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MSRV Ch 35 Part 2 – Sister (II)

Fu Yunruo turned to look at Weng Huaibei, “May I ask what can I do for you?”

Weng Huaibei suddenly became tongue-tied. For a while, he didn’t know what to say to the girl. “I…” He glanced at the bamboo basket she was holding and then smiled wryly: “Have some mulberries!”

Fu Yunruo looked at the bamboo basket and guessed that this person probably stopped them because he wanted to eat mulberries. So she asked the children: “These uncles want to eat mulberries. Shall we give them some?”

The children hesitated. They didn’t want to give any, but when they saw Si Yue walking by, they remembered that Uncle Yue had given them sweets and treated Wenwen well, so they nodded generously: “Give mulberries to Uncle Yue.”

They then looked at Weng Huaibei and reluctantly said: “This uncle can also taste some.”

Fu Yunruo almost laughed, but she solemnly nodded and gave a handful of mulberries to Weng Huaibei and the two cameramen. Finally, she gave twice the amount to Si Yue. After all, who made Si Yue’s hand so big? She must give proportionally.

Fu Yunruo smiled and nodded in greeting at Si Yue, but didn’t say a word. After sharing the mulberries, she took the children and left briskly.

Si Yue watched until Fu Yunruo and the children disappeared from his sight before turning to Weng Huaibei. Seeing the other man’s dazed stare, he let out a mocking sneer.

Si Yue turned and left with a smile on his face, “Wash the mulberries before eating. They look delicious.”

At this moment, the audience was busy filling the livestream channel with excited comments. When they saw the little cutie Wenwen again, they noticed that the little cutie and beautiful goddess looked so much alike. At first glance, it is evident that they were related by blood. Were they brother and sister?

What kind of godly parents gave birth to such beautiful children? Did they save the earth in their previous life?

And then, when the audience heard Si Yue’s parting words, they immediately became envious. They also wanted mulberries from the beautiful goddess!!

Although Fu Yunruo only appeared on the screen for a short moment, topics related to her soon appeared on Weibo.





The tags quickly appeared on the trending topic list, and the popularity soared rapidly. The one that gathered the most attention was a ten-second video recorded by a viewer, showing the side feature of a very beautiful girl. The self-proclaimed face fetishes quickly fell into a quagmire and couldn’t stop themselves from replaying the video in an endless loop.

Afterward, they rushed to the show’s social media and demanded the beautiful goddess to appear on the screen again.

Fu Yunruo had no idea about the commotion currently happening on the internet. After taking the children home, she unloaded the mulberries from the basket and the children’s pockets, washed them clean, and placed them in a fruit bowl.

The children acted so secretively when they went to pick the mulberries, but they were very generous when it came to eating. They called the rest of their playmates and divided the fruits equally.

The children ate the mulberries in delish. After they finished, their hands, mouth, and tongue turned purple-black. They stuck out their tongues and made faces at each other jokingly.

Wenwen’s mouth also turned purple after eating mulberries. Refusing to look ugly, he hurriedly ran to his mother and asked her to help wipe his mouth.

Fu Yunruo wiped Wenwen’s lips with damp towels, but the color remained, so she prepared lightly salted water to brush his teeth and rinse his mouth.

After the children finished the mulberries, they took Wenwen to play hopscotch in the yard. Invited by the children, Fu Yunruo also queued to play for a while, until she quit to answer her ringing mobile phone.

Fu Yunruo wiped her sweat and answered the call, “Hello, Tiantian?”

“Ruoruo, you appear on the trending topics.”

Fu Yunruo was stunned for a moment. She thought about the camera that might have taken their shots just now, but couldn’t figure out why she got into the trending topics. Her first reaction was: could it be that her identity was dug out by some netizens, and now she was under attack? Fu Yunruo remembered the nasty and hurtful words described in the novel, as if she was an unforgivable sinner. Her heart suddenly sunk.

“Should we deal with it? Although we still haven’t announced your identity to the public, we should prepare a PR plan in place so we can promptly handle the situation in case your identity was exposed…”

As the one in charge of Fu Yunruo’s studio, it was part of Tiantian’s job to monitor the trends on the internet. She was in the middle of browsing the trending topics when she found Fu Yunruo appeared as the protagonist of a trending video. Tiantian knew that Fu Yunruo didn’t want to expose her face to the public. Although Fu Yunruo could be more popular using her face, she relied only on her technique. Seeing this unexpected incident, Tiantian quickly called Fu Yunruo.

“Why did you get shot?”

“It was an accident.” Fu Yunruo replied. Hearing Tiantian’s relaxed tone, it seemed that the situation was not as bad as she thought, so she asked: “How is the sentiment on the internet? Is it positive or negative?”

“Basically positive.” Tiantian answered, “Should we take this opportunity to announce your identity?”

According to Fu Yunruo’s popularity, if they operated well, they could take advantage of this tide to disclose her identity and gain many new fans.

“No.” Fu Yunruo refused. “We have been doing well. If possible, try to quell this matter as soon as possible.”

Fu Yunruo didn’t want to show her face, nor did she want her private life exposed to the public. She was very content with her current peaceful life. No matter what happened on the internet, it didn’t disturb her.

“Okay.” Tiantian felt it was a pity. After all, it wasn’t easy to get such good publicity for free. But she still respected Fu Yunruo’s opinion. “Then I will pay more attention to it.”

“Okay. Sorry for the trouble.”

“By the way, Ruoruo, I have sorted out the information about the schools you asked me to do before, and I have contacted people to find the house you want to buy. I will notify you once a suitable house enters the market.”

“I see. Thank you for your hard work.”

Wenwen was very smart for his age, so Fu Yunruo wanted to enroll him in kindergarten this September. Originally, she wanted to let Wenwen stay here throughout his kindergarten years. But after thinking about it again, she decided to move earlier. Wenwen would enroll in the local kindergarten until next year. Next year, he would be four, the age for pre-kindergarten class in Beijing. One year was enough time for her to arrange everything in their new home.

In the dead of night, she often carefully thought about Auntie Mei’s advice. For her own sake, for the sake of her son, she indeed couldn’t continue to hole in this mountain nest. It was time for her to depart for the outside world.

It’s just…she still didn’t know how to convince Uncle Guo to go with them…


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