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MSRV Ch 37 Part 2 – Yuan Xin Meets Wenwen (II)

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Yuan Xin stepped forward to introduce himself. Then he took out the things Chi Weicheng asked them to bring, which were a bunch of nutrients and supplements: “A’Cheng asked us to bring these to you. Please accept, Mr. Guo.”

“I don’t need these things. Take them back.” Uncle Guo said annoyedly, refusing to even look at Yuan Xin. He didn’t like accepting random things from strangers.

Yuan Xin smiled, “This is A’Cheng’s entrustment. Since he isn’t here, we cannot decide on his behalf. Our task is to bring you these things. Please don’t make it difficult for us.”

Fu Yunruo walked back, bringing a tray of tea. Seeing Uncle Guo’s insincere coldness, she persuaded: “Uncle Guo, this is Brother Chi’s sincerity. If you refused, they wouldn’t be able to explain to Brother Chi later.”

Uncle Guo snorted and said nothing.

However, contrary to Fu Yunruo’s expectations, this matter was also related to her. Yuan Xin cheerfully pushed many things in front of Fu Yunruo: “These things are given to Wenwen by A’Cheng and other colleagues. Please accept them.”

Fu Yunruo was surprised. She quickly refused: “No, no, how can we let you spend money? I understand your kindness.”

Fu Yunruo could see that these things were not cheap at a glance. How could she accept such expensive gifts? And even in such a large quantity?

When Fu Yunruo was rejecting, Uncle Guo suddenly said: “Accept them. These are that lad’s kindness.”

Uncle Guo felt nothing when seeing the pile of gifts. These things were sent by Chi Weicheng, who was his former student. Since he regarded Wenwen as his grandson, it was a given that his students treated the boy well. If anything, he could give Chi Weicheng a pot of valuable orchids later and wouldn’t let him suffer a loss.

Fu Yunruo said again: “But it’s too expensive.”

Wenwen stood in front of Si Yue and exclaimed, “Uncle Yue, you also know Uncle Cheng!”

In the beginning, Wenwen had a great prejudice against Chi Weicheng. But later, he learned that the man was not his stepdad, and he also eventually knew that his mother had not abandoned him. Naturally, Wenwen let go of his grudge against Chi Weicheng and even felt ashamed of his initial hostility. Afterward, he got closer to Chi Weicheng.

Si Yue nodded slightly. He felt uncomfortable when Yuan Xin claimed that these gifts were brought by Chi Weicheng. These were obviously prepared by him…but he also knew that if Fu Yunruo knew who actually bought the gifts, she would definitely refuse to accept. After all, in her eyes, he was just a shallow acquaintance she had only known for a few days.

Si Yue, who had never imagined that he one day would have to rely on Chi Weicheng’s relationship just to provide for his own son, was even more unhappy. But when Wenwen’s small body snuggled into his arms, his mood instantly became sunny again.

Wenwen sat on Si Yue’s arm and looked at Yuan Xin curiously. The Yuan Xin in his memory was the one from more than twenty years later. Although the older Yuan Xin was still very well maintained, age had gotten on him, with whiter hair and faintly visible wrinkles on his face. At that time, Yuan Xin was one of the powerful figures within the giant Apple Entertainment. Despite that, he was still very charitable and kind.

As soon as Si Yue lowered his head, he saw Wenwen’s bulging belly and couldn’t help staring at that one place. Wenwen noticed Si Yue’s glance and quickly took a deep breath, trying to flatten his belly. However, after working hard until his face turned red, there was no sign of his belly reducing. Wenwen finally said with a solemn face: “All children are like this. When I grow up, my small belly will no longer be this fat.”

Si Yue smiled and responded, “I see.” A child’s self-esteem should be protected.

“Wenwen is really a handsome and smart boy.” Yuan Xin’s attention had always partially been on Wenwen. Now, he couldn’t help it anymore and reached out his hand, wanting to hug Wenwen. Seeing that the little guy didn’t refuse, Yuan Xin happily took him into his arms. His smile deepened. This child was much more pleasing than the dog man Si Yue!

Seeing that Wenwen did not refuse Yuan Xin’s intimacy, Si Yue sighed. Being unwary of strangers was not a good habit. It seemed that he had to add this item to this boy’s future education curriculum.

Wenwen hugged Yuan Xin’s neck in a daze. He from twenty years later had never expected that there would be a day when he got hugged by this powerful man. Oh, there was also Uncle Yue, the idol he had never met directly. After being born again and redo his life, who ever thought that he would experience such a miraculous encounter?

At this moment, Wenwen felt that he had reached the pinnacle of life.

Uncle Guo suddenly said to Si Yue, “You used to take my orchids away, right?”

Si Yue: “…” He coughed lightly and didn’t dare to respond. Although he was pretty thick-skinned in front of Yuan Xin, he still had a guilty conscience before Mr. Guo.

Uncle Guo snorted coldly.

Fu Yunruo looked over in surprise: “Mr. Yue, you are the person who can’t raise orchids?”

Every time Uncle Guo mentioned this person, he would be angry for a long time, so Fu Yunruo had a deep impression. Later, Wenwen also had the same trait, and she became even more impressed. Fu Yunruo used to think that the so-called ‘flower killing physique’ was very exaggerated. But after seeing Wenwen’s numerous results in raising orchids, she no longer thought so. Sure enough, the world was so big that it hid countless surprises.

Wenwen also looked over in surprise. His eyes widened, “Uncle Yue, you can’t raise orchids? Me too!” What a coincidence!

The boy immediately raised his hands to Si Yue, who took him over. The two pitiful people with the same ‘illness’ got together and muttered very talkatively.

“I have been raising orchids for more than 20 years and have never managed to make them bloom once.”

Wenwen gave him a sympathetic glance, “I have raised them for six months!”

“I failed to raise orchids in flowerpots and also failed when raising them on the ground. I plan to raise them on the rooftop next time. Uncle Yue, do you want to do it with me?” Wenwen warmly invited: “I think the problem must be on the growing place.”

Si Yue responded immediately: “You are so smart. I never thought of changing the place to raise orchids.”

Si Yue generally grew orchids in the pots and sometimes inside the flower house in his yard. Listening to Wenwen’s analysis, he instantly felt that his way of growing orchids must be wrong, and that he would definitely be able to grow them in another way.

Wenwen stood up proudly.

So the two happily made a promise to grow flowers on the rooftop together.

Fu Yunruo was speechless for a while. Looking at their proud appearance, it seemed as if they had succeeded in raising the flowers.

Yuan Xin sighed. Deserved to be a father and son. At this moment, their expressions were exactly in sync.


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