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MSRV Ch 36 Part 2 – Sending Gifts to Wenwen (II)

After Si Yue finished the morning shooting, he received the news that the things he ordered had been delivered to the town, so he went out. As a result, he saw the battered Yuan Xin, who tagged along with the car. Big dark circles hung under the agent’s eyes, as if he hadn’t slept for several days. When he saw Si Yue, it was like seeing an enemy, glaring very hatefully.

Si Yue sighed, “Why are you here?”

Yuan Xin sneered: “Can I not come? If I don’t come, you probably have ascended to heaven now!”

“‘Breaking news! Movie Emperor Si Yue actually has an illegitimate child!’ What do you think about this title?” The place where they stood was empty. There was no one except for their own people, and they could also see if anyone else approached. Therefore, Yuan Xin had no scruples when he spoke.

“Not so.” Si Yue didn’t like the phrase ‘illegitimate child’ and frowned subconsciously.

“Knowing that people cannot wait to find your scandal, you dare not to discuss such a big matter with me. If not for my sharp instinct, are you going to keep it secret forever?”

“It’s not too late to know now.” What’s more, if he really wanted to keep it secret, he wouldn’t take the initiative to show off.

Yuan Xin looked around Si Yue, “Where is your son?”

Si Yue frowned, “They don’t know yet.”

Yuan Xin: “…” What kind of strange plot is this?

“What actually happened?”

Si Yue didn’t explain. Instead, he asked, “Is my face so common-looking? Why she cannot recognize me?”

Yuan Xin looked at his handsome face, “Maybe the person didn’t even see you?”

Si Yue: “…”

After a second thought, Yuan Xin thought it was impossible, so he proposed another reason: “Maybe she has a facial blindness and cannot tell whether she is seeing a man or a dog.”

Si Yue snorted. That woman definitely didn’t have facial blindness, so it must be that she hadn’t seen the face of the person she spent that night with.

Yuan Xin affirmed: “It’s the kid who appeared in your livestream.” He looked at the screenshot on his mobile phone, “He looks so cute, not like you at all. You recognized him so suddenly. Have you done a DNA test?”

Si Yue gave him a faint glance: “Not everyone is like that woman, unable to recognize others.”

Yuan Xin sneered openly, “You keep mentioning this. Does it bother you so much?”

Si Yue snorted. Who was bothered?

“Aren’t these things for that child? Let’s go. I want to take a look too.”

Si Yue didn’t refuse, but he still said: “Be careful of your mouth.”

“Got it, do you think I am you?”

The black RV slowly drove into the village and stopped at the door of Mei family’s house. Seeing this unusual car, villagers and children came over and watched curiously. Si Yue smiled at them and said: “My agent comes to see me.”

Yuan Xin was plump, but he was nimble. He took out a big bag of candies and gave each person some. He then laughed and said: “I am Si Yue’s agent, Yuan Xin. Big brothers and big sisters can call me Yuan. Ah, right, I am here to thank everyone for taking care of Si Yue. It isn’t much, but these candies were imported from abroad. If you don’t mind, please accept some.”

“Nothing, nothing, Brother Yuan is too polite.”

The children’s pockets were quickly filled with candies, and they ran away happily. After the adults got candies, they became more kind and friendly to Yuan Xin and Si Yue. After a few words of greeting, they didn’t surround the two anymore and left one after another.

The driver, Yuan Xin, and Si Yue took the car’s contents into the house. When Auntie Mei saw the huge pile of things, she thought these were Si Yue’s at first, but she was dumbfounded upon learning that these were all gifts for Wenwen.

“This, this…” Although she wasn’t very knowledgeable, she knew that these things must be expensive. Why did Si Yue want to give so much to Wenwen?

For a moment, Auntie Mei couldn’t help but think for a possibility. Could it be that A’Yue fell in love with their Ruoruo and wanted to please her via Wenwen?

“You don’t need to give a child so many things. If you really want to, you can just send one or two toys.” Auntie Mei reminded, “Ruoruo will not accept so many gifts.”

Yuan Xin smiled charmingly: “Big Sister, Si Yue originally meant to buy only one or two toys and two sets of clothes. The rest is the company’s goodwill, but we didn’t mean anything else. You know, when we saw Wenwen in Si Yue’s livestream, everyone fell in love with him. Such a cute and lovable child…”

“Isn’t it?” When Auntie Mei heard Yuan Xin’s lavish praises and open affection for Wenwen, she immediately broke the ice. “This child Wenwen has been so lovable since baby! You know…”

Auntie Mei began to talk about Wenwen. She soon took out one or two anecdotes from his childhood and even showed the two men Wenwen’s pictures when he was a baby.

Si Yue: “…” He originally had misgivings on Yuan Xin for shifting the credits of buying the gifts to the company. But at this moment, he just wanted to give the older man a thumb up. As expected of a top agent, worthy of being a famous veteran fox in the entertainment industry!

Si Yue held a thick photo album in his hand and looked into it with gusto, totally fascinated by the chubby and tender little guy in the photos.

Deserves to be his son, so cute!


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