?

The more Wenwen thought about it, the more sure he was. Although Si Yue sometimes was a bit bully, he definitely would not lie!

Therefore, Wenwen ran to Si Yue, tilted his head up, and said with a guilty tone: “I’m sorry, Uncle Yue. I misunderstood you.”

“Well, it’s okay.” Si Yue said solemnly. But in his heart, he commented: this child seems quite stupid and doesn’t inherit the shrewdness of Si family at all.

Si Yue glanced at Fu Yunruo silently. This child must have inherited the shortcomings from his mother, too. With such a stupid temperament, even a random woman could bully him. How could he deal with those old foxes in the business world after he grew up later?

Si Yue pondered seriously. Educating a child couldn’t be done in a short time. Perhaps he should work harder to accumulate more family fortunes and wealth for his son. At least, enough so the child could still be rich and wealthy for life even if his inheritance was deceived and swindled by others.

As the newly (self) appointed father, Si Yue suddenly had a lot of worries.

Fu Yunruo put the plate of fruits in front of the two guests, then peeled a grape before feeding it to Wenwen. Seeing the child eat the grape without spitting out the seeds, she warned: “Do not eat the seeds. Do you want grapevines to grow from your belly?”

Fu Yunruo didn’t know where Wenwen’s habit came from. Why did he think that grapes taste better with seeds in? She didn’t have such a habit.

Si Yue, who was absent-mindedly eating grapes without spitting out seeds: “…”

Wenwen rebuked proudly: “No! I know that grapevines won’t grow from my belly!” This lie could deceive a three-year-old baby, but he was now a four-year-old big kid. He wouldn’t believe such a childish lie!

“Grape seeds are not tasty.” If Wenwen was an adult, Fu Yunruo didn’t care if he spits out the seeds or not. But he was still a child, and his digestive system was still fragile. Fu Yunruo was afraid that he might have a stomachache.

“It’s tasty!”

In the end, Fu Yunruo picked the seeds away before feeding Wenwen the grape. Wenwen shook his head in dissatisfaction. He still ate the grape, but didn’t forget to protest: “I want to eat the seeds!”


“Mom, you’re a bully!”

Si Yue watched the mother and son’s quarrel. Looking at Wenwen, he suddenly felt satisfied. Yes, this child was just like him, eating grapes without spitting out seeds.

The two guests and two hosts chatted over fruits and refreshments. The four of them quickly became familiar with each other and chatted freely. After eating the fruits, Wenwen could no longer sit still and wanted to go out to play. But his hands were still injured, and Fu Yunruo didn’t allow him to go out. The four of them finally moved to the more spacious courtyard so Wenwen could play outdoor.

Xin Xu and Wenwen went to water the flowers. Because Wenwen’s hands were still bandaged, he stood on the side and seriously instructed Xin Xu about the correct way of watering flowers with his babyish voice.

Fu Yunruo didn’t stop Wenwen and let him play freely. Seeing that the two hadn’t left yet, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but ask Si Yue, who was standing nearby: “Don’t you two have to go back for the afternoon shooting?”

“No, the shooting will resume tomorrow.”

Today’s incident had not been completely suppressed, let alone Fang Xueruo claimed to be unwell and needed to rest. Could the production team force her to continue shooting?

Si Yue was leaning against the door leisurely with his arms crossed on his chest. He was very charming, the type of a model blockbuster whose face shot didn’t need any touch-up at all.

Si Yue turned his head at Fu Yunruo and asked, seemingly inadvertently: “Have you ever thought of finding Wenwen’s father?”

Fu Yunruo knew that Si Yue liked Wenwen, and it was normal for him to care about the child’s matter. So Fu Yunruo replied honestly: “I have no such plan for the time being. If Wenwen is happier with our present life, I won’t remarry.”

Fu Yunruo could also perceive Wenwen’s rejection of the word ‘father.’ At first, she thought that the child would eventually be curious and then asked why other children had fathers while he didn’t. Fu Yunruo had prepared a load of excuses and explanations, but none came in handy. Wenwen didn’t even like the idea of having an extra person in their family.


Si Yue almost choked by the answer. His mouth twitched, “I mean, finding the child’s biological father.”

“Have you ever thought about it? What would you do if Wenwen’s biological father came to fight with you for his custody?”

In the beginning, Si Yue really had this idea. He knew that if he really wanted to fight for Wenwen’s custody, Fu Yunruo had no chance of winning at all. However, looking at the deep relationship between the mother and son, Si Yue knew that Wenwen would definitely reject or even hate the father who forcefully took him away from his mother.

Moreover, Si Yue also remembered that Wenwen hated his father, whom he had never met. Since this approach would not work, he dismissed the idea.

Now, what should he do? Si Yue, who was used to planning meticulously and acting accordingly, felt lost about what to do for the first time ever.

In the end, he decided that his only choice was to slowly cultivate a relationship with his son first, just like now, taking one step at a time.

Hearing Si Yue’s question, Fu Yunruo waved her hand and laughed: “How can? He had been dead a long time ago. Can he crawl out of the grave and snatch my son from me?”

Fu Yunruo didn’t see clearly what the man looked like, let alone remember his face. Presumably, the same was also true for the man. Besides, Wenwen looked very much like her, not at all like other people. As long as she didn’t conduct a mass DNA test, how could she find the man out of countless possibilities?

Of course, the truth couldn’t be said, so she answered perfunctorily.

Si ‘Dead Man’ Yue: “…”

Tsk, what a deceptive woman.


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    1. Wenwen: My mother is so stupid, unlike me who was in the entertainment industry. I need to grow up, get a lot of money, and take care of her so that even if she’s bullied she’ll still have a good life.

      Si Yue: My son is so stupid, unlike me who is from the shrewd Si family. I need to make a lot of money so that he can have a good life even if he gets bullied and swindled by all his friends.

      Also, thinking about it in retrospect, Wenwen actually got bullied a lot in his past life right? So despite bragging a lot about how capable he is… he’s actually just as easy to bully as his mom.

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