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MSRV Ch 35 Part 4 – Sister (IV)

Fang Xueruo didn’t react for a while. More than three years ago, she indeed had chased Si Yue to find out about Fu Yunruo’s whereabouts. But afterward, Fu family deliberately downplayed her existence. After being missing for so long, no one remembered her anymore. Now people only knew that Fu family only had one young miss…it had been a very long time since Fang Xueruo last thought about Fu Yunruo.

Si Yue suddenly mentioned this name. Fang Xueruo froze for a while, but she quickly recovered and exclaimed in a surprised joy: “Do you know about my sister’s whereabouts? Where is she?”

Si Yue ignored her fakery and said with utmost contempt: “What a hypocrite. You truly disgust me.” He glanced at Xin Xu and said, “Let’s go.”

“Eh? Oh.” Xin Xu was confused, but he still followed Si Yue and even forgot about the show’s shooting.

“Wait…” Fang Xueruo was about to catch up, but her mind suddenly flashed with a thought, and her face changed drastically.

Ruoruo… Fu Yunruo?!!

Weng Huaibei didn’t understand what the two were talking about. Seeing Fang Xueruo’s ugly expression, he asked in concern: “Xueruo, what’s the matter with you?”

“It’s okay.” Fang Xueruo returned to her senses, but her expression was still not good, “Let’s go back.”

“Okay.” Weng Huaibei looked at her with concern. But seeing that she didn’t want to talk, he no longer asked.

Fang Xueruo quickly returned to the farmhouse she was staying at. She quickly shut herself in her room, turned on her phone, found the video, and watched it again.

Fu Yunruo!

It turned out to be her!

Why did she change so much in just four years?

The woman she remembered had sharp eyes, a grumpy temper, full of thorns all over, and extremely aggressive. Because of lack of sleep, her skin condition was poor, which she always hid under thick makeup so that no one could see her haggard look. Yet, the woman in the video had a completely different appearance. They simply looked like two different people.

Fang Xueruo suddenly knew why she disliked the boy so much. Wasn’t it because his face was the copy of the young Fu Yunruo?

When she and Fu Yunruo first met when they were still very young, that step-sister of hers also looked at her and her mother like this, with eyes full of repulsion and hostility.

Fang Xueruo calmed down suddenly. Another thought came to her mind, which evoked a smile on her lips.

Younger brother? No, that child must be Fu Yunruo’s son, right?

Xin Xu followed Si Yue back to Mei family house. Along the way, he was still at a loss and kept thinking about the dialogue between Si Yue and Fang Xueruo.

Sister? Who were they talking about?

Wasn’t there only one daughter in Fu family? That was what everyone said, right? But in truth, Fu family actually had more than one daughter?

The marriage between Fu family’s daughter and Chang family’s son was a match made in heaven. Fang Xueruo, as the daughter of Fu family, didn’t want to rely on her background when she entered the entertainment industry, which was why she debuted using her mother’s surname. In fact, even though Fu Yunruo always denied it, no one in the industry didn’t know that she had the backing of Fu family and Chang family.

Otherwise, how could Fang Xueruo be so smooth in her career, with so many good resources got piled up and no one dared to do ‘unspoken rules’1 on her?

This information was openly circulated by Fang Xueruo’s fans, who were proud to show off that their idol was a real noble young lady. They also bragged about how she was the cleanest female star in the entire entertainment industry.

Although Fang Xueruo’s team never openly acknowledged it, everyone accepted it as a fact.

Was there more than one daughter in Fu family? It seemed to be so. There seemed to be gossips that Fang Xueruo had an older step-sister who often bullied her…Xin Xu suddenly felt dizzy. The upper-class society was too complicated!

Si Yue didn’t care about Xin Xu. After they arrived home, he immediately returned to his room, took out his mobile phone, and called his agent: “Keep a look at the situation on the internet.”

Yuan Xin’s first reaction was: “What good deed did you do this time?”

“…” Si Yue sighed, “Watch Fang Xueruo’s side. If rumors involving Fu Yunruo began to spread, you must handle it well.”

Yuan Xin hummed and then said suspiciously: “Are you hiding something from me? Why have you been so concerned about Fu Yunruo recently? Even if she is the first and only woman you have a physical relationship with, I have never seen you care about her before.”

Si Yue: “…shut up!”

Yuan Xin smirked, “You used to be so picky. I never saw you get angry when I laughed at you being an old virgin. Now you aren’t anymore, why are you still shy? It’s not like you to act like an innocent boy!”

Si Yue chuckled angrily: “Me? Shy? No matter what, I am still much better than a certain someone who doesn’t even have a child at such an old age.”

Yuan Xin laughed, “As if you have one.”

Si Yue: “…”

Yuan Xin: “…”

“F**k! You really have a child?!” Yuan Xin yelled, “Dog man! You are hiding something this big from me! You #@&*$!!!” He was so angry that he didn’t even censor his words.

“Okay, that’s all. Goodbye.” Si Yue ended the call.

“You…” Yuan Xin’s angry voice stopped abruptly.

Si Yue put the mobile phone aside and tapped his knuckles on the desktop. Fu Yunruo no longer needed to hide here if he solved these troubles, right? Si Yue began to plan ahead. After ten days, the variety show would finish shooting. There was no reason for him to stay after that, nor was it realistic for him to be here for a long time. To persuade her to leave with the child, apart from convincing her with emotion and reason, the most direct way was to resolve her worries.

In the past, every time he wanted to do something to that couple, there was a voice in his heart preventing him from doing so. His instinct had always been accurate, and thus, he let the annoying couple with their mysterious luck bounce noisily under his eyes. Later, he noticed that every time someone did something unfavorable to them, it would eventually turn into a blessing in disguise, with the opponent ending up with bad luck.

Now, Si Yue ignored his instinct and decided to completely solve the trouble from its root. Even if he got some bad luck, he could afford it.

Wenwen was as stupid as his mother, and the two were too easy to bully. If he, as a father, didn’t solve the problem, should he let others bully his son again?


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  • My Son is a Reborn Villain
  1. Unspoken rules or hidden rules is a Chinese slang with the same meaning as ‘casting couch’ in English, in which a job seeker is expected to perform sexual acts in return for a part in a film or other job.

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    1. Batata Anisia 🥔

      I feel the same way lol who does you know if she has or not a plan to solve it by herself??? Just deciding like if she’s incapable of doing it is disrespectful

      1. lol yeah it’ll probably be a face-slapping moment for the ML later and future growth. It’s not surprising that he’s arrogant!I’m looking forward to the MC handling him and the situation

  1. The world building is a bit weird.
    Unless they actually explained it logically later.

    It seemed as if the world revolves around the novel plot by unknown power, but if that’s the case, it would be weird for Si Yue –as one of the original novel cast– to be different by being able to put people around him to think logically rather than following the original MC and realized the weirdness of those couples.

  2. i don’t aprove with his way of doing things !!! what” let his son get bullied “, he didn’t even bother to find out about what plans ruoruo had for her son’s life!!!! he should have talked to her and explained everything so they could solve this as adults !!!! but noooooo he desided that its “better” to expose her to her evil sister like!!! what the heck !!!!! he just braught trouble to her door steps !!!!

    1. Yeah, I’m dropping this story entirely because of this ML. Like seriously, what right does he have to go barging in her life like this. If he kept his mouth shut the evil bi*ch would have continued not recognising her and she could’ve lived her life in peace. Instead the idiot opened his stupid mouth and is now proceding to do his best to turn her life upside down under the impression that he knows better than her. I get that it’s to firther the story but nah, I ain’t down for this kind of ML.

  3. I feel like his meddling might backfire on him? He’s so funny though, thinking his son is just as gullible as his mother. Thank you for the chapter!

    1. I feel the same 😅 also he went and revealed her to that fang bish… bad move… bad move indeed and will just end up angering Ruoruo

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