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MSRV Ch 34 Part 3 – His Son’s Mother (III)

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After Fu Yunruo closed the gate, she led Wenwen into the house. Luckily, they were on time. When she finally turned on her phone and logged into her account, it was still two minutes before nine.

Wenwen bounced around, “Mom, I want to watch too! I want to watch too!”

Fu Yunruo had no choice but agreed. She sat down and hugged Wenwen on her lap so they could watch together. As soon as the clock turned nine, Liu Zhi’s Weibo and other social media accounts published the MV.

In less than two minutes, the tags related to #LiuZhiMV rose rapidly on the trending topics, reaching number one in no time. Although this was mostly the result of the heavy promotion done by Liu Zhi’s studio, it could be seen that the MV’s popularity was exploding.

This was Fu Yunruo’s first time to watch the final, post-edited version of the MV. The visual was stunning, especially when it was paired with diva queen Liu Zhi’s charming voice.

The result was excellent.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help watching the MV three more times: once to listen to the song, once to watch the MV’s story, and then once to enjoy both the song and the story. It was truly a complete auditory and visual feast.

“Awesome!” Fu Yunruo couldn’t help exclaiming.

When Wenwen heard this, he pointed to the screen and exclaimed: “It’s very beautiful!” Of course he meant the part of the video produced by his mother.

Fu Yunruo smiled. Hearing the child’s high evaluation of her, she couldn’t help but kiss his soft cheek.

Wenwen immediately covered his small face with his hand. He was a big kid now, but Mom still loved to kiss him. How embarrassing!

After reading the comments for a while, Fu Yunruo found that the MV’s general acceptance was very positive. Feeling relieved, she put the phone aside, went out to fetch water, and then came back to wipe their hands and feet before going to bed.

After Si Yue returned to Mei family’s house, he was not idle either. The efficiency of his subordinates was very high. The information about Fu Yunruo these past four years was quickly compiled and delivered to him.

After reading the investigation report, Si Yue felt a little uncomfortable, but he quickly suppressed this unfamiliar feeling.

“Buy me some toys that three to four years old boys like to play with.” Si Yue remembered the bunch of toys sent by the production team and thought that his son deserved the best.


“Buy a dozen sets of children’s clothes too…” Si Yue recalled the clothes Wenwen usually wore. It was obvious that Fu Yunruo took very good care of the boy. Although the styles were nothing special, the materials were not cheap. Yet, those couldn’t be compared to specially-customized, made-to-order children’s clothing.

Si Yue hesitated for a moment, but he still said: “Order some regular dresses for Fu Yunruo, as well as bags, shoes, cosmetics…”

Si Yue reasoned to himself. He wasn’t trying to please anyone, but just wanted to forge a better relationship. No matter what, Fu Yunruo was his son’s mother, so he couldn’t let her look too shabby.

That woman Fang Xueruo was still here, and they might accidentally meet eventually. Although Fu Yunruo’s temperament and appearance completely surpassed that woman, he didn’t mind adding superficial objects to give her a crushing win.

His…cough, his son’s mother deserves the best.

Si Yue thought for a while, felt it wasn’t right, and finally changed his words: “Forget it. Just send the child’s things, but not the woman’s.”

In such a remote village, expensive fashion items had no use except for being needlessly eye-catching. Besides, if he gave her things for no reason, Fu Yunruo would definitely refuse.

“…just prepare some first. No need to send.” After Si Yue finished giving his instructions, he hung up the phone.


In the luxury office on top of a tall building, a young man in a western suit and leather shoes put down his mobile phone with a perplexed face.

Seeing this, another man in a similar suit asked from the side: “Does the boss have other orders?”

“Yeah.” The man nodded and said to his colleague, “Our boss is going to have a madam.”

“?? What are you talking about?”

The man slowly said, “Just now, the boss changed his instruction three times for a woman.” And that was to send her clothes, bags, shoes, cosmetics…

The man couldn’t help glancing at the neon lights in the night sky outside the tall windows, wondering whether the sun was going to rise from the west tomorrow.

His colleague suddenly nodded in understanding: “I think we won’t wait long.”

Their boss, who was always very decisive, suddenly acted abnormal, showing that the lady has a special status in his heart. They had worked under Boss for so long, but never saw him personally gifting any woman this kind of thing before.

Si Yue was unaware of his subordinates’ wild imagination. As soon as he hung up, his agent Yuan Xin called.

“What’s the matter?” Si Yue asked.

“Just a reminder, Chang family has made a move, trying to pressure the company to control you.”

Si Yue pressed his brow. His personal affairs were in a mess now, so he had no time to deal with this, “You can deal with them yourself.”

“You are so idle.” Yuan Xin was fuming. They were so busy that they couldn’t sleep well, alright!

“I’m not idle.” Si Yue said. He was very busy.

Yuan Xin asked suspiciously, “You aren’t causing me more trouble, did you?”

Si Yue replied nonchalantly, “How can I give you any trouble here?”

How could Yuan Xin believe? The company PR department was currently so busy that they were still working overtime. All thanks to the trouble this guy caused there.

“I’ll stop by your place in two days.” Yuan Xin couldn’t feel at ease and decided to personally pay a visit.

Si Yue ignored him. Suddenly remembering something, he asked: “What’s Fu family’s situation now?”

“Fu Family?” Yuan Xin naturally paid attention. After all, they were Fang Xueruo’s backer. “There is nothing for the time being, don’t worry. I let someone pay attention to them.”

Si Yue responded, “Pay good attention to Fu family and notify me if there is any change.”

“Okay.” Yuan Xin hung up the phone, feeling a little suspicious. Why did he feel that Si Yue suddenly paid too much attention to the Fu family?

At this time, someone called him, so Yuan Xin answered and left.

He must be thinking too much.


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