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MSRV Ch 36 Part 3 – Sending Gifts to Wenwen (III)

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After talking for a long time, Yuan Xin suddenly patted his thigh and said, “Oh, Big Sister, should I deliver the gift now?”

“These things are sent by my company for Wenwen. Everyone really, really like him. Knowing that I am visiting Si Yue, some of my colleagues want to tag along. But it is impossible for everyone to suddenly come, so they ask me to send gifts on their behalf. Words spread fast, and in the end, many people entrusted me with their gift.”

Upon hearing this, Auntie Mei no longer felt the number of gifts was exaggerated. Every single one was other people’s love for Wenwen! Their Wenwen was so lovable, ah!

Auntie Mei was very proud.

“Ah, but now there is no one in their house. Ruoruo and Wenwen are in the flower garden.”

Si Yue suddenly looked over and asked, “They aren’t here?”

“Yes. Ruoruo has a job. If they live in the village, it is hard for Ruoruo to commute back and forth with Wenwen every day. They only come back occasionally.” Auntie Mei didn’t care much. Ruoruo came back to the village at least two or three times a month, and she also would go to the flower garden whenever she was free, so she never missed them.

Yuan Xin glanced at Si Yue, “Should we go to the flower garden to find them?”

Auntie Mei waved her hand, “Don’t. Old Man Guo has a bad temper. He doesn’t like strangers to enter his flower garden. You can’t get in even if you go.”

Guo? Flower garden? Si Yue raised his eyebrows, “Is it Mr. Guo Zheng? The one who raises orchids?”

“Ah, that seems to be his full name.” Auntie Mei always called him Old Man Guo and almost forgot his full name. “The one who raises orchids.”

“What a coincidence!” Yuan Xin raised his voice.

Auntie Mei asked puzzledly: “Do you know him?”

“Mr. Guo Zheng has a student called Chi Weicheng. He is our colleague. Hearing that we are coming here, he asked us to visit his teacher on his behalf.”

Si Yue nodded: “I have been shooting the show and have no free time. Originally, I was going to wait until the show finished before paying the visit.”

Auntie Mei didn’t expect there was such a relationship. She exclaimed: “After going around, it turns out that everyone is acquaintances!”

Yuan Xin repeatedly nodded, “Yes, we are all acquaintances.”

“What a coincidence!” Auntie Mei suddenly felt a lot closer with the two. Originally, she treated them partly with guest-like politeness, but now she completely regarded them with a closeness akin to relatives.

“Then Old Man Guo will definitely not refuse you to enter.” Auntie Mei said cheerfully, “I’ll take you there tonight.” With a car, the journey would be very convenient. It only took ten minutes to get there. Auntie Mei still remembered that Si Yue still had to join the shoot this afternoon and considerately offered to wait until he finished.

“Then we will trouble you, Big Sister.”

Meanwhile, Fang Xueruo was doing the task with Weng Huaibei, plus He Ling and Ouyang Xingheng group. Surrounded by three men, she was like a moon surrounded by stars, becoming the center of everyone’s attention. Seeing this, the audience screamed enviously, wishing to also be surrounded and attended to by three handsome guys.

Suddenly, a tall man in a western suit and sunglasses appeared in the lens, aggressively pulling Fang Xueruo into his arms.

“Ah!” Fang Xueruo exclaimed. Just when she was about to resist, a soft laugh came from above, “Xue’er…”

Fang Xueruo raised her eyes, and the sudden visitor took off his sunglasses, revealing a pair of deeply affectionate eyes.

“Brother Chang!” Fang Xueruo exclaimed in surprise when she saw Chang Zhuyou, “Why are you here?”

Chang Zhuyou hugged Fang Xueruo distressedly. His anger turned into tenderness when facing her, “I’m here to see you.”

A red blush filled Fang Xueruo’s white cheeks, “I’ll be back soon. Do you need to travel thousands of miles just to see me?”

“If I don’t come, won’t others bully you more unscrupulously?” As Chang Zhuyou spoke, he squinted his eyes slightly and gave the production team a cold glance.

Fang Xueruo lowered her head slightly, then lifted it again to give Chang Zhuyou a reassuring smile: “It’s nothing. The production team took good care of me.”

“You, ah!” Chang Zhuyou sighed helplessly. His gaze softened. “It’s because you are too kind that you get bullied.” Then he said domineeringly, “That’s enough for today. You must take a rest.”

“What are you talking about?” Fang Xueruo frowned, “I’m shooting now.”

“Okay, okay.” Chang Zhuyou immediately changed his words, “I will watch you from the side.” Then he stepped aside, watching attentively with his arms folded.

Fang Xueruo smiled apologetically at the production team, “Let’s continue!”

The people in the production team glanced at each other. They were feeling quite uncomfortable for a while, especially with someone glaring at them from the side. The guests were even more uncomfortable, and even their expressions turned stiff.

But the livestream channel was exploding with comments and squealing. A real-live domineering president, how sweet!

The cameraman naturally knew what object would gather attention the most. From time to time, the lens moved to catch Chang Zhuyou and Fang Xueruo. Seeing they occasionally glanced at each other, the audience squealed again, as they were being forced to eat dog food1.


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  1. Dog food: Public display of affection (PDA). Called so because ‘single dogs’ are languishing from being force-fed with PDA.

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  1. I prefer a domineering hidden boss, who’s actually an even greater president instead~
    No but actually he just seems irritating. But Xueruo deserves it- she was the one who took him away after all. Deal with your own decision’s consequences for once.

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