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MSRV Ch 34 Part 2 – His Son’s Mother (II)

Wenwen also listened from the side. His big moist eyes looked at Xin Xu from time to time. The boy once again wondered: Does Uncle Xu really want to be his stepdad?

Wenwen trotted with his short legs and moved to Si Yue’s side. He then grabbed Si Yue’s knees and tried to stand on his tiptoe to whisper. However, Wenwen’s small body was too short. Even if he stood on tiptoe and stretched his body, he still couldn’t reach Si Yue’s ear.

Si Yue picked Wenwen up and put the boy on his lap before lowering his head cooperatively. Wenwen put his arms around Si Yue’s neck and whispered: “Uncle Yue, does Uncle Xu want to be my stepdad?”

Si Yue: “…”

Si Yue looked over the younger man. His eyes were sharp and full of annoyance. Just that guy? Want to be his son’s stepdad? Daydreaming!

Si Yue said firmly: “No.”

Wenwen immediately felt relieved. He didn’t want an extra person in the family to compete with him for his mother’s affection.

Xin Xu, who was laughing happily while talking with Fu Yunruo, suddenly shuddered and felt a chill rose from his spine. Xin Xu touched his back confusedly. Why did he suddenly feel cold? He turned his head and took a look, just in time to meet a pair of dark eyes that made him instinctively sense a danger.

“W-what?” Under the inexplicable pressure, Xin Xu stuttered.

Fu Yunruo also looked over and saw her son was hugging Si Yue intimately. Fu Yunruo inwardly mused. Unexpectedly, Wenwen liked Si Yue so much. It was her first time seeing the boy take the initiative to get close to someone other than her. Even Uncle Guo, Uncle Mei, and Auntie Mei rarely got this privilege.

Fu Yunruo suddenly felt a bit sour.

“When will the show end?” Fu Yunruo asked Si Yue. She knew that it would take half a month to finish the shooting, but she wasn’t clear which day they would leave.

Si Yue replied: “In ten days.”

Xin Xu secretly pondered. Right, they would leave this village after ten days. By that time, he couldn’t see Sister Yunruo and Wenwen anymore, making him feel unwilling.

Wenwen was also very reluctant when he heard that. Only ten days more, ah!

Fu Yunruo smiled and said: “I want to invite you two for a meal as a thank you for your care of Wenwen.” Except for a meal, she didn’t have much to repay the two. They could be considered acquaintances now, so it would be nice to have a lively dinner together. At that time, she would invite Auntie Mei couple and Uncle Guo too.

Fu Yunruo knew that their intersection would probably be limited to this. After all, she and these people were not from the same world.

Xin Xu’s eyes lit up, and he quickly agreed, “Okay!”

“Then it’s settled. You two can set the time, just tell me one day in advance.” Suddenly, Fu Yunruo’s phone rang. She took a look at the alarm on display: it’s already time.

Fu Yunruo turned off the alarm and stood up: “We should go back now.”

Wenwen skilfully jumped off Si Yue’s arms and walked towards Fu Yunruo.

Feeling the sudden lack of the small soft heater in his arms, Si Yue was at a loss for a while. After a moment, he also stood up. Under Xin Xu’s puzzled gaze, Si Yue said: “We should go back too.”

“Yes!” Xin Xu quickly stood up and walked out of the crowd with Si Yue. After saying farewell to the villagers, they left.

Fu Yunruo, Wenwen, Si Yue, and Xin Xu walked together on the same road.

Wenwen bounced carefreely on the road, while Si Yue and Fu Yunruo walked side by side. Fu Yunruo glanced at Si Yue doubtfully. She somehow felt that the man was not in a good mood tonight and didn’t seem to be in the mood of talking. However, they were not familiar with each other, so she was embarrassed to ask too much.

Si Yue was indeed not in the mood to talk. Whenever he saw Fu Yunruo, he remembered that he was a dead man in the eyes of mother and son, which made him feel gloomy.

Having passed Mei family’s house, Fu Yunruo looked suspiciously at Si Yue, who was still following her.

Si Yue said concisely: “Send you two back.”

When Xin Xu, who was about to enter the gate, heard Si Yue’s words, he smacked his forehead and hurriedly turned around: “Right, we should send Sister Yunruo and Wenwen back.”

“No, it’s just a few meters. It’s very close.” Fu Yunruo didn’t expect to still receive this kind of treatment, so she refused repeatedly. After all, it was a road she had walked back and forth countless times before, so there was no need for others to send them back.

However, the two young men were very persistent. Fu Yunruo was embarrassed to reject too strongly, so in the end, the four of them walked back to the rental house.

When they arrived at the gate, Fu Yunruo and Wenwen said goodnight to Si Yue and Xin Xu, but didn’t invite them in. As a single woman living with a young child, it was not good for her to invite two young men to her house so late at night.

Si Yue stood at the door and said, “Don’t forget to lock the door.”

Fu Yunruo nodded.

Wenwen poked his head out from his mother’s back and waved his chubby hands: “Good night Uncle Yue, good night Uncle Xu.”

Si Yue and Xin Xu also said good night. After seeing the gate closed and listening to the door locked, they also return to Mei family house.


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