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MSRV Ch 36 Part 4 – Sending Gifts to Wenwen (IV)

After the shooting finished, the crew were just about to leave when they were stopped by the cold-faced Chang Zhuyou, “Wait.”

Director Peng was already drenched in sweat: “Young Master Chang, what do you need?”

Chang Zhuyou said coldly: “Shouldn’t your team give me an explanation?”


“Brother Chang…” Fang Xueruo tugged his sleeve, begging with her eyes.

Chang Zhuyou looked at Fang Xueruo and sighed. But in the end, he couldn’t win against her. “Go away.” He commanded. Then he looked at Fang Xueruo with affectionate eyes.

Fang Xueruo smiled back at him, then asked with concern: “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay, but you are wronged. Xue’er, rest assured, I will seek justice for you.” Chang Zhuyou promised.

Fang Xueruo asked nervously, “What are you going to do?”

“I won’t let Si Yue go.” Chang Zhuyou said coldly. But when he recalled what happened before, he suddenly looked ashen for a second.

When Chang Zhuyou saw his beloved was being bullied by Si Yue, he immediately gave out an order, intending to teach Si Yue a lesson. However, Apple Entertainment didn’t give him a face and insisted on protecting Si Yue. As a last resort, he came out personally to give Yuan Xin a severe warning.

But Yuan Xin didn’t budge a bit. His attitude was as if Chang Zhuyou was unreasonably making trouble with made-up nonsense. The agent even self-righteously replied: “No one doesn’t know that our Si Yue is very gentle and polite, especially towards women. He is always respectful and considerate to others. How could he possibly do something as horrible as stomping on a woman’s face and give her mocking and hurtful words?”

“The livestream? There is nothing in the livestream!” Yuan Xin said nonsense without batting an eyelid. “Si Yue’s performance is obvious to all. Just because our Si Yue has a good temper doesn’t mean others can slander him. Our Apple Entertainment is not a soft mud that can be bullied at will.”

Chang Zhuyou said coldly, “So Apple Entertainment insists on protecting him?”

“Young Master Chang, are you kidding? Si Yue is Apple Entertainment’s pillar. If we don’t protect him, who should we protect?”

Chang Zhuyou left in anger. Since he couldn’t put pressure on Apple Entertainment, he determined to explode Si Yue’s dirty scandals. Unexpectedly, this person was too ‘clean.’ His private life was clean, no bad habits, never playing tempers with the crew during the shooting, humble and considerate towards less experienced actors, not close to any female celebrities. In short, he had no negative rumors. Except when Si Yue was taking a role, there was no news about him at other times, as if he completely disappeared.

Since he couldn’t find Si Yue’s scandal, Chang Zhuyou decided to invent one. He contacted a famous studio and internet influencers. But when they heard Si Yue’s name, they didn’t dare to accept it, even after Chang Zhuyou doubled the price.

The name Si Yue was taboo in their business. Who dared to explode these so-called scandals of his? When Si Yue started to become famous, some studio indeed accepted commissions from his rivals, but in the end, the entire studio ‘disappeared.’ As for influencers who said nonsenses on Weibo to attract people’s attention, they were sued by Si Yue’s company and were scrapped to their last underwear.

Apple Entertainment was a big crocodile in the entertainment industry. Who dared to touch the person they wanted to protect? As long as Apple Entertainment didn’t give up on Si Yue, as long as he didn’t make unrecoverable scandals, he could stand firm in the entertainment industry.

Chang Zhuyou was so angry that he almost vomited blood. He, the dignified young boss of Chang group, their only heir, couldn’t even teach a lesson to a mere movie star?

In the end, he paid a lot of money to take over a studio and ordered his assistant to dispatch a large number of water army1, only to find that he couldn’t even make a single ripple.

Topics that linked Si Yue with scandals were actually banned on the internet. How much did it cost?

Chang Zhuyou almost died of anger, but he would not tell Fang Xueruo about these things. His Xue’er was kind-hearted, so she definitely wouldn’t want him to do this kind of thing.

Fang Xueruo looked at him worriedly, “I’m fine, you don’t need to…”

“Xue’er, don’t worry. I have a sense of measure.” He changed the subject, “Haven’t you told me about a very naughty little duck before? Take me to see it…”


Si Yue and others had dinner at five. Around six o’clock, Auntie Mei said: “Let’s go.” She knew the general schedule in the flower garden. If they departed now, Ruoruo and the others would have just finished dinner.

Seeing the three were going out, Xin Xu’s eyes lit up, “Can I go too?”

“Next time.” Si Yue replied.

Auntie Mei comforted him: “The person we are visiting doesn’t like having too many strangers over. You can go with us next time.” Since Xiao Xu was also familiar with Ruoruo, Old Man Guo probably wouldn’t turn him away.


They were about to go out when someone suddenly shouted outside: “Auntie Mei, are you home?”

“Yes, what’s the matter?”

“That old couple is arguing again. You should go over and have a look.”

“Alright.” Auntie Mei looked at Si Yue and Yuan Xin, “Then…”

Yuan Xin said immediately: “Big Sister Mei, please go ahead. We have car navigation. Si Yue and I can find the place.”

Auntie Mei was not at ease, but the person outside urged her to hurry, so she gave them Fu Yunruo’s phone number: “If you can’t find the way, please call Ruoruo.”


Auntie Mei left in a hurry.

Xin Xu hurriedly followed behind Auntie Mei. Compared to following Si Yue, he preferred the village gossip even more. The fight seemed to be very fierce over there, so he was eager to watch.


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  1. Internet Water Army is a group of Internet ghostwriters paid to post online comments with particular content. Generally, they are set up to artificially manipulate public opinion and attention

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