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MSRV Ch 34 Part 1 – His Son’s Mother (I)

That night, per Wenwen’s request, he and Fu Yunruo stayed in the village. Fu Yunruo generally never refused the child’s request except for principled issues such as picky eating. What’s more, Wenwen was frightened and injured today, so Fu Yunruo was even more accomodating to him. Since he wanted to stay here, then they would stay here.

When Fu Yunruo took Wenwen to bathe at night, she also changed his wound dressing. Seeing the terrible bruises, she was even more distressed.

After the two finished preparing for bed, they moved to the yard. The night breeze was blowing gently. Fu Yunruo sat on a low stool with a phone in her hand. Wenwen sat next to her, stretching his neck to watch.

Fu Yunruo logged into Panda Live and notified her followers that she wouldn’t do livestream tomorrow. She also added that tonight was the release date for Liu Zhi’s new album MV, and the most beautiful highlight in the video was produced by her, so she would be grateful if her fans would tag and share the MV. She and her studio also forwarded the news on their accounts, so it would be better if she did livestream tomorrow. But it didn’t matter. Though her career was important, Wenwen was more important. Moreover, Fu Yunruo’s popularity had stabilized, so she simply let things flow naturally.

Wenwen watched the viewer count and nodded with satisfaction. Not bad. It had reached half of Mom’s usual viewer count during the peak period.

Seeing the child’s serious posture, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help rubbing his little head and said teasingly: “Do you understand this?”

Wenwen nodded proudly: “Of course!” Don’t underestimate him! Among his peers, he is a genius. He knows more than elementary school students!

“Arrogant little guy.” Fu Yunruo poked his nose lovingly.

The album was to be released at nine o’clock, and it was still seven o’clock now. It was still very early. Fu Yunruo thought for a moment and decided to take her son out for a walk. Before leaving, she didn’t forget to set the phone alarm at 8:45, so she could be back in time to log in and forward the MV as soon as possible.

The most popular night gathering spot for the villagers was the court on the village entrance. There was a wide open space there, with some trees and no buildings. The cool night breeze blew and took away heat from the body. Gathering there during the nights was one of the most popular summer activities for the villagers. The villagers sat on the small benches they brought from home, fanned themselves, and chatted loudly about local gossip and daily matters.

When Fu Yunruo and Wenwen arrived, the place was already very lively. She could hear the loud voice of village aunts and uncles from a distance away. She didn’t know what they were talking about, but everyone seemed to be full of laughter and smiles.

Seeing the mother and son, the villagers greeted them happily, “Ruoruo, Wenwen, you are here!”

Everyone was very concerned about Wenwen’s injury. For a while, the little boy was surrounded by a group of distressed grandpas and grandmas. He replied to their concerns with a crisp and cute voice, which was very pleasant.

“Sister Yunruo.” Xin Xu quickly stood up and greeted, “Come here and sit down.”

Fu Yunruo was originally watching her son with a smile when she heard Xin Xu’s voice. She turned her head sideway and saw Xin Xu stand up and beckoned to her. Si Yue was also there, sitting among a group of uncles and aunts. The two stars looked very conspicuous in the crowd of local villagers.

Fu Yunruo walked towards the two. Xin Xu hurriedly offered a small stool to her as he moved to sit on Si Yue’s bench.

“Sister Yunruo, are you taking your child for a walk?”

“Yes.” Fu Yunruo answered, “I don’t know you two are here too.” Unexpectedly, these two big stars were very down-to-earth and actually came out to join the village’s largest gossip exchange. It seemed they were well accepted by the locals.

“It’s quite interesting.” Xin Xu smiled. In the past 22 years of his life, he had never experienced this kind of lifestyle. People here carried small benches to a gathering place at night to chat about daily lives and various gossips. When the gathering was over, they carried the benches back to each house. After participating on the first day, Xin Xu found it very novel and took Si Yue to join every night.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but glance at Si Yue. She could understand Xin Xu’s interest. After all, he was still young and a little childish. But Si Yue? Fu Yunruo felt inexplicable, even a bit funny, when seeing him surrounded by a group of uncles and aunts.

Wenwen finally broke through the encirclement and came to Fu Yunruo. He ran to his mother’s side, then greeted Si Yue and Xin Xu.

The villagers soon turned the conversation to the gossips from neighboring villages.

Xin Xu asked curiously: “Sister Yunruo, I haven’t seen you here before. Do you usually live outside the village?”

“Yes. I work in another place. Since it is more convenient, I live there more often than here.” Fu Yunruo replied. At first, her intention was to stay in the village except when it was rainy or cold, but after a while, she found that commuting back and forth every day was very bothersome. In the end, she and her son only came back to the village once every seven to ten days.

Xin Xu nodded, “It must be hard.”

“It’s not hard. Fortunately, Uncle Guo takes care of me very much.”

Si Yue listened quietly from the side, but he frowned subconsciously. Fu Yunruo, the daughter of Fu family, was actually reduced to working in such a remote place to make ends meet? She was bullied too much.

Wenwen also listened from the side. His big moist eyes looked at Xin Xu from time to time. The boy once again wondered: Does Uncle Xu really want to be his stepdad?


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Sorry for the missing updates last week! The schedule should return to normal now, if January doesn’t throw any surprise….

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