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MSRV Ch 35 Part 3 – Sister (III)

After hanging up the phone, Fu Yunruo became curious, so she went online to check the situation herself. She browsed the trending topics and people’s comments. Fu Yunruo suddenly felt embarrassed. Although she indeed considered herself beautiful, it wasn’t as exaggerated as the comments said. She was even given the nickname of ‘Miss Mulberry,’ was it because she was holding a basket of mulberries in the video?

Fu Yunruo continued her browsing. Except for praising her beauty, people were mostly asking about the identity of the mysterious girl, and no one actually recognized her as ‘Fu Yunruo.’ Netizens were really forgetful. She remembered that this body’s original owner had also repeatedly appeared on the internet, but was blasted by mockery and insults.

It was obviously the same face; why such a large contrast? Fu Yunruo used the front camera to take a look at her face. The difference between the present and past was just the usage of makeup. Did everyone really fail to recognize her?

Fu Yunruo then began to check the past news and found that at some point, all the news related to her could no longer be found on the internet, as if they never existed before.

For a while, Fu Yunruo felt mixed emotions. But before she was immersed in the emotion for long, Wenwen ran over and hugged her legs. The boy looked up at her and asked in concern: “Mom, what’s wrong?”

Fu Yunruo put aside her mind and patted Wenwen’s face, “Mom is okay.”

She then stood up and took her son back to his playmates.

In the afternoon, the casts and guests returned to their lodgings to rest. At this time, Fang Xueruo naturally saw the trending topics and also saw the so-called ‘Big Sister Ruoruo’ whom the children claimed to be more beautiful than her.

Fang Xueruo clenched her hand so hard that her fingernails left red marks on her white palm. Fang Xueruo didn’t know what kind of shitty luck did she had recently. It seemed that nothing was going smoothly. Obviously, this had never happened before.

It all started after she joined this show…

She shouldn’t have come. This show and the people here must be incompatible with her, causing her bad luck!

Fang Xueruo glared at the smiling woman in the video; her eyes were burning with jealousy.

Just a village girl, how could this country bumpkin be better than her, who received high-class education for so many years? No, it must be the beauty effect of the camera filter. Otherwise, how could they be comparable?

This face…truly made her feel disgusted.

When Fang Xueruo left the room, she perfectly concealed all the negative emotions, showing only an innocent face and gentle smile. She walked to Xin Xu. Seemingly inadvertently, she began to give sincere compliments: “I just saw the trending topics. This girl called Ruoruo indeed looks much more beautiful than me.”

Xin Xu smiled meekly, but said nothing. Although he agreed with Fang Xueruo, he couldn’t nod honestly before the actual person.

Fang Xueruo’s smile remained unchanged, but she secretly clenched her hand again. With a soft voice, she said: “Is she the sister of the child yesterday? It was my wrong yesterday. After reflecting on it, I think I should properly apologize to the child’s parents.” Fang Xueruo lowered her eyes and bit her lip slightly, “Do you know them? I wonder if you can take me to the child’s house?”

Xin Xu hesitated. But after thinking about it, this was indeed what Fang Xueruo ought to do. Sister Ruoruo was obviously angry because Wenwen got hurt. If Fang Xueruo apologized in person, Sister Ruoruo should no longer be as angry.

Xin Xu finally replied: “All right.”

Xin Xu and Fang Xueruo departed to Shanghe Village. Before reaching Fu Yunruo’s house, they met Si Yue and Weng Huaibei.

Seeing Fang Xueruo, Si Yue frowned.

“Brother Yue! Brother Huaibei.” Xin Xu greeted the two happily.

Si Yue said, “If I remember correctly, you should be doing the task in Xiahe Village?”

Xin Xu glanced at Fang Xueruo and scratched his head awkwardly, “Brother Yue, Sister Xueruo said that she wants to apologize to Sister Ruoruo in person.”

Fang Xueruo tucked a strand of loose hair to the back of her ear, took a step forward and looked at Si Yue with gleaming eyes: “Yes. I should apologize to Wenwen’s parents.”

Si Yue gave her a meaningful glance and suddenly asked: “So you have seen the trending topics on the internet.”

Fang Xueruo smiled sincerely: “Yes. Wenwen and his sister look so alike. Both are very beautiful, as the comments on the internet said.”

Si Yue glanced at Fang Xueruo up and down, then he gave her a mocking smile: “If I remember correctly, you have come to me three times before, all because you were searching for your sister?” Si Yue emphasized the word ‘sister’ very meaningfully.

The so-called elder sister whom she worried so much actually appeared before her eyes, yet she couldn’t recognize her?

Si Yue only had an intersection with Fu Yunruo once, and his consciousness was blurry at that time. Even so, he recognized her at a glance. Yet this woman, who lived with her sister for more than ten years and kept saying how much she cared about her sister, couldn’t recognize her after seeing the video?

If Fang Xueruo anxiously came here after seeing her sister in the video, Si Yue would still have half a respect for her. As a result?

Looking at this hypocrite woman, Si Yue found her so ridiculous that he laughed twice in mockery.

He really couldn’t understand why such a stupid woman was able to live so smoothly until now.


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  1. I guess being found out is going to line up with her moving away but I feel it’s a little unfair for Fu Yunrou to have to run again and lose her community… I hope this confrontation ends well for her. It’s good to see the original novel’s luck is running out, though
    Thank you so much for translating! ❤

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