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MSRV Ch 37 Part 1 – Yuan Xin Meets Wenwen (I)

Wenwen put his chubby hand on his chubby belly as he walked around the flower garden. Relying on Grandpa Guo’s distress, he acted spoiled and accidentally overate during dinner, resulting in his mother ordering him to walk around for half an hour.

His feet were so tired. Wenwen lowered his head to look at his short feet, but only saw his watermelon-like little belly.

“…” Sigh. He suddenly missed his eight-pack abs.

But it was okay. He was still young. Once he grew up, his body would become tall, mighty, and with distinct abdominal muscles.

Meanwhile, Fu Yunruo and Uncle Guo were working in the kitchen. Fu Yunruo cleaned the cupboards and took care of the kitchen while Uncle Guo was preparing to cook mung bean soup. With the weather was getting hotter recently, some cooled mung bean soup would do good to cool off the body. The front gate was locked, so they didn’t have to worry that Wenwen might run out on his own.

Wenwen paced back and forth in front of the bungalow when he suddenly noticed an approaching light. He turned his head for a moment, then ran to the edge of the iron net and tiptoed to look more closely. He saw bright headlights flash, and then a large car approached before stopping in front of the flower garden.

Wenwen looked over curiously. Who would come at this late hour? They seemed to be coming to this flower garden? Were they looking for Grandpa Guo?

The car stopped, and soon the door opened. Wenwen saw three adults get out of the car. The bright light from the lamp shone on their faces. Wenwen recognized the tall man who was the most prominent among the three, and exclaimed with joy: “Uncle Yue!”

Si Yue heard the shout and immediately strode to the wire fence. There, he saw his little boy, tilting his head and looking up with his big, shiny eyes. Si Yue’s expression softened unconsciously, “Wenwen.”

Wenwen asked cutely, “Why are you here?”

The corners of Si Yue’s lips arched, and his voice subconsciously became more tender: “I miss Wenwen.”

Wenwen grinned widely, showing two rows of small white teeth. He covered his face shyly. Through the gap of his chubby fingers, the boy peeped at the older man.

His idol said he missed him, so shy!

He actually also missed Uncle Yue. Just a little bit, though!

Yuan Xin saw Si Yue squatting and talking to a child inside the fence. From his angle, the child’s figure was completely blocked by Si Yue’s back. Knowing that this was Si Yue’s son, Yuan Xin became itchy with curiosity. He quickly approached, pushed Si Yue aside with his heavier body, and then smiled like a grandma wolf from the fairytale: “Hello, boy. You are called Wenwen, right? I am your Uncle Yue’s friend. Call me Uncle Yuan~”

Wenwen stared at Yuan Xin with a dazed face. He recognized this man, and it was even a profound impression. This man was Si Yue’s agent, and he was now looking amiably at him.

“Wenwen?” Hearing the talking voices outside, Fu Yunruo walked out and called her son.

“Mom!” Wenwen turned around and ran over. Taking Fu Yunruo’s hand, he said excitedly: “Mom, Uncle Yue is here.” The boy took his mother towards the fence and enthusiastically pointed outside: “Uncle Yue!”

Fu Yunruo raised her eyes and saw three people standing outside the fence. One of them was someone she knew. She asked surprisedly: “Mr. Yue, why are you here?”

Fu Yunruo then looked at the two people standing next to Si Yue. One of them was tall, with sunglasses, and looked like a bodyguard. The other one was a middle-aged man with short stature and seemingly friendly nature.

“These two are?”

“This is my agent, Yuan Xin, and this is my assistant, Xiaowu.” Si Yue gave a brief introduction and then said to Fu Yunruo, “Can you invite us in?”

Fu Yunruo hesitated, “I must ask Uncle Guo first.”

Although it was impolite to not open the door for guests, Fu Yunruo knew that Uncle Guo didn’t like having strangers in his flower garden. Moreover, these three were not her close acquaintances either. Fu Yunruo was not the garden’s owner, so she couldn’t make the shots arbitrarily.

Si Yue said nothing. Instead, it was Yuan Xin who said in a friendly manner, “It should be so.” This place only had an elderly, a young woman, and a child. It was correct to be wary and not open the gate easily, especially at night.

“We are Chi Weicheng’s colleagues. He knew that we were coming here, and he specifically asked us to visit his teacher Mr. Guo in his place.”

“Can you please inform Mr. Guo?”

When Fu Yunruo heard this, she instantly remembered. Brother Chi was an agent from Apple Entertainment, while Si Yue was one of its stars. Thus, Si Yue’s agent naturally was Brother Chi’s colleague. Fu Yunruo responded: “Please wait a moment.”

Fu Yunruo took Wenwen back to the bungalow. Wenwen turned his head several times, but he knew that his mother hadn’t invited them in because Grandpa Guo might be unhappy. He thought, if Uncle Yue and the others were not allowed to come in, he would stand outside and talk to them via the fence.

“What’s the matter?” Uncle Guo asked when the two came in. He also heard the noise outside the fence.

“Brother Chi’s colleagues come, saying that they want to pay you a visit.” Fu Yunruo quickly relayed the message. She didn’t doubt that Yuan Xin might be lying. After all, the big star Si Yue was with them. But to let them in, she first had to ask for Uncle Guo’s permission.

Uncle Guo frowned immediately. Visiting so late at night? He was a bit annoyed. But in the end, those were his student’s colleagues. He could treat Chi Weicheng crudely, but still needed to give some face to those colleagues. Otherwise, Chi Weicheng might get into an awkward situation in the company.

“Let them in.” Uncle Guo finally said.

Fu Yunruo nodded, then turned and walked out.

Wenwen was ecstatic and quickly trotted behind.

Fu Yunruo opened the gate, “Sorry for making you wait.”

Si Yue and Yuan Xin walked in immediately, carrying various large and small parcels.

Fu Yunruo thought that these were the things Chi Weicheng entrusted his colleagues to deliver to Uncle Guo, so she didn’t say anything and offered to help carry some. However, the men didn’t let her help.

The group entered the bungalow and met Uncle Guo. The three visitors were strangers to him, except for one brat whose face was familiar.

Si Yue greeted politely: “Hello, Mr. Guo.”

Uncle Guo snorted coldly.


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