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MSRV Ch 34 Part 4 – His Son’s Mother (IV)

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The weather was fine the next day. Fu Yunruo didn’t have to go to the flower garden, so she put on a skirt today. The dress she was wearing was retro style with her long hair, falling diagonally on her left chest, was braided to match.

Due to the nature of her job, Fu Yunruo never wore skirts in the flower garden. On most days, she wore either jeans or casual pants and only wore skirts when staying in the village.

Every time Wenwen saw his mother wearing a skirt, his eyes lit up, and his little tongue waggled in sweet compliments: “Mom is super beautiful!”

Fu Yunruo also boasted: “Our Wenwen is super handsome today too!”

Fu Yunruo put on small denim shorts with a suspender for Wenwen today. Coupled with a white short-sleeved shirt, the boy looked very handsome.

“Of course.” Wenwen raised his head proudly. “Only a beautiful Mom can give birth to such a handsome baby like me!”

“Yes! That’s right.”

When the mother and son were busy complimenting each other and laughing happily, a few children ran to the house, poked their heads into the yard, and called mysteriously: “Big Sister Ruoruo, Big Sister Ruoruo…”

“What’s the matter?” Hearing the call, Fu Yunruo walked out and saw only older children came, led by Dali and Dunzi.

Dali whispered: “Big Sister Ruoruo, we are going to take you to a place.”

“Take me where?” Seeing the children’s mysterious look, Fu Yunruo became curious.

Wenwen ran over, “I want to go too!”

Dunzi looked at Wenwen’s small body and scratched his head in hesitation. Upon seeing the boy’s big moist eyes, no one had the heart to say a rejection.

But the mountain road is not easy to walk, ah! What to do?!

“Big Sister Ruoruo, bring a basket!”

Fu Yunruo didn’t know what these children were going to do, but she obediently went to the kitchen and fetched a beautiful bamboo basket, made especially for her by Uncle Mei.

In the end, Wenwen also tagged along. The mother and son followed the children and went to the mountains.

Wenwen walked with his short legs and asked curiously: “Where are we going?”

Dali answered with a low voice: “To our secret base!”

After walking for about 20 minutes, the group finally arrived at the so-called ‘secret base.’

“Is that a mulberry?” Fu Yunruo looked at the mulberry tree in front of them, with ripe purple-black fruits hanging on it. There were also mulberry trees in the village, but the children picked them clean before the fruits had any chance to ripen. Such a ripened mulberry tree was an unknown sight around here.

The children ran to pick up the fruits, then put them into Fu Yunruo’s basket, “These are for Big Sister Ruoruo and Wenwen. Wenwen is injured, so he has to eat more. But keep it secret, okay!”

This was the children’s way of apologizing. When Wenwen was injured by the vicious queen yesterday, they felt that they were also responsible. It was their fault for running away on their own and failing to notice that Wenwen was left behind. So, they decided to share their secret base with Wenwen.

Fu Yunruo didn’t refuse the children’s kindness, “Alright. I will pick them, but we will eat together. With so many fruits, Wenwen and I cannot finish them alone. It would be a shame to let them go bad.”

“Okay!” The children agreed happily.

Wenwen was equally happy. He stepped forward to help pick the mulberries. Compared to eating mulberries, he liked picking them more!

This small patch of mulberries looked quite a lot at first glance, but in fact, the fruits were not so many. After the bamboo basket Fu Yunruo brought was full and the children’s pockets were bulging with ripe fruits, they were all gone.

“Okay, let’s go back!”

With Fu Yunruo’s call, the children ran happily: “Go back and eat mulberries!”

Fu Yunruo smiled and followed behind.

The variety show resumed its livestream today, but due to yesterday’s incident, the atmosphere at Fang Xueruo’s group was a bit stiff. Fang Xueruo’s face was haggard, yet she still showed professionality during the shooting. However, the lens occasionally captured the weak appearance she accidentally revealed, which roused strong distress and desire to protect from the audience.

According to the script, today’s theme was ‘exchanging partners.’ Originally, the production team planned to pair Si Yue with Fang Xueruo to add more drama. However, they no longer dared to do so with what happened yesterday and quickly changed the group composition, pairing Xin Xu with Fang Xueruo and Si Yue with Weng Huaibei.

Weng Huaibei had a good impression of Xueruo and naturally couldn’t understand Si Yue, who slandered and insulted his goddess. As a result, he couldn’t help throwing some provocations, but was easily deflated each time.

Weng Huaibei suddenly remembered something. He said with a grin: “I remember the kids saying that there is a big sister named Ruoruo in their village, who seems to be more beautiful than Xueruo. I actually don’t believe it.”

“I heard that this Big Sister Ruoruo is from Shanghe Village. Brother Yue, have you ever seen her? Is she really that beautiful?”

Sure enough, the comment screen was immediately filled with ridicule.

[Just a village girl? Is she worthy of being compared to Xuexue?]

[Even the name is very similar. How sickening.]

[Could it be that she deliberately changed her name to rub on Xuexue’s popularity?]

Si Yue raised his eyebrow slightly. Looking straight at Weng Huaibei, he said: “Children are the least likely to lie, so this must be true.”

Weng Huaibei smirked: “You think so? Then I really want to see this person.”

Si Yue said indifferently: “No need. After all, not everyone is willing to be harassed for no reason by trivial people.”

Weng Huaibei: “…”

The cameraman hurriedly moved the lens away from the two, so as not to capture Si Yue’s mocking face again that might attract more hatred.

Si Yue’s tongue had become more and more poisonous…

The cameraman was thinking about the director’s repeated instruction and thus didn’t notice the group of people coming from the distance and captured by the lens.

[Ahhhhhhhh, Mr. Cameraman, hold on! Hold on!]

[Do not move, do not move!]


[She must be a fairy who got stranded in the mortal world!]

[I want to know all of this beauty’s information in three minutes!]

[I am willing to go yuri1 for this beautiful lady!]

[Me too!]

[How beautiful, aaahhh!]

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  1. Yuri (百合): Also known as girl’s love, is a genre of Japanese media focusing on intimate relationships between female characters.

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